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The Legend Of Dragoon | Games Guides (1)Hint: Saving Dragoon power:
Try save your Dragoon power for the Bosses.
Note: When you are fight Lloyd and the Divine Dragon do not transform into aDragoon. If you do, they will apply more damage to you. Only have Meru orMiranda transform to heal your party. However, only have them transform if theyhave 100 SP (Dragoon gauge at 1).

Hint: More healing per turn:
Equip the Dragon Helm together with the Therapy Ring. The DragonHelmet increases your maximum HP by 50% and the Therapy Ring restores your HPeach turn by 10%.

Hint: Healed without any item:
Run into a battle. Kill all the enemies except for one of yourchoice -- it is better to keep the weaker enemy for the end). Just guardyourself until you are fully healed.
Run into an enemy that uses a physical attack barrier. Then, guard as manytimes as needed to get healed.

Hint: Easy Healing Rains:
You can get as many Healing Rains as needed on disc 1 for only 600coins each. Go to the mini-game place in Lohnda and talk to the man who sellstickets. Keep asking his for 10 tickets until you have 60. Then, talk to him againbut ask him to exchange tickets for prizes. Select "Healing Rain".You can do this as many times as needed, as you have 600 coins.

Hint: Easy Recovery Balls:
In the Death Frontier, fight the Cactuses that dot the landscape.When you defeat them, more often then not they will give you a Recovery Ball ortwo. The Cacti close the wall near the passage to second area (before the firstoasis) is guaranteed to five a free Recovery Ball.

Hint: Easy Shrine of Shirley:Enter the three digit code of 3, 5, 2 to unlock the ladder. Face theGold Statue front, and the Grey Statue to the left to ascend the stairs.

Hint: Restoring status:
If someone is petrified, you cannot use him/her and transform into aDragoon in order to heal the status. Instead, make sure you always haveeveryone with Maximum SP and are alive. When there is someone that cannot move(make a turn), just use the "Special" command and the bad status willbe healed.

Hint: Restore HP and MP:
If you are hurt, stay in the hotel. It will refill your HP and MP.

Hint: More MP:
If you have a character with strong magic abilities but not enoughMP, equip the Magic Hat. It gives you 50% more MP.

Hint: Saving faster:
When need to save the game and do not know were the nearest savelocation is, go to the field guide and press Triangle. The word"Save" will be highlighted. Select it and you will be able to save alot faster.

Hint: Gold:
It is extremely hard to find decent amounts of gold either inbattles or lying around (especially if you want to buy items such as the LegendCasque or Ultimate Wargod). The best place to gain gold is in the Home ofGigantos. The enemies here always drop about 50 gold per battle and give decentexperience. Stay and fight until you have the desired amount of gold.

Hint: Get a special:
Have three Dragoons in your party and have their SP meter blinking.When this happens, all the party members will have a Ying-Yang at the side ofthe screen where you select what you want to do at that moment.

Hint: Switching additions:
Do not switch additions all the time,. You can get the one you areon a lot stronger and with more SP.

Hint: Final addition:
To get the final addition for all characters except Miranda andShana, master the previous ones. You will then get their 7-hit master combo.Most of them gain SP of over 100 and damage over 400 %.

Hint: Better addition:
When you are in a combat (battle), press R2 to switch theview so you can see the picture the way you think it helps you have asuccessful addition.

Hint: Hitting additions easier:
The key to landing your combos from additions is immediatelypressing X when the box turns gray. If you do, it will make it a perfectshot and you can do more damage to your opponents. If you are too slow, youwill do less damage. Also, stick with an addition that you can learn, such asDart's Volcano attack. If you need practice hitting the combos and learning theadditions, try to encounter enemies in older areas of the game which will youan advantage over them.

Hint: Easy way to master additions:
Go to the


near Seles. Go tothe area where the Merchant was located (with small rabbit-like creatures) andjust run around. The battles happen quickly in this area and your opponents areeasy to kill.
When you encounter an enemy that uses "Physical Attack Barrier",you can level up your additions without killing the enemy. When the barrierdisappears, wait for it to use the barrier again. Then, you can again level upyour additions.
To master all additions, walk around on the world map. This is the fastestway to find enemies.
In the Valley of Corrupted Valley, before you fight the second Virage, go tothe spot where the save point is located, near the Virage statue. This is theperfect location to level up your additions. Almost all of the battles have oneof the enemies being a Spider Urchin. This enemy will often use a physicalattack barrier. When he does, you can use your additions on him and he will notdie. You will still get SP and level ups for that addition.
Fight the Aqua King in the magical city of


. He uses a physical attack barrier. Useyour additions then. When he uses a different attack, just guard. Keep doingthis to master additions quickly.
After defeating Lloyd, take the path/teleporter to the right of where youentered to fight him. Once you are there, a wizard will appear and say you arenot allowed to pass and warns you to stay back. Go closer, and he will appearagain and battle you. Note: He has some strong attacks, so be careful. If youcan land a full addition on this opponent, your addition level willautomatically be mastered at your convenience.
The man in the weapon shop at Lohan sells Ultimate Wargod Amulets. Buyenough for just your party. The amulets cost 10,000 each. Although this is alot to pay, the additions will pay you back. Also, your additions will getstronger and help defeat Bosses.
When you are in combat, press the R2 to change the camera angle soyou can see the picture to help make a better addition.
Immediately before your character swings their weapon, press X (Circlefor counter) and they should do it. However, if you use someone who does itfast, then you should watch the box and the person.
Each character yells just before they attack. Immediately press Xwhen they yell to get the timing correct.

Hint: Easy experience:
If you are at the Phantom Ship, stay there. Run into the blue flamesand fight them. You will get experience easily.
Find the Unlimited Speed Up (in valley) and unlimited magic sig. Stone. InDisc 2, between the valley and Home of the Gigantos, you will find a Blue Bird.Place Shana in your party. Since she is your fastest character she will gofirst. Fire at the bird with Shana -- she never misses. Then, have your nextcharacter use magic sig. Stone which will paralyze the enemy for their turns.Have next character use Speed Up on Shana. Doing so will cause Shana to gotwice in a row. The bird should be defeated before it moves three times, givingyou 1000 exp.
Do not run from any fights. This simple tactic will raise your character'slevels quickly. Also, do not pass up any Boss fights (except perhaps the DivineDragoon's spirit), such as Kamuy the wolf, or the Dragon Spirits at Mayfil.These will all give you over 3000 experience, which should be enough to levelyou up. In places such as Hellena Prison, intentionally fight. Unless you arein bad condition, you should always seek a fight.
Make sure you have a Wargod's Sash (obtained after collecting 30 Stardusts).Go with the characters you are going to use at the end of the game (Dart, Meru,Maranda recommended for there magical abilities. Replace Meru with Albert orRose if desired). Go to the snow field and slide down the slope. trying to getthe two chests. Continue to do this until you get both chests. Level up as highas desired, or turn level 5 Dragoon with every character.
You will need Material Shield, Pandemonium and Speed Up for this trick.First, have one of the characters use Material Shield on someone that you arenot leveling up. Then, use Pandemonium on the same person. Next, use Speed Upon whoever you want to level up. Have them attack all of the enemies one byone. Have the other two block. By doing this, all of the monsters will attackthe character with the Material Shield without getting any damage, while theother character is free to practice additions.
As soon as you have multiple party members, start using this trick. Wheneveryou enter a Boss battle, have one member continuously guard while the other twocontinuously attack. When the two attackers die off, have the remaining memberfinish off the boss. The one surviving member will receive all the experiencepoints, rather than dividing them up amongst three members. Consequently, thecharacters who did not participate in the battle will receive three times theamount of experience than they normally would. Note: Doing this too many timesmay make the game become too easy.

Hint: Easy kills:
For easy kills on the Disc 2, use Haschel and use Flurry Of Styx atlevel 3 to 5. Also make sure you equip him with the Therapy Ring so he healhimself as he does not have good defense. With his very high speed he canattack the enemy two times in a row. This is useful for the Valley Of CorruptGravity and the Virage Boss.
If you are fighting two enemies that you can kill in one hit (each), attackthe opposite one that attacks you. This will take his turn and allow you tostrike again. Experiment to learn the cycle if there are more.
Use Albert's Rod Typhoon. It makes it easy when facing the Divine Dragon andother difficult bosses.
Use the following trick to kill monsters that have 4 HP quicker. You musthave a Satchet, which is an item that puts any monster to sleep (except forsome Bosses). It also does 10 damage to anything you use it on. If youencounter a yellow, red, blue, or rainbow bird, or even an Ooparts or a Jar, ifyou have a Satchet you can kill it instantly. This is the only way to get anoverkill on these creatures in one shot.

