Youtube Loma Linda University Church Live (2024)

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  • Watch a replay of the most recent church service, sabbath school, or vespers below. *Replays will be available 1 hour after the livestream.

  • Live Sabbath Livestreams at 9 & 11:45am

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2. Loma Linda University Church

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  • We’re a big, loving, accepting church full of people just like you trying to do this thing called life the best we can. You’ll find a wide variety of engaging services and programs with powerful music and relatable, practical messages for every age.

Loma Linda University Church

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4. Anthem Loma Linda – A church for Loma Linda

  • Anthem Online. Out of town or just want to experience church anywhere/anytime? Join us on our YouTube channel. We post each week's service at noon.

  • We meet every Saturday at 10 and 11:30 am in the auditorium of the Loma Linda University Church. Come as you are – there’s no dress code.

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Youtube Loma Linda University Church Live (2024)


What is the denomination of Loma Linda University? ›

Loma Linda University is part of the Seventh-day Adventist system of higher education. In 1905, the University (formerly College of Medical Evangelists) was founded—through a series of divine providences—at Loma Linda, California, by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Can non Christians go to Loma Linda? ›

You don't need to be a member of our church, the Christian faith or any other religious organization to find a great learning environment at LLU. Every major religion and dozens more are represented throughout our diverse student body.

Why is Loma Linda University famous? ›

The Loma Linda University Medical Center and Children's Hospital contain the largest neonatal intensive care unit in California, the Proton Accelerator Cancer treatment Center and the infant heart and multiple organ transplant center. Over 900 physicians are on the University and Medical Center staff.

What is the main religion in Loma Linda University? ›

We are rooted deeply in the history and beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, gaining from that relationship a special understanding of what it means 'to make man whole.

What religious group is in Loma Linda? ›

Today, a community of about 9,000 Adventists in the Loma Linda area are the core of America's blue zones region. They live as much as a decade longer than the rest of us, and much of their longevity can be attributed to vegetarianism and regular exercise. Plus, Adventists don't smoke or drink alcohol.

Is Loma Linda Med school religious? ›

Since opening in 1909, Loma Linda University's School of Medicine has been training skilled medical professionals with a commitment to Christian service. The school has always endeavored to combine the best medical science with caring, Christian compassion.

Is Loma Linda a Jesuit? ›

LLU is a Seventh-day Adventist university, offering a unique learning environment through the integration of health, science and faith.


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