The Quest to Find out if the Murder of a Rap Legend’s Brother Has Ever been Solved… (2024)

The Quest to Find out if the Murder of a Rap Legend’s Brother Has Ever been Solved… (1)

Doctor Dre is a rap legend. From his stint as a member of the rap group N.W.A, to his time as a producer/artist with superstar rapper Snoop Dogg. The man is worth in the 820 million dollars according to this site. While Dre has endured his fair share of trouble, arrests for beating up women is one the more common ones, he has suffered his fair share of tragedy. He has lost children (Andre Young Jr) to a drug overdose as well a brother to pneumonia when he was a toddler. But there is one death that has perhaps impacted him the most, the 1989 murder of his younger brother Tyree Du-sean Crayon .

Crayon who was 21 years old was killed in a fight after a physical altercation when he was knocked to the ground and sustained traumatic injuries near Crenshaw Avenue in Compton. There is so little information about this case in the media, we here at Savagewatch don’t even know if the murder has ever been solved. So we made several phone calls to various Law Enforcement agencies in the Golden State and pretty much still have no answers.

The Quest to Find out if the Murder of a Rap Legend’s Brother Has Ever been Solved… (2)

We tried the headquarters of the Los Angeles Sheriff Department. No record of the homicide. We tried the Los Angeles Police Department Cold Case Unit, not their case and no record. Told it was most likely in Compton. We could have tried the Compton Police Department but they were disbanded around 2000 due to massive amounts of corruption and misconduct. We tried the Compton Unit of the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department but they didn’t know or handle the case because it was supposed to be under the jurisdiction of the Compton Police Department (which was disbanded 11 years after Tyree Crayon’s murder). Despite talking to several administrative workers in various state offices that held criminal records and some of them actually knowing who Doctor Dre was, we still got no answers as to the status of the investigation. Is the case lost in some file with no agency able to work it due to jurisdiction questions? The big question continues to remain, was Tyree’s murder ever solved?

If this case is unsolved it brings forth a disturbing reality that if someone killed whose family member is worth nearly a billion dollars is not getting justice, what about those who are not famous and live below the poverty line.

Dre and his group NWA are most famous for their anti-law enforcement anthem “F-ck the Police”. One has to wonder if indifference to this case is the police shouting back.

However, Dre is not the only famous rapper/enterpreneur to lose a loved one in an unsolved murder. His east coast competitor Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs also known as P. Diddy also has an unsolved homicide in his family.

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The Quest to Find out if the Murder of a Rap Legend’s Brother Has Ever been Solved… (2024)


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