Hint: Easy Dragoon levels:
Get a Spirit Ring and equip it on the person(s) whose dragoons youwant to level up. Fight a battle with an enemy that does not run away. Guardrepeatedly. This takes a while (2000 guards).
Use the following trick for easy Dragoon levels for Shana/Miranda. It is thesame as the "How to kill a blue/yellow bird" trick, but you have todo it a lot of times. Make sure you have Shana/Miranda (and the Dragoon stone)as the fastest member of your team, with a Speed Up and Magic Sig Stone. Go tothe areas where you find the Blue Bird (1000 experience), Oopart (600 gold andSpirit Potion), or Yellow Bird (300 gold); depending on which one you want --Blue Birds can help the entire team. Use Shana/Miranda to hit the specialcreature, and have the other members use the Sig Stone and Speed Up onShana/Miranda. Hopefully you will kill it. To get the easy dragoon levels, keephunting the creatures. You do not have to kill all of them -- just hit itbefore it runs off. Shana will get 50 SP for each hit if she is level 1, and 70SP if she is level 2. With the Sig Stone, it will take about five hits to killone. Keep hunting until Shana/Miranda gains the desired Dragoon level. You canuse Miranda after going through the desert and the Hidden City; Charle willteleport you to the Home of the Giganto, where the Blue Birds are kept.
When you complete additions (such as Volcano or Whip Smack), your Dragoonexperience increases slightly. You can only go to level 5 Dragoon. When you getto a level 5, you can then do a dragon spell where you summon a dragon magicattack. You can do this with everyone and it sends your dragon from your stoneto attack an enemy. It is very powerful.
Get three Spirit Rings and equip them to each person you have in battle.Then, go to the Dragon's Nest and get in a battle with a Lizard Man (preferablytwo of them). If there are any other creatures besides the Lizard Men, destroythem. Defend until at least one Lizard Man uses Physical Attack Barrier, thenuse your addition. Defending will give you SP and attacking will raise youradditions.

Hint: Easy money:
Keep playing the Chef aboard the ship to get as much money asneeded.

Hint: Predicting monster battles:
Press R1 anywhere but on the world map to turn on the arrowsabove your head and on the exits. Watch the arrow above your head. It willchange colors, indicating when a monster battle is about to happen.

Green: Plenty of time until battle.
Yellow: A little time left.
Red: Monster battle very soon.

Hint: Disable random monster battles:
When in the Law Capital Zenebatos, you can disable the randommonster battles by amending the law number "666". This is a convenienthidden law amendment, which is nowhere mentioned in the game.

Hint: Maximum percentage on items:
Some of the items allow you to determine their strength by pressing Xbutton. If you have a controller with a turbo feature, enable it and hold X.You will get to the maximum percentage, which is 270%.

Hint: Dart's Soul Eater weapon:
You may not like the amount of HP you lose when you block when youhave the Soul Eater equipped. Well to avoid this, equip the Therapy Ring sothat you recover what you lost.
You can get the Soul Eater in the Death City of Mayfil, not only in the

Fort Madrad

.Soul Eater's power is unbelievable, but your HP deteriorates every turn.
Go to Death City Mayfil and look for an enemy there called "LonerKnight". Fight him until he gives you the Soul Eater. Note: Soul Eater isthe strongest weapon for Dart.

Hint: Stronger Dart:
When you first start the game and enter the first forest out of thevillage in Seles, you will see rabbit-like creatures and a merchant to yourleft. Run around and train until level 10. You will then get over a 1000G andhave already mastered two additions. You will also get items sometimes whenwinning. If you do not need them or have no room, sell them to the merchant.

Hint: Special weapon:
When you have three characters with a Dragoon Spirit, get intorandom battles and keep fighting until each of them is at a level 5"SP" level. A Ying Yang symbol should appear to the far right of thebattle menu. Highlight it and press X. It will turn your entire partyinto Dragoons and the person who uses the special will have a sort of ultimatewargod addition. When you attack, it goes through the entire attack withouthaving to press any buttons. This works especially well in Boss battles. Note:This chance does not happen often -- save the special and do not waste it in arandom battle.
Just get your maximum Dragoon Spirit up to full (it does not matter if it isbelow 5). You should see a new symbol. Highlight it and press X.

Hint: Zenebatos' Law Codes:
The following are some of the codes in Zenebatos which you canamend:

399: The only amended code. This code allows you to buyitems and weapons.

703: The code allowing you access to Signet Sphere whenamended.

659: The code that when amended allows you to walk freewithout getting transported to jail.

666: This code can be amended to stop all Zenebatos enemyencounters.

640: Unlike all others, this code is only affecting in the

Legislation Center

. It allows you to make a revisionwithout waiting in line. Just talk to the Laptos.

410: The code that reconnects the teleport to Mayfil, the

Death City

.Note: This code cannot be amended until you defeat Kubila, Vector, and Selebusand the Signet is broken.

Note: Any red number of three digits seen in Zenebatos maybe amended.

Hint: Faster Kongol:
Equip Kongol with the Bandits Shoes and his speed will increase from30 to 50, making him just as fast as Dart. His higher defense and attack, notto mention less hits with additions, will make him a suitable character foranybody to use.

Hint: Kongol's Dragoon Spirit:
Kongol's Dragoon Spirit can be easily overlooked. In Disc 2,immediately after you get Kongol, instead of going back to Fletz go south toSerdio. When on the map of Serdio, go to Lohan, the commercial town. Find theman who gave you the water bottle/jar. He will be selling a strange stone whichis actually Kongol's Dragoon Spirit. Talk to him and Kongol will appear. He willhold the stone and it will glow. The man then sells it for 1000G (Rose will getmad). This is the only way to get Kongol's Dragoon Spirit.
When you get Kongol, level up with him and use him in the fight againstLenus with Albert and Dart. After the battle, the king will tell you to go toDonai and get on the Queen Fury. Prepare for the trip, and save outside of thecity. Go to the Barrier Station and go to south of Serdio. Go to Lohan and tothe street vendor where you bought the Water Bottle. Make sure you have about2000 G, since you can buy Kongol's Dragoon Spirit for 1000 G. Proceed to Donai,get on the ship and continue as the game guides you. You will then hit theGhost Ship. Yse Dart, Kongol, and Rose or Haschel to level up for the Bosses.
Go to the man that you obtained the water bottle from, after you get Kongolon your team. The man will be in Lohan. Do not try to lower the price, becausehe will tell you to go somewhere else. He will call it the Miracle Stone.Kongol has the Golden Rock Dragoon.
If you are past Grenich in the moon that never sets, you can also get theDragoon Spirit there.

Hint: Stronger Kongol:
Go to Lohan and talk to the man who sold you the bottle for thewater. He will sell you the gold Dragoon Spirit for 1m000 G. Then, go to theweapon shop and buy the Legendary Casque for 10,000 G. Equip him with it. Then,go to the home of the Gigantos and find the Bandit's Ring in the place to theleft when you enter. You will have to go out the rightmost door once in to getto the chest. When he has all this, he will be a Dragoonand have the highestattack, defense, and magic defense with a fairly good magic score.

Hint: Early Golden Dragoon Spirit:
To get the Golden Dragoon Spirit early, you must first defeatGierch. After you go back, do not go to Fletz. Instead, go south (down) to thesign. Then, choose to go to the south of Serdio. Then, go to Lohan. As soon asyou enter the main part of the city, the street vendor will offer you a"Shining Mystery Stone" for 1000g. Buy it, and the "AcquiredGolden Dragoon Spirit" message will appear. The Dragoon Spirit is forKongol.

Hint: Ultimate Wargod:
You can buy an Ultimate Wargod in Lohan. It makes your additionsperform perfectly without any penalty. It may cost 10,000, which may be veryhard to get at this point in the game. However, it makes battles much easierand your Dragoons will still level up.

