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Luigi’s first day back is accidentally so busy. After he and Bowser are pulled apart before breakfast he doesn’t see the man until after dinner. Kammy had pulled him along to the library and updated him on the shipment, which had arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom late last night and had been under 24/7 surveillance in a vault until the doctors could come and start working with it. She also had him on the phone with one of the generals at Peach’s castle, one the Princess had specifically chosen to oversee everything as he had been supportive of her plan since she had originally started it all those years ago. He explains that he’s got multiple shifts of people prepared to watch over it, and that the doctors would start work on it once they had studied Luigi’s notes enough to produce the medicine on a larger scale.

The situation in the Mushroom Kingdom was becoming pretty urgent, the sickness had spread to a few neighboring towns and had already taken the lives of more people than they were prepared for, so everyone was doing everything they could to get the ball rolling on this plan. He spends a large majority of the day in the library, first with Kammy and then with Kamek, trying to solidify the numbers and the paperwork so he could help Bowser pay the workers from the Outer Islands for their contributions to their cause. At some point he wanders down to the kitchen to find them preparing for dinner, and gets caught up in helping the staff cook, ending up eating dinner with them gathered around the kitchen island and by the time he gets back up to his room his head is pounding from the amount of mental math he’s done.

He sinks into the heat of the shower, spending a longer amount of time than he normally would just so he has a chance to decompress from his day. He gets out and runs a towel across his body before slipping into some sweatshorts and brushing his teeth, intent on spending as much time as he could with Bowser tomorrow to make up for their lack of time together today.

To his surprise, the Alpha is standing at the doorway to his dark bedroom when he walks through the door from the bathroom.

“Oh! My God!” He jumps, and laughs at himself, “Hey! Sorry, you scared me. Fancy seeing you here, we’ve both been so busy today!”

He flicks the light on, and smiles as he watches the large man walk over to him. All he gets in response is the weight of Bowser’s head in his neck, and he sighs happily when he feels large hands caress his sides.

“Miss me that much, did you? I’m not going anywhere, you’re stuck with me for a while…” Luigi laughs a little but it turns into a gasp when he feels teeth nipping at his shoulder.

“Of course I missed you.” Bowser is licking a stripe up his neck, and Luigi feels his body flood with heat at the action. He watches the dragon, eyes lidded when he pulls back enough that Luigi can see how dilated his pupils are, and soon they’re connected at the mouth and Luigi is being picked up, his legs wrapping around Bowser’s waist.

He was hoping this would still be a part of their arrangement, but he didn’t want to get his hopes up. He moans lightly when he feels the Alpha’s tongue teasing at his lips, and before he can even process that they’ve moved he’s being tossed onto his mattress and crowded into the pillows by the weight of the man on top of him. Once they get settled, Bowser kneeling in the space between Luigi’s spread legs, he sits back on his heels and takes in the picture of the Omega spread out underneath him.

“You look so pretty, all spread out for me. I couldn’t stand being away from you, away from this…” he runs his hands up Luigi’s legs, and the man inhales sharply at the feeling.

“You haven’t… with anyone else? While I was gone?” The Omega looks like he’s preparing to hear something he won’t like, but Bowser just looks him up and down fondly.

“Absolutely f*cking not. I remember a certain conversation with a certain Omega where we established that you’re mine, and I’m yours.” Luigi smiles at the memory, but still looks a little nervous, “Luigi. I don’t want anyone other than you. I could barely function when you were gone. I think I’ve bonded to you, honestly…”

At that Luigi sits up, cupping Bowser’s face with one hand, “You think so? I’ve been feeling it, too…” He had been, the entire time he’d been in the Mushroom Kingdom he’d been almost sick with the want to get back here, only aided by the fact that Bowser had snuck so many shirts of his in Luigi’s luggage that he didn’t have to worry about losing his scent. The Alpha nods into his hand, turning to kiss it.

“I know so. I’ve been searching for a word for our relationship, but I don’t know of many. A lot of royal relationships are straight from strangers to married, and I’ve only ever been introduced as someone’s date before. I feel like we’ve been dating for a while now though…”

Luigi traces over the line of Bowser’s jaw, “well, where I’m from I think we’d be classified as boyfriends by now, honestly. Anybody who saw us would probably think the same thing…” That is not what the lovely residents of Brooklyn would think about a humongous f*cking lizard dragon walking around, but the sentiment is still the same.

Boyfriends? I like that. I’m glad you’re my boyfriend, Luigi…” Bowser is blushing, and Luigi is sure there’s a matching one on his cheeks so he just pulls the man back down over him and into another kiss.

Things get heated quickly, and when they pull apart for a fifth and then sixth time Bowser has lost every item of clothing he came with save for his boxers, and Luigi’s chest and abdomen are covered in red marks that are sure to bruise.

f*ck you smell so good. I want to have you, all of you. Can I?” The Alpha is panting, leaning over Luigi and grinding his now prominent bulge against the fabric covering his crotch.

Luigi nods, running his hands under the waistband of Bowser’s boxers and tugging, making the Alpha huff out a laugh into their next kiss

“Eager, huh?” he says, and Luigi rolls his eyes at the same time he rolls his hips up to meet Bowser’s. The action causes the Alpha to sigh out a moan and grind back down onto the Omega.

“Who’s eager now?” Luigi looks smug, so Bowser sucks a mean bruise on his collarbone in retaliation and they both lose their final layer of clothing.

“Have you ever?…” Bowser asks, and Luigi nods again. “Not with someone so… big though? You might have to go slow at first.”

The Alpha’s face is burning at that statement, and soon enough he’s got one of his fingers, long and thick, pumping in and out of Luigi at a slowly increasing pace.

The Omega doesn’t seem to be in pain though