Travis County Correctional Complex, TX Inmate Commissary (2024)

What is an Inmate Commissary?

Commissary, also known as Canteen, is the ‘store’ within a jail or prison where inmates can purchase items that they want or need to make their stay in jail or prison less of a burden.

Snacks and comfort foods, branded hygiene products they are used to, sneakers and t-shirts, prayer blankets, radios, headphones, television sets, tablets, stationary products and art supplies; depending on the facility, there are thousands of products to choose from.

Some jail and prison systems run their own commissary store, others contract out to companies that serve dozens or hundreds of jails, where inmates and/or their friends and families can purchase products through a website from home, or a kiosk or tablet within their facility.

What items can inmates purchase in jail and prison?

• Cookies
• Pastries
• Candy
• Tuna and mackerel
• Coffee and Tea
• Soft drinks
• Energy drinks
• Pizza
• Hamburgers
• Chicken fingers
• Spices

• Shampoo
• Soap
• Shaving supplies
• Lotions
• Deodorant
• Oral care
• Toilet paper
• Nail care

• Sweats
• Sneakers
• Shorts
• Underwear and bras
• Socks
• Jackets
• Hats

• Televisions
• Radios
• Headphones
• Tablets
• Watches

• Playing cards
• Games
• Bibles
• Books
• Art supplies
• Stationery supplies
• Vaping products (only some states)
• Greeting cards

How much money can an inmate spend on commissary each month?

Generally, the maximum spend in jail is about $300 per month. Prisons allow a bit more as it is more of a permanent home, whereby jail is temporary. To find out how much an inmate in the Travis County Correctional Complex can spend each month, call 512-854-9889.

How often can inmates purchase commissary?

Some jails it's twice a week, others once a week or every other week. A lot of the online stores care pack companies are once a month. To find out the exact schedule for Travis County Correctional Complex, call 512-854-9889.

How can a friend or family member deposit money for an inmate in jail or prison?

Travis County Correctional Complex has its own methods for receiving money for inmates, and that information can be found above or by calling 512-854-9889 and asking, however all jails and prisons all receive money for an inmate’s trust and commissary account, as well as an account used for communications, pretty much the same way.

1. Mailing an inmate a money order or cashier’s check from a trusted source such as the Post Office, a local bank, or Western Union. The Money order should be be made out to either the inmate or the facility, with the inmate’s name and ID# on the memo line of the check.

When mailing a money order or cashier’s check, send it an envelope by itself. Never send it with a letter or photos for your inmate.

Never send personal checks or cash either.

2. Deposit cash or use a debit or credit card to send an inmate money using an ATM machine that is usually located in the lobby or visitation area of the facility.

3. Some jails have a reception desk or booth that is open during certain hours that they will list on their website. They will accept cash, money orders or cashier checks. Other facilities that don’t have a human manning the desk will have mail drop where you can leave a money order or check. No cash can be left in these boxes.

4. There are multiple companies that jails and prisons contract with which accept inmate deposits online, by mail or over the phone, or even in ATM machines you can find in check cashing stores and retail outlets across the country.

If one of these companies (listed in the next question) works with Travis County Correctional Complex, this information will be outlined above.

Who are the companies that jails use to send money to inmates?

There are many companies competing for the accounts of jail and prison inmates. Their intention is to alleviate the staffing and financial responsibility of handling inmate’s accounts. They usually charge a fee equal to 3-5% of the total deposit.

The companies, in alphabetical order, are:

Access Corrections
AllPaid (aka GovPayNet)
Care A Cell
Cash Bond Online
City Tele Coin
Correct Solutions Group
Express Account
Inmate Canteen
Jail Pack Store (McDaniel Supply)
JailCanteen (Oasis)
Prodigy Sales
Smart Communications
Tennessee Business Enterprise

How do I send an inmate money by mail?

To send an inmate money by mail you first have to have the money converted to a money order, preferably from the US Post Office, or a Cashier’s Check. Never send cash, and never send a personal check.
To find the address for sending money to an inmate, call the jail at 512-854-9889.

Can I send an inmate money online?

Almost every facility contracts with a company that helps friends and families of inmates send them money. The list can be found above.
To find out who Travis County Correctional Complex contracts with for inmate deposits, call them at 512-854-9889.

How expensive are items on commissary?

Items on commissary are no more expensive than they would be at a local Walmart store.

What is a Commissary deposit?

A commissary deposit is the money that a person on the outside deposits in an inmate’s trust account, so they can have money to spend on commissary and communication services.

How much money can inmate have in his commissary account?

The limit that an inmate can have in their commissary account is usually about $300.00. To find out what the limit is for Travis County Correctional Complex, call 512-854-9889.