Hint: Hidden Virage and Wargod Amulet:
When you are in the

Forbidden Land

near the pink healingthing, there will be two paths. Go forward and you will end up fighting theGrand Jewel Boss. To prepare for the battle, go right instead of forward. Youwill fight a third Virage Boss. He is not that difficult, and is the weakest ofall Virages. Winning will get you 6,000g and 12,000 experience points. Also, ifyou go to the Phantom Ship you can get the Ultimate Wargod Amulet in a chest.However you must learn the combination. Explore the ship and you willeventually enter a room with five or six ghosts. Go up to them and press X.Each ghost will say a number. You must use these numbers to get the correctcombination for the chest. At first, you will only get Healing Fog and otheritems. Eventually, you will get the Ultimate Wargod Amulet. Note: The combinationnumbers change each time. Also, you only have five chances to get the correctcombination. If you fail, the bones on the ground will will form into skeletonsthat you will have to fight.

Hint: Easy additions for Dart and Rose:
Choose the addition you want to master immediately before you battleMichael, the black dragon. Since Michael cannot be hurt unless you hit the weakpoint, you can keep attacking his armor without harming him. This allows you touse your addition until it is at maximum. This also can be done with Pots andBlue Birds, but they run away.

Hint: Easy addition for Haschel:
On Disc 3, go to Vellweb where you fight the four Dragoon Spirits.You will know when you are there when you meet Shirley again. Equip Haschelwith the Ultimate Wargod ring and run around until you find a monster calledMaximum Volt. Make sure you have the addition highlighted that you want Haschelto learn. Keep attacking this monster with Haschel only. Haschel deals 0 damageto this monster, so you can keep attacking it as many times as needed. Do notattack this monster with another character. Use guard every time on your othertwo characters and keep attacking with Haschel. Heal Haschel when his hitpoints get low. You can also use Speed Up on Haschel to make the process alittle quicker. If you need all 99 points for his addition, you do not have tocount how many times you have attacked the monster -- if you have to healHaschel three times because his hit points are low, then you are close tofilling his addition. You can get some Healing Fog potions from the merchantbrothers in the area to the right of the save point. Once you have met andtalked to Shirley, she will become a recovery point if your party needshealing. It takes a long time, but you can level Haschel up with no problem andget all of his additions and magic.

Hint: Defeating Danton:
When you fight Danton in the Heroes Competition and he drops hismallet and says "Make my day, Kiddo", use this as an opportunity toheal yourself If you are low on health. Keep pressing Guard button toget health back. Do not try to attack, as he will toss you to the floor.

Hint: Defeating: Doel:
Go to Lohan before heading to

Black Castle

.Buy 10 Healing Potions and about 5 Magic Potions. Make your way to where youfight Kongol. only use Healing Potions when you are low (in the red zone), andpound him into the ground. For Doel, use Dart, Hashel, and Albert. Have themhack away at Doel in his regular form. Do not heal after fighting Kongol,unless in the red zone,. If you are good enough, have Lavitz cast Rose Storm.If not, have items that can shields for physical and magical defense. He willgo into Dragoon form. Start attacking him immediately. After Rose Storm runsout, use a Magic Potion and use it again. If Albert dies, do not worry aboutreviving him. Just attack until Hashel and Drat are in the red, then heal themand repeat the process. If you have no healing potions and Dart is in red, Doelwill direct his attacks at Dart. Only defend with Dart and attack with Hasheluntil he dies.

Hint: Defeating Drake:
When fighting Drake in Shirley's Shrine, he will usually send outthree bursting balls from a chest. To save health, instead of attacking Drakeattack the bursting balls first; or you can just use Down Burst.

Hint: Defeating Faust:
Note: You must do this before going to the moon. If not, you willnot be able to fight Faust. In order to defeat Faust in Flanvel, you must firstobtain all 50 Stardust. Then, go to Lohan and buy three Angel Scarves for 5,000gold. Finally, equip all of your characters with their respective DragoonArmor. If it is not available, use something that is high in magic defense.Equip Alber with his Jade Dragoon Armor, and an Angel Scarf,;Dart with his RedDragoon Armor and an Angel Scarf; and Kongol with his Gold Dragoon Armor and anAngel Scarf. Attack Faust with Dart, Kongol, and Albert. Use the Power Up itemon Kongol, as well as the Speed Up item. This will allow Kongol to attackharder and faster. Have Albert use Rose Storm and just have Dart attack withFinal Burst. This battle may take awhile, but is well worth the effort. Youwill receive 12,000 experience, 50,000 gold, and a Phantom Shield, whichreduces the amount of physical attacks.
Faust has 27,000 HP, is located in Glacier (

Flanvel Tower

),and requires Vanishing Stone required (50 Stardust). Have Dart equipped withLegend Casque (greatly reduced attack and +50% evade from magic), Red DS Armor(decent reduced magic attack and nullifies fire magic), Magical Greaves(physical and magical evade +5%), and Spirit Cloak (magical evade +20%). Youroverall magical evasion rate is now 75%. Because he only uses magic, hisattacks will only hit you rarely, and when they do they do, his best attacksare greatly reduced; fire magic is nullified. Make sure you have about threeHealing Fogs and you can defeat him with just one player without transformingto Dragoon. When you defeat him you will get 20,000 experience points, 10,000gold, and a Phantom Shield (all attacks reduced in half). Other good charactersthat you can use in this fight are Miranda and Meru. They have good magicdefense. Other items that are helpful are: Stardust Boots (defense: 5, magicalevade: +5%; females only), Angel Scarf (reduces magic damage by 50%), Sage'sCloak (physical and magical evade: +20%), Spiritual Ring (raises magic defenseby 30 points), Blue Sea DS Armor (nullifies water magic, defense +54 points;Meru only), and Silver DS Armor (nullifies light magic, defense +80 points;Miranda only)

Hint: Defeating Ferybrand and Greham:
Before leaving the "Volcano Villude", speak to Dabas andpurchase as many Pellets as possible. When you get to the battle, take outGreham first with the Pellets. Rose can do over 100 damage if you get at least160%. When Graham is dead, turn Rose into a Dragoon and use Astral Drain. Alsomake sure if anyone gets a Poison or Fear status that you immediately heal itwith a healing item or turn into a Dragoon. Have Rose cast Astral Drainwhenever someone is low in health.

Hint: Defeating Frugel:
To defeat Frugel for the second time, use Dart, Lavitz, and Rose.Then, use Rose's special. Only attack Frugel (his partners will run away).After defeating Frugel, Lloyd will appear and kill Lavitz.
To defeat Frugel for the second time, have Rose use Demon's Gate to get ridof Frugel's partners. Then, keep using Dragoon magic and attacks.
When you are in Lohan, go to the mini games place after the hero match. Playuntil you get about 82 tickets and two Total Vanishings. To get the ticketseasily, play the "Whats Wrong With The Scene" game. Save the TotalVanishings for Frugel. When you fight him, immediately use Total Vanishing onGustaf and the Bird. Frugel should now be as easy as the first time you foughthim.

Hint: Defeating Grand Stone:
When you become Dragoon against Grand Stone (the Boss of the

Forbidden Land

), he counters with the Dragon BlockStaff. Before the battle, get into as many random battles as needed to drainyour SP to less than 200. Then, for the duration of the battle with GrandStone, only go Dragoon when you have less than 200 SP. This way, you willrevert back to normal immediately after your Dragoon Attack or Magic. GrandStone will not be able to counter with the Dragon Block Staff because you willnot be a Dragoon at the time. You can also use this trick against Lloyd (Butnot the Divine Dragon).
First, defeat the Virage to level up. Then, set Madness Hero to Dart andkeep fighting all the monsters near the pink healing seal. Whenever your HP islow, just heal in the seal. Keep using Madness Hero until it is on level 5 andyou should gain 206 SP per addition. Keep doing this until you level up yourDragoon to level 5.You should then learn Red-Eye Dragon to summon a dragon.When you learn it. go fight Grand Stone. Start on Dart's turn and transformimmediately. Once you are a Dragoon, use The Red-Eye Dragon. It should peel offabout 650 damage off Grand Stone. Note: Do not turn Dragoon unless you onlyhave the SP meter for one turn with Dragoon, so he cannot use Dragon BlockStaff. If you have your SP meter on 3, 4, or 5, he will use the Dragon BlockStaff then use a magical attack that will put about a 1500 damage dent in you.Wait until the Dragon Block Staff wears off and turn Dragoon with Kongol. Usehis Dragoon attack at maximum. It should do about 500 damage. Keep attackingwith regular additions until the Dragon Block Staff wears off and repeat theprocess.
Have Dart at level 29, Rose at level 28 and Albert at level 28. If you dothis and get Crush Dance, have Demon's Dance for Rose and equip her with anUltimate Wargod (costs 10,000 gold). Have King Albert's Gust Of Wind Dance andhe will die like a regular enemy. If you decide to train more, the fight willbe easier. The best place to train is the Forbidden Land.

Hint: Defeating Kongol:
Use any Ice element attack, such as Spear Frost. Ice is Kongol'sweakness when he is not on your team. This is useful when you battle him thesecond time as you need to save Dragoon power for defeating Doel. Do notDragoon on Doel's battle until he Dragoons, since he will get his health back.
The second time you face Kongol in the

Black Castle

before fighting Doel, you should have Dart's Dragoons level at 3. Kongols MD(magic defense) is very poor, and Dart's level 3 Dragoon magic attack FinalBurst is powerful, doing at times at least 400 damage points.

Hint: Defeating Lenus:
Make sure you have Rose, Dart, and Albert in your party at fullheath, full SP, and are at least level 20. Also have at least 4 HealingBreezes, 8 Healing Potions, and 3 Angel Prayers. This is a difficult battle andLenus can sometimes attack four times in a row. She also has a lot of attacksthat hit all your characters. When you start the battle, have Dart or Rose asyour first fighter. Since all your characters are at full SP, have the"Special" option available. Use it and fight until one changes back.Use Magic attacks and if you run out of MP, use Physical attacks. You cannotrisk messing up Additions in this battle. Afterwards, use the one who changedback to throw items and use Angel Prayer and so forth. Eventually after the"Special" option is over you will leave with a win if you used youritems and attacks wisely.
Defeating Lenus and the sea dragon at the same time is very easy. Make surethat Dart and Rose both can do a Dragon attack. Equip them and Kongol. Have oneof them do a special, use Dragoon attack with Kongol, and use Dart's and Rose'sDragon moves. Then, use their magic until it runs out. As soon as they are outof Dragoon power, use additions.
Have Dart, Rose, and Haschel in your party. Equip Dart with Madness Hero,Rose with More n' More, and Haschel with Flurry Of


.Make sure everyone's SP is full. Also, make sure you have a Moon Serenade. Oncethe battle starts, guard until it is Dart's turn. Use the icon on the farright. Under it, "SPECIAL" will appear. Press it. Everyone thenbecomes Dragoons. The background will change to fire. This means that Dart'sattacks are more powerful. Use his Final Burst on Regole. Usually it takes1,062 HP, but now it will do 1,593 HP of damage. Then, use Rose's DeathDimension. It attacks both Lenus and Regole. Do D-Attack with Haschel. Afterthat, always guard with Haschel. Use Final Burst again with Dart. Regole thendies. Use Final Burst again on Lenus. Then, use Astral Drain with Rose.Everyone should get health. Then, attack with Dart and Rose. Once Dart and Rosedie, kill Lenus off with Haschel. Haschel should get more experience.

Hint: Defeating Lloyd:
Equip an item that prevents you from dying instantly, such as theTalisman. Transform into a Dragoon and his instant death attack will not killyou. Keep in mind that he will use his Dome attack -- do not transform everyoneinto a Dragoon, unless you are using Miranda.
Note: This trick requires a controller with a turbo feature. Equip yourselfwith a Suns Rhapsody or two, have Rose and Meru in your party, and have lots ofthrowing items such as Dark Mist, Thunderbolt, Burnout, etc. Make sureeverybody has enough Spirit Points so that they can only turn into Dragoononce. Have Dart know the technique Final Burst and make his addition Volcano.Set the turbo feature of the controller to X and hold that button usingthrowing items. Do this, use Freezing Ring and Astral Drain with Meru and Rose,and Guard occasionally, and he should be easier to defeat than the DivineDragon.
Before entering the

Flanvel Tower

itself, save thegame. Have Haschel, Albert, and Dart. Have Albert use Gust of Wind Dance,Haschel use Flurry of Styx, and Dart use Volcano. Have a sufficient amount ofAngel Prayers and Healing Potions, Fogs, Breezes, and Rains if available. Alsohave some throwing items. You should have Dart's Dragoon Level at either 3, 4or 5. Haschel and Albert should be at least at level 3. Try to equip Albert withBandit Shoes to speed up his attack rate. Also make sure that their SP iseither between 0 and 199. If Albert comes up first, cast Rose Storm. Lloyd willthen use his Dome attack. After that, have Haschel use Thunder God and Dart useFinal Burst. Do not summon his Dragoon unless you have equipped Mage Ring. Useyour additions, some throwing items, and Rose Storm. Also with Albert, castGaspless. Thunder God and Gaspless should result in between 600 and 700 damage.Volcano will do 498, Flurry of Styx about 361, and Gust of Wind Dance about900. This will take awhile, but it should work very well.
When fighting Lloyd, equip someone (for example, Dart) with an item thatwill protect them against instant death. Then, transform into a Dragoon. Lloydwill focus most of his attacks on instantly killing that Dragoon character, butwill be unable to do so with that item equipped.
When fighting Lloyd, when he has the Dragon Buster it does not matter howlong you are a Dragoon. As long as you have the talisman equipped the Dragoonkilling attack is counted as just an instant death attack, and is thereforerendered useless.

Hint: Defeating Melbu Fhrama:
When fighting Melbu Fhrama's final form, he will usually attempt toconfuse your entire party. Make sure you have a Panic Guard equipped for Dart,and have a Dragoon Special built. Once it is Dart's turn, have him use aspecial and your confusion is gone. Note: Melbu Fhrama can use a piece from theDragon Block Staff.
When you fight the Spirit Warrior in the snowfield (Rose will try to talkyou out of it), it will have three parts, the sword, the helm, and the shield.Kill the helm first. This is the part that casts the spells and does the mostdamage. It can also kill instantly -- if you have either a Talisman or the HolyAnkh you wlll have a better chance of getting through the battle with littletrouble. It is not necessary to Dragoon; just be persistent. The shield shouldgo next, because it also casts its own spells and takes your power from you.The sword itself is much easier to deal with, since it does the least damage(about 250 points at the worst) and cannot do any magic on its own.

Hint: Defeating Shirly:
Never attack and always guard. When she asks you a question, choosethe most appropriate answer.

Hint: Defeating the second Virage Boss:
Wait until it uses up its ten lives. Just make sure all yourcharacters have a high HP before its final attack, which does a lot of damage.
You will have to fight a stronger Virage Boss in the

Gravity Breakdown Valley

. Take out hisleft hand (the hand on the right side of the screen) first and he will not beable to do his instant death attack until it returns. After you take out hisleft hand, concentrate on his head. If his hand comes back, destroy it again.You will win the battle after doing 1,600 damage to his head. The following isa list of how much health each part of has:

Head:1600 HP
Left Arm: 320 HP
Right Arm: 320 HP
Body: 600 HP

First, destroy its left arm (on the right side of the screen) so that itcannot perform its instant death move. Next, attack its body so that it cannotmove forward, so that when the left arm does return, it cannot be used.Finally, attack its head. This may take some time, but it saves health andAngel's Prayers.

Hint: Defeating either Virage:
For a quicker battle with both Virages, kill the head and the battlewill be over.

Hint: Defeating The Dead Captain and 4 DeadKnights:
When you get to the end of the Ghost Ship, you have to defeat theDead captain of the ship and the 4 Dead Knights. However, if you kill one ofthem after a certain amount of time they will come back to life with fullhealth. Get all of the Knights and the Captain to a red health meter. Once theyare low enough, use either Dart's Explosion ability or Kongol's Grand Streamand Meteor Strike magic abilities. Also, if you have any of your Dragoon Spirtsto level 5 you can use their Dragon ability to make sure they are defeated.
Get the leader (center of back row) into the red and the rest in the yellow.Use Shana's Star Children, which will do about 350 to 400 damage to each.
To defeat the three ghosts on the ship, have Dart, Rose and someone else inyour party. Have Rose's D'LVL on 3. Use Rose's Demon's Gate and they will bedestroyed.