Can I send an inmate a package or care pack??

Many jails contract with companies that send food, hygiene products and/or clothing to inmates. These can be purchased and sent by friends and family on a weekly or monthly basis.

You can only send items from the one that your jail has a contract with.

An inmate carepack is a pack of snacks and/or hygiene products that friends or family members of an inmate can purchase online and have shipped to an inmate. The carepack company needs to have a contract with the facility before it can be shipped to the inmate.

Check this page, the Money Page or the Commissary Page for further information, or call the jail at 512-854-9889 to see which one that the Travis County Correctional Complex works with.

Here are the commissary package companies, in alphabetical order, that provide this service to jails in the United States:

Access Securepak
Care A Cell
Commissary order
Correct Pay
Express Account
Inmate Canteen
Jail ATM
Jail Pack Store (McDaniel Supply)
My Care Pack
Oasis (jailcanteen)
Prodigy Solutions
Union Supply Direct

Can an inmate buy gifts on commissary?

Not really. Other than the basic supplies mentioned above there are no gifts other than greeting cards that they can fill out and mail to a friend, family or loved one.

Travis County Correctional Complex, TX Inmate Commissary (2024)


How do I put money on an inmate's commissary in Texas? ›

You have six (6) options:
  1. Money order or cashier's check.
  2. Monthly checking account debit (ACH)
  3. ACE – America's Cash Express.
  4. eCommDirect Store.
  5. JPay.
  6. TouchPay Payment Systems.

How do inmates know when they have money? ›

Commissary Slip – In many correctional facilities, inmates receive a printed slip or receipt when money is deposited into their commissary account. This slip usually includes information about the deposit amount and the inmate's current account balance.

How do I send a care package to an inmate in Texas? ›

Care packages (Securepak®) can be purchased by family and friends for incarcerated individuals. Care packages can be ordered through or 1-800-546-6283. The average processing and delivery time frame for Securepaks® is five days.

How do you put money on their books? ›

If an inmate asks you to put “money on his book” so he can make commissary purchases there are several ways you can do it; You can MAIL in a money order or cash. We highly recommend that you don't send cash through the mail.

Why do inmates use Cash App? ›

Family and friends will exchange Cash App accounts and transfer money back and forth as a means to do something on the inside of the prison (give point and stick tattoos to each other, go to the salon within the prison, exchange contraband within the prison, etc.).

How do I put money on TouchPay? ›

TouchPay accepts credit and debit card transactions to add money to an inmate's trust account. This service is available online at or over the telephone at 1-866-232-1899.

What can you put in a care package for someone in jail? ›

A care package might include food like coffee, candy, meats, and seafood. Personal hygiene items like toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant are commonly included. Some inmates also receive shoes, sweats, or underwear in care packages.

Can you send photos to inmates in Texas? ›

Incoming mail for all inmates should be sent to the digital mail processing center where it will be sorted, scanned, and uploaded to the inmate's secure tablet. These messages and photos will be scanned in color and can be saved to the tablet to be permanently available for the inmate to enjoy.

What can you send to TDCJ inmates? ›

Legal mail; media mail; and books, magazines, packages, and other subscriptions from verified publishers should be sent to the unit. When can greeting cards be sent? With our new digital mail program, greeting cards can be sent at any time!

What does paying on the books mean? ›

Paying a nanny “on the books,” as opposed to “under the table” simply means you are doing things the right way and treating your nanny as a professional caregiver. You are paying them according to applicable tax, wage, and labor laws and withholding and remitting taxes appropriately.

How to send money for commissary on JPay? ›

To make a payment, you first need to open a free account with Once you've registered, click on the “Send Money” tab, select the type of payment and agency, select the card you would like us to charge, and confirm your information. You can also call a live agent to help you through the process.

What does money on your books mean? ›

The term “money on the books” is used because prisoners are not allowed to have actual cash on their person, so each inmate has an inmate account. In fact, cash is considered contraband and not allowed by the prison.

What is eCommDirect? ›

eCommDirect allows approved family and friends to make a deposit into the account of an inmate incarcerated in a TDCJ facility and purchase commissary products.

How do I put money on my Texas inmate's phone? ›

Once your phone number is successfully registered with TDCJ, you will need to set up your Securus online account at You will then need to add funds to your AdvanceConnect account and you are ready to receive phone calls.

How do I add funds to my NCIC account? ›

You have access to fund your account through our automated customer service and website 24/7. Access to a Live Operator for help with the account and rates. Call 1-800-943-2189 • Visit and click 'Deposit Funds Now' Visit a MoneyGram or Western Union location (Walmart, local grocery store, etc...)


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