Hint: Defeating the Divine Dragon:
A controller with an auto-fire (at least 260%) feature is requiredfor this trick. Have Rose and Meru in your party. Equip Meru with the TherapyRing. Equip Rose with something to raise her magic att. Equip Dart as desired.Stock up on Spark Nets. Get to the Divine Dragon, but do not turn into aDragoon. When it is Meru or Rose's turn, use a Spark Net and turn on theauto-fire feature. Attack Divine Dragon, not the Divine Ball or Cannon. UseAdditions for Dart.
You should have Dart, Haschel, and P. Albert and the following additions:Madness Hero level 5, Hex Hammer level 1 or 2, and Flower Storm level 3 to 5.When you enter the battle, kill his cannon, as it shoots a strong attack. Next,kill the ball. When your party gets weak have Dart use a Healing Breeze. KeepAlbert and Haschel attack the parts massively. Only use them to heal if theyreally need it and only have Dart attack when you do not need healing. It alsohelps if you have the following accessories equipped: Bandits Ring (Albert),Attack Badge (Dart) and Therapy Ring (Haschel). Never use Dragoons in thisbattle because of the D. Block Staff -- it weakens you badly and one very goodattack from the Divine Dragon will kill you.
First, attack the Divine Ball. After it is destroyed, attack the cannon thendestroy the Divine Dragon himself. Have Dart, Albert and Kongol. Do not useDragoons as they will be very weak. Only use Albert's Dragoon and then use RoseStorm. This and addition attacks are the best way to destroy the Divine Dragon.
Go to the any town that sells magic that hits all enemies (Dark Raidrecommended). Do not attack the Divine Dragon. Instead, use that magicrepeatedly until you run out. After using four or five of the Dark Raids at180% or more power, the Divine Dragon Ball and the Divine Dragon Cannon willprobably be dead, leaving the dragon at about half health. Also, the onlyattacks the Divine Dragon has remaining will be his screech that gives all ofyour characters fear, and his leg sweep which hits your entire party for only asmall amount of damage, even if your characters have the fear status.

Hint: Defeating the Dragon Block Staff Boss:
You actually can Dragoon when you are trying to defeat this weirdmonster. Make sure you can only Dragoon for one turn then build it up again --you can only Dragoon for one round. The best party to use is Dart, Rose, andAlbert.

Hint: Defeating Jiku (Melbu Frama in Zeig'sbody):
This is not a hard battle, but you cannot use Dart's Dragoon Spirit.Just concentrate on using additions. If you have the Red Eye Dragon Armorequipped on Dart, Jiku will not be able to do much damage when he uses movessuch as Final Burst and other magic attacks. All Jiku will use is the Dragoon'sMagic and normal attacks. After dealing about 10,000 damage or more to Jiku, hewill die and reveal himself as Melbu Frama.

Hint: Defeating Melbu Frama (final Boss):
Melbu Frama has three different forms. Use the following steps todefeat all the forms.

Stage 1
In the first part of fighting Melbu Frama, you will notice that he hasfour tentacles. Take them out so that he cannot keep doing a lot of damage.Next, concentrate on Melbu Frama himself. Try and keep hitting your additionsattacks. If you have Miranda on your team, use her Dragoon magic to heal youteam. If necessary, transform into one of your Dragoons (Kongol is suggested).Do not use Dart's Divine Dragoon Spirit just yet. Keep using Miranda to dealsome damage and heal. If you have Kongol's Gold Dragon Magic Move (he willlearn it at Dragoon level 5) you can use it, but it will not do too muchdamage. After dealing a large amount of damage (about 10,000 or more) he firststage will die. His health meter will not turn yellow or red. An intermissionsequence will begin.

Stage 2
The next battle is during the fourth generation. This battle is alittle tougher than the first. You will notice that his health is now inyellow. Do the same as the first battle, but this time use Miranda to do alittle damage and guard when her health gets low. Use her to heal the otherswhen necessary. Once again do not use Dart's Divine Dragoon Spirit yet. Keepusing additions to lower his health. Later on, he will pull a member of yourteam in himself. After about five moves, he will throw him at one of yourcharacters which will do a lot of damage to both. He will also use annoyingexploding balls that will cause great damage. After doing another 10,000 damageor more, he will go to his next stage. Once again, his energy will not go tored. Once this stage is over, another intermission of the fifth generation willoccur.

Stage 3
The final battle is during the sixth generation. It is time to useDart's Divine Dragoon Spirit. Once he transforms, use his second magic attacktwice (if you have enough MP). The magic attack uses 50 MP, and so does thefirst. After using all of your MP, use Dart's attack. If you get perfect, youwill see his move with the Divine Dragoon Spirit (which can do a lot ofdamage). If he is not dead after using all of Dart's Dragoon power, use youradditions and Miranda to heal if necessary. After you defeat Melbu Frama, youwill see Dart re-transform into the Divine Dragoon to deliver the final blow.

Equip Dart with a fully maxed Crush Dance. Use Crush dance, then use yourDragoon, then Crush Dance and repeat until he uses the Dragon Block Staff.Then, guard with Dart. This works for all additions that give you 100 SP.
In the final battle against Melbu, equip as many Healing Breezes as possiblewithout losing the major attack balls and spells. Guard until you really neededto use the Healing Breezes so that they will last longer. Also, when you dofinally Dragoon, try to do it only in Melbu's last stage, and do not do allthree. If you have Rose, Dart, and Albert; Dragoon Rose first and concentrateonly on Astral Drains. This helps her keep her magic longer and boosts yourparty's HP. Also, make sure you have leveled up before going up there. TheDeath Frontier is useful for addition practice. The worm and beetle fights giveyou about 100 G in each battle, and you do not have to move to find them.

Hint: Defeating single enemies:
Instead of using Albert's dragon use Gaspless on single enemies. Ifthere are a lot of enemies, use the Jade Dragon.

Hint: Defeating dragons:
When in Death City Mayfil and fighting the green-tusked dragonFeyrbrand, make sure you have Albert equipped with the Jade DG armor so that hecannot be harmed by Wind magic. When fighting the blue sea dragon Raguel, haveMeru in your party equipped with the Blue DG armor so that she cannot be harmedby Water magic. This also works if you are fighting the Divine Dragon. Heusually attacks with Wind and Fire magic. Have Dart equipped with Red DG armorand Albert with Green DG armor.

Hint: Defeating Bosses on Disc 1:
Once you get Rose on Disc 1, you will notice that her attack as aDragoon is dramatically higher than the others. Mainly during Boss battles,just have Rose use her special so she can get a perfect addition. Also, it ismuch higher than the other Dragoon attacks.

Hint: Defeating Bosses:
If you know a nearby merchant and the element of your next Boss, buythe opposite item element for that Boss. The more you buy, the better chancesyou have of surviving.
When you get the Psyche Bomb X, keep it as it is reusable and will cause alot of damage to enemies.

Hint: Hidden Boss battle:
In the snow field, after you talk to Lloyd go to the right all theway and let it take you to the bottom. You should encounter a funny greenthing. The game will explain it and go to the door way up in the right-handcorner. Go to the bottom and you will fight a sprite from 11,000 years ago. Useyour Dragoon Power. Take out the red sword first then move to the body/armorthing. You should get 12,000 experience points. You will also get the SoulEater sword for Dart.

Hint: Building strong characters:
Most of the cheats or hints on this games lack what is trulyimportant: high levels for the characters. Even if you have the best tricksever, you are still going have problems finishing the game. First, you have tolevel up your additions as soon as you get them. This is a long process, but itis worth it. Also, by doing so, you will gain experience and make yourself morepowerful. For example, start a new game and stay in the forest at thebeginning, before going to Hellena. It is possible to get Dart's Double Slash,Volcano and Burning Rush each at 99, level 5 and Dart to level 10 with $3000.Also, make sure all your characters' weaknesses are covered. Meru is strong onmagic, but is weak with physical attacks and defense. Go get her the LegendArmor and Giganto Ring or Attack Badge so she can hit a little harder. Dart andRose are both well-rounded, so get them at a high enough level, learn welltheir most powerful additions and strengthen their defense or equip them withsomething good (such as the Phantom Shield, Mage Ring, Ultimate Wargod,Bandit's/Dancer's ring, etc.). Haschel and Albert are both very strong and havedifficult additions to master. Either give them good armor and an UltimateWargod or equip them with Guard Badges or something to help their magic. Kongolis your strongest character. Equip him with the Bandit's Shoes, Legend Casque,Bandit's Ring and Giganto Armor. This way, he will be almost invincible, andbecause he hits so hard, he needs no magic. Miranda/Shana has very high magic,with extremely weak physical attack and defense. Do not plan on attacking withher, as she will die quickly. Keep her for Boss battles that you cannot affordto lose, and you want to do the special. She will be able to heal every one,and if you have Kongol, he hits for two. Finally, when you get valuable itemssuch as Pendamonium and Sachet, you do not really need them. Sell them for$200. You can also sell any item you get but are not planning on using.
This trick requires a large amount of money. From the time you start thegame, only spend your money on what you really need. For example, do not buyweapons, armors, and accessories for the other party members. Only focus onthree of them. If you spend waste money on weapons for the other characters, itwill be wasted later when you find a better weapon in a chest. Save your moneyuntil you get to 10,000 gold, probably on Disc 3. Buy Dart a Armor Of Legend inDenigrad. Then keep saving until you get to Zenebatos. By then you should haveabout 5,000 gold. Make sure you have a Vanishing Stone and that your threemaincharacters are all strong. Fight Faust. To defeat him easily you should haveDart, Albert, and Miranda. Miranda's Gates Of Heaven and Moon Light areextremely useful. Do not use magic on Faust. He has about 25,000 HP and magiconly does about 600 damage. On his first turn he will drop a giant ball of fireon your characters. When he is in the yellow he will make your characters bleedwith a powerful water attack, When he is in the red he will make a gianttornado above you. When you attack, make sure that the character used has aDragoon armor equipped. For example, Albert should be equipped with Jade DGarmor. When you attack Faust, he will do magic according to the character'selement (Dart: Burn Out, Albert: Tornado, Haschel: Spark Net, etc.). When youdefeat him you should receive 10,000 gold and 20,000 experience points. BuyDart a Legend Casque. Then, get 5,000 gold and sell the Phantom Shield Faustgave you. Buy your second favorite character a Legend Casque or Armor OfLegend. Then get about 1,000 gold and buy Dart Magical Greaves and a Sage'sCloak. If you equip Dart and your second favorite character with all of thatequipment, they will be unbeatable.
Buy the Legend Of Casque in Lohan and put it on Dart. This creates apowerful spell caster that can even wipe out the Divine Dragon.

Hint: Dart's ghost:
When you find the real Emille at the

Twin Towers

of Fletz, walk around the guard who is at the main entrance to the castle(without talking to him). Leave and reenter the castle. Emille will walkthrough the guard, and he in turn will fall through Dart.

Hint: Blue Birds:
In between the "

Valley Of Corrupt Gravity

"and "The Home Of The Gingantos" are Blue Birds. These birds areextremely hard to kill because each attack you deal only gives takes 1 HP.These birds also run away frequently and always reduce your HP by 10 percenteach time you attack. If you are lucky to beat one of these birds, you will berewarded with 1000 exp.
To destroy a Blue Bird easily, throw a Sactel at it. It will take 10% damageof off it and will be destroyed. The Blue Bird is located between "Home OfGigantos" and the "

Valley Of Corrupt Gravity

".The Sactel is a non-element item.

Hint: Healing Breeze:
After Lavitz comes from his war meeting, go to his mom's house. Geton the roof and jump over to the stable. Once inside, repeatedly press X.On the other side, you will find a chest containing a Healing Breeze.

Hint: Healing:
The following trick allows you to heal without a Mind or BodyPurifieron stock. Later on in the game when you have Dragoon Spirits, turnDragoon and the status will be gone.

Hint: Stronger magic item:
Note: A controller with a turbo feature is required for this trick.When using a magic item that requires you press X, enable the turbo forthat button and your attack will be much stronger.

Hint: Sachets:
Get extra Sachets from home of Gigantoes by fighting the piggys.Note: It takes awhile for them to drop one. Rainbow Birds can be instantlykilled by a Sachet for an easy 3000 experience points, and sometimes a RainbowDress.

Hint: Templetraps:
When you are in the temple looking for the Dragoni plant to saveShana on Disc 1, there are several traps set to delay you progress. The firstis a number combination -- the combo is 352. Almost directly after that are twostatues that must be turned in the correct direction to allow you to reach thetop of the stairs. There statues are gold and stone. Leave the gold statuefacing the front and turn the stone statue to the left. As soon as this isdone, you can run up the stairs to find help for Shana.

Hint: Summon Dragons:
Get At least 20,000 Spirit Points for any character and you will beable to summon dragons.
To summon dragons when you are a dragoon, get your dragoon level to 5.

Hint: Free water bottle:
When you reach the town of


,you must save Shana. To do this you will need to get a bottle to hold water.After speaking with Dabas, go down the stairs to reach the ground level of thetown. When you do this, a merchant will get your attention. He has a bottle,but wants to sell it for an amazingly high price. Keep telling him to take downthe price he will eventually offer it for 100g. Select the second choice of"..." and the merchant will give you the bottle for free.

Hint: Bridge over the fast river:
After you save Shana on Disc 1 from Hellana, you need to go to theprairies. You will end up in a shed and will hear about Dart's past. If you sawthe river that is too fast to cross already, leave the shed and go to the topof the screen to get to the cliff. The party will decide that the tree can beused as a bridge, but they have nothing to cut it down. Return to the shed, andgrab the ax. Go back to the tree and cut it down. The tree well fall the wrongway. However, go to the fast river and the log will floating down, creating aperfect bridge.

Hint: Robots do not chase you in Zenebatos:
First, get hit by a guard and get teleported to jail. Talk to theman outside the jail to find out the law number. Then, go to the law makingarea and amend that law. Next, go the law factory and finally the law launcherto enforce the law. There are several laws you can change, two of which must bechanged to advance the story.
On the Disc 4, in Zenebatos, you have to follow the path of going from theLegislation Hall, to the Law Factory, and then finally to the Law Launcher torevise certain laws so you can pass to Death City Mayfil. On the way to thethree areas, more likely than not you will be caught and taken to jail. Toprevent this, make it to the Legislation Hall one of the times. When asked whatthe law number is, give them the series 6, 5, 9 in that order. It is the lawthat says any human or wingly spotted should be taken to jail. After gettingthe Legislation Hall portion, follow through with the Law Factory, then LawLauncher. After the launcher, the droids patrolling the area will now standingstill, no matter how close to them you are.
In the law city of Zenebatos, when you enter the numbers 666 in theLegislation Hall it will pass a law that states that your party will not beattacked by monsters in the city.

Hint: Golden Dragoon armor:
After defeating Indora (Kongol's brother) with Kongol, go to theopening at the back of the room. When in the room, go to the switch and press Xto open it. When the door is opened, you will get the Golden Dragoon Armor forKongol, which prevents damage from Earth-based attacks.

Hint: Pandemonium:
Pandemonium is a reusable item found in Hellena Prison, the secondtime you go there. When used, minor enemy only attack one ally three turns(repeat).

Hint: Material Shield:
The Material Shield is located just right of the entrance to Doel'sChambers on Disc 1. The box it is in is hidden behind the pillar at the top ofthe ramp, just after you fight Kongol for the second time. The Material Shieldprotects one character from physical attacks for three turns and is a reusableitem.

Hint: Hidden Quest:
On Disc 3 after you defeat Lloyd and acquire the three moon objects,return to the area with the save point and take a ride on the teleport pad onthe right side of the screen. After playing around with the different teleportpad combinations you will eventually arrive at a spot where you meet ahologram-type image of an old wizard from the Dragon Campaign. After moreplaying around with the teleport pads you will arrive at a room with threedoors and crumbling stone paths to a cone shaped stone island floating in thecenter of the room. Get to it and the island will fall. You will end up in a basem*ntchamber where you will actually battle the 11,000 year old wizard. Most of theWinglie's magic has withered with time, but not this wizard. He will bombardyou with powerful magical attacks (sometimes three in one turn). If your levelsare high, then he should not be too much of a problem.

Hint: Secret shop:
Before you enter the

Black Castle

in Kazas to defeatDoel, when you first enter the town you will see a line of arrows (if you havethe pointers on). You will see a yellow pointer. Go into that healing hospitaland go up to the very top. You will find an old man with a healing business. Donot heal yourself. Instead, go up to the desk and speak to him. He was say"Don't tell the soldiers". The items are weak but may be able to helpat least one of your party members.

Hint: Getting the second chest at the snowfield:
Go down the slide on the side closer to the screen and press Xon the second and the fourth.

Hint: Get through two sand falls at the DeathFrontier:
When you are in the desert at The Death Frontier and are trying toget through two sand falls, you do not have to go through the middle. At the oasiswhere Miranda slaps Rose, go straight then go right instead of left. Then, gostraight then go left. You should see the two sand falls in the lower left sideof the screen. From here, go left, straight, right, then straight again. Youshould now be at the third oasis. Heal there and save the game if desired.Then, go straight and straight again. You should be at the exit of the desert.Go out and continue as the game guides you.

Hint: Entering the Black Castle:
You will have to go in a canal. There are doors on your way down.Check every door and talk to any person in each area. You will get to talk to akid. He will ask if you want to join. You first have to answer three questions.Keep talking to him until you get all of three correct. You will then go in thehouse, which has a tunnel that takes you to the Black Castle.

Hint: Finishing the storyline:
After you reach Disc 2, it is possible to go back to all the placesthat you visited in Disc 1. Not only do you get to see how things have changed,you can to finish some storylines that were brought up in that disc. Forexample, go to the Dark Castle Town, and see what the great commander underDole is up to, or Check on Lavits's mother.

Hint: Finding Stardusts:
Check all piles/tables/shelves in houses and towns. Most of thehouses will have at least one Stardust hidden somewhere. For example, in thewell near Lavitz's house, at King Albert's castle in the lower area (search thefurnace), and on the boat under the fountain (where you give the man the goodspirits -- get off the boat and search the back of the little house).

Hint: Stardust locations:

1. Seles:


2. Bale: Well in front of Lavitz's house.
3. Bale: Go under the castle and turn the valve, then give the drunk man belowBale the Spirits you bought. You are now riding a boat in a "mini-tour ofBale". When you are prompted to leave the boat, leave and then go to thetop of the room for the Stardust.
4. Bale: Weapon Shop.
5. Bale: Kitchen of Lavitz's house.

Indels Castle

: Fireplace at the basem*nt.

Indels Castle

: Upper left area of second floor,just before the King's chamber.
8. Marshlands: Search in the are full of dead Basil soldiers.
9. Hoax: Upper house, fireplace.
10. Hoax: After defeating Kongol, search in Kaiser's meeting room.
11. Lohan: Entrance of town, barrels.
12. Lohan: Library, press X when prompted on lower bookcase, secretpassage to Stardust.
13. Lohan: Dabas' Antique Shop, armor.
14. Lohan: Just before the arena, search the basket.
15. Kazas: Weapon shop.
16. Kazas: First house, barrel.
17. Kazas: Beside treasure chest, first house, left.
18. Underground Kazas: Entrance of first house, bookcase.
19. Underground Kazas: Go down the ladder and go to the first door ot theright, check barrels.
20. Underground Kazas: Search barrels in same area.
21. Fletz: Bar, some things to the right.
22. Fletz: Item Shop.
23. Fletz: Weapon Shop.
24. Fletz: Jewelry Shop.
25. Fletz: Clothesline of house above Nello's.

Twin Castle

: Entrance, right armor.

Twin Castle

: Base of Princess Lisa's tower.
28. Donau: Entrance, well.
29. Donau: Mayor's house, upper area.
30. Home of Gigantos: Boss area, right torch.
31. Queen Fury: Kongol's area.
32. Queen Fury: Slightly north of Shana's area.
33. Lidiera: Go down the ladder from the outside of a house.
34. Fueno: Clinic, painting.
35. Fueno:


, barrels.
36. Furni: The house on the right, fishing rods.
37. Furni: Teo's house, slide down to the basem*nt.
38, 39. Destroyed Deningrad: In front of the item and weapon shops.
40. Destroyed Deningrad: Climb up hotel, in the clinic.

Crystal Palace

: Search near the Signet Sphere.

Crystal Palace

: Search near where you left Shana[room on the left].
43. Neet: Entrance, lamp.
44. Wingly


: Area before recovery pointwhere there are Winglies.

Wingly Forest

: Guaraha's house.
46. Vellweb: First tower you entered. [Rose's Tower].
47. Ulara: Weapon Shop.
48. Ulara: The Rose Garden.
49. Ulara: The Biting Rose Garden.
50. Rouge: Area after Martel's room.

Hint: Easy Tickets in Lohan:
The easiest way to get tickets in Lohan is the "What's WrongWith The Scene" booth. The following is a list of the items in the roomand what they change into. It still takes a long time to build up enoughtickets to get any good items, but this always works.

Axe: Sword
Wheel: Picture
Pitcher: Vase
Dragon Head: Hawk Head
Couch: Bed
Broom: Shovel
Mittens: Shield
Firewood: Empty
Mushrooms: Books
Armor: Clothes

Hint: Dragoon Stone locations:

You start with his stone at the beginning of the game but you cannot use ituntil you defeat Kongol at the Battle Of Hoax.

To get the Lavitz Dragoon stone, you have to defeat the Green Tusked Dragonand the man who turns into the Jade Dragoon. Albert will then inherit theLavitz Dragoon stone at the end of the Disc 1.

You will get Shana's Dragoon stone after getting to the temple anddefeating the Bandit. Then answer the questions that the ghost asks you.Miranda will inherit Shana's Dragoon stone on the Disc 3.

After defeating Kongol at the Battle Of Hoax you will get Rose with herDragoon stone.

You will get Haschel's Dragoon stone after defeating Emperor Doyle at theend of Disc 1.

You will get Meru's Dragoon stone after defeating the Blue Sea Dragon andLenus.

After you get Kongol go back to the City Of


and walk to where the man who sold youthe bottle is located. You will automatically walk up to him. After talking hewill sell Kongol's Dragoon stone for 1,000G.

Hint: Repeatable item locations:

Disc 1
Material Shield: just before you enter Emperor Doel's throne room, lookbehind the pillar. It blocks physical attacks for three turns.

Magic Stone of Signet: Go on the boat in the Marshlands. Itis in one of the last chests. It paralyzes an enemy for three turns.

Disc 2
Speed Up: Get the chests in the Valley of Corrupted Valley's first fewrooms. It is in one of them. It speeds up an ally for three turns.

Disc 3
Power Up: In the Forbidden Land in the room with the moving blocks, goon the first one and go all the way to the top. It is in the chest. It powersup an ally for three turns.

Speed Down: Located immediately before fighting the DivineDragon (room after save point), behind a rock tower (hidden chest). It slowsdown an enemy for three turns.

Magical Shield: In the snowfield, fall down the left side ofthe sign near the end and press X the first, third , and fourth times toreach it. It blocks magical attacks for three turns.

Smoke Ball: After falling down slide in snowfield, go the

Fort Magrad

and defeat the Boss there. It guarantees escape from minor enemies.

Disc 4
Power Down: Found in the Death Frontier (explore for a while). Itpowers down an enemy for three turns.

Psyche Bomb X: In Aglis, after doing the courage tests witheveryone. It does a non-elemental attack to all.

Hint: Items for and from special creatures(all on World Map):
For an easy kill for all Special Creatures, use a Sachet for aninstant death. Note: many of the following may require a Wargod's Amuletequipped or Shana in your party.

Disc 1
Yellow Bird: Located in front of Bale. Attack it once and then use theMagic Sig stone. Attack it three more times in order to kill it. You willreceive 300 gold, and sometimes an Elude Cloak.

Ooparts: Located in the stretch of road above

Black Castle

.Attack it once and then use the Magic Sig Stone. Attack it three more times tokill it. You will get a Spirit Potion and 600 gold.

Cursed Jar: Located at the road by Dragon's nest exit,Attack once and then use the Magic Sig Stone. Attack it three more times tokill it. You will get 300 experience and a Night Raid.

Disc 2
Blue Bird: Located between Home of Gigantos and Valley of CorruptedGravity. Attack twice and then use the Magic Sig Stone. Attack three more timesand it will die. You will get 1000 experience.

Treasure Jar: Located between undersea cavern and the cityfacing it, You can only kill it with magic. Turn to a Dragoon and use the firstmagic on the list. If it uses a Magic Block Shield after the first attack, usethe Magic Sig Stone; if not, attack with another Dragoon, then use the MagicSig Stone. Keep using Dragoon magic for three more turns and it will eventuallydie. You will get a Ruby Ring for defeating it.

Disc 3
Red Bird: Located between Deningrad and

Evergreen Forest

.You must use Dragoon magic. The first two people up need to be turned intoDragoons and do their damage. Then, use the Magic Sig Stone. Next, use Dragoonsto lower its health three more times and it will die. You will receive 1,000gold and a Phoenix Plume.

Disc 4
Lucky Jar: Located between Death Frontier and Ulara. Have two PoisonNeedles in your items. Use one on it and allow it do 2 HP to itself. Then, usethe Magic Sig Stone. Keep guarding until it dies of poison. You will get 1000experience, 300 gold, and a Moon Serenade.

Rainbow Bird: Located between Fletz and the City of


. Have three PanicBells in your items. Use one Panic Bell on it and let it do four attacks (towhomever). Next, use another Panic Bell, then just guard until it kills itself.You will get 3000 experience.

Hint: Side quests:
The following is a list of side quests (in order) in the game.

Catch the rabbit (in limestone caves): chase the rabbitlooking animal - Poison Gard.
Lavitz painting (in Bale): Talk to painter girl - Picture of Lavitz.
Save the 7th Fort (in Marshland): Eliminate all enemies - experience and gold.
Monster Contest game (Lohan,


arena): Win the contest - free tickets.
Kongols Dragoon spirit (Lohan, must have Kongol): Buy from the who sold thewater bottle - Dragoon Spirit.
Shana's Parents (Seles, Disc 2): Talk to parents - Good vibrations.


's wedding (Donau, after freeing


): Do to Doau -Kate's Bouqet.
The Vegetable Julian (Queen Fury): Chop fast - 1 gold.
Kill Teo's wolf (Woods): Find and kill wolf - Reward gold in city.
Fight Ghost (Vellweb): Look for ghost past snowslide - Sword for dart.
Talk to Nello, Lisa, Emial (Fletz, Disc 4): talk to them - Good vibrations.
Shana's Parents 2 (Seles after Shana leaves party): Talk to parents - Sadvibrations.
Dead Dragoons (Vellweb, Disc 4): Kill dragoons - Respective Dragoon Stones.
Faust (Flandel, Collect 50 Stardust): Get Vanishing Stone and fight Faust -Phantom shield.
Three Dragoon Spirits (Mayfil): Kill all 3 dragoon spirits on way to moon-Destone Armulet

Hint: Elementalweakness:
All enemies encountered will have an elemental weakness. Check thegraph to see which element the enemy has, and their weakness. The color in theenemies name box will show you what element they are so that you can use a BurnOut, or Thunderbolt item on them.
























No Opposite



No Opposite

Hint: Arrow indicators:
In towns, you will see arrows above the doors. There are three types:

Blue: Item/weapon shop
Yellow: Clinic/hotel
Green: House

When you are fighting minor enemies, you will notice a arrow above theirhead, body, etc. The following colors will tell what they might do:

Blue: Attack regularly
Yellow: Item or special
Red: Instant death, abnormal status, or powerful attack

Hint: Mystery person:
In the Volcano Villude, look in the background to see a personwalking up stairs. The mystery man is the Lohan salesman who tells you aboutthe Dragoni Plant.

Hint: Recommended fighting team:
If you are a skillful RPG player, your the best team consists ofDart, Hasheal, and Albert. Hasheal has good attack, agility, speed, and Dragoonattack. For King Albert, if you can use his Gust Of Wind Dance you are a veryfast person; his dragoon attacks are useful at the end of the game.
Probably one of the best fighting trios are Dart, Albert, and Miranda/Shana.This is because they can attack, defend, and heal if needed. It may take awhileuntil you defeat the Boss. It is recommended that you to get their Dragoon'slevel up to 5 and have the Dragoon Meter to full (red). If you want to do anall attack against the Boss, use the special menu (ying-yang symbol), andattack with the Dragon summons. It will be better if you use the White SilverDragon as the last monster to use, because it attacks then heals up your party.It will also help if you have a lot of Healing Fogs, Healing Rains, or MoonSerenades. These heal your entire team and their MP. You also have to knowwhich battle options to use. One wrong move can cause one of your teammate'slives to be severely damaged.
You would not think from the time you get her that Meru is strong, but aftersome time and a lot of effort, she becomes an all-out killing machine. Aftershe reaches level 30 and gets her last addition, she is now the strongestcharacter in the game. If you protect her weaknesses, you will find her to bean absolute must for your team.
In order to fully experience the game and its characters, it is recommendedthat you balance your characters and develop each of them. By doing this, allof the additions and magic can be tried, and none is left out. A way to do thisis to separate your party into twos (excluding Dart) and substitute themin-between game events. For example, if you desire a team of heavy hitters, trypairing Haschel/Kongol with Albert. Shana/Miranda and Meru go well together fortheir magical abilities; Rose can complement any team well, being balancedbetween physical and magical strength. Then again, you might try to divide themup to cover all bases (Rose and Albert, Shana and Haschel, etc.). Experiment tofind the team that suits you the best and bring them in for tough fights.
Use Dart, Hashel, and Kongal(after you get his Dragoon Spirit). They all dogood damage especially when you get the final addition. Equip Kongal with itemsto bring up his Speed Bandits shoes, and something to bring his magic defenseup, Legendary Casque. Equip Dart with Soul Eater, Dragon Helm and the ring thatgives life back each turn (unless you are not good at additions, then give allcharacters Ultimate Wargod). Because Hasel is easily one of your fastestcharacters, equip him with items that boost his defense and health. Your teamshould easily be able to defeat most Bosses.

Glitch: Mistranslation:
When you get the final addition for Albert and fully complete it, hewill say "Blossom Storm" but the on-screen text for it will be"Flower Storm".
On the addition screen for the character Haschel, there is an additionlisted as "Ferry of Styx". On the battle screen, after he performsit, "Flurry of Styx" will appear as well as commented by thevoice-over.
When you meet Meru in Donau for the first time she says " can'tget through a mell of a hess like that..." instead of "hell of amess".
Use Dart's final 7 hit combo, Blazing Dynamo, and he will say "FlamingDynamo".

Glitch: Misspelling:
When you are at the castle in Fletz talking about the Valley OfCorrupted Gravity, King Zior will say "Vally of corrupted gravity"instead of "Valley".
The first time you enter the barrens in Chapter 2, you will encounter somebandits. Before the fight the last thing Bandit A says at the top is"Genrich BanditA" instead of "Genrich Bandit A".
The first time you meet Meru, the very last thing she says is "Strike aposse" instead of "Strike a pose".

Glitch: Dragoon Addition Meter:
If you power-up one of your team members to level 5 Dragoon, you cando something interesting. Have the person with level 5 Dragoon go Dragoon anduse a move. Have the next person throw a Spirit Potion on the Dragoon, bringingthem back to level 5.Have your last party member attack. You should be able touse the Dragoon Addition Meter for the person's attack. The game will freezeshortly afterwards.

Glitch: Wrong hitpoint display:
When you are on the Queen Fury and you save when you are somebodyother than Dart, you will still have Dart's hitpoints on the screen instead ofyour own character.

Glitch: Girl walking on the ground:
When you are about to exit Bale, you usually encounter a lady with ababy. Instead, go in front of the painter's house. Walk around the side and thelady with the baby will be walking on the ground.

Glitch: Walk upside down in Fletz beforegoing to the Valley Of Corrupted Gravity:
Once there, find the spot that will turn you upside down. Walkaround upside down until you get in a fight. Let them attack you and do not tryto hurt them. Once they kill you, you will go back to Fletz and be upside down.You are now free to walk around, upside down.

Glitch: Behind Seles:
If you go through the doorway to the catacombs in Bale by thedrunken man after you talk to King Albert, the game will take you to the worldmap South of Serdio behind Seles. If you then try to enter Seles, you cannotproceed into the town and your status page will only show Dart in your party.Note: Save the game before attempting this, as there is no way back to Bale.Also, do not save your game on the world map behind Seles, because you will notbe able to get back.

Glitch: Guard passes through Dart:
Before battling Lenus in the Chamber Of The Sun in Disc 2, leave thecastle to get some supplies, rest, etc. Upon returning, the front guard willhave a dialogue with the real Emille, but Dart still stands behind him. Theguard will fall backwards in happiness and go through Dart.

Glitch: Clinic sign:
In Lohan, there are two clinic signs; one where you take Shana and alook-alike at the town entrance (look carefully at the junk pile).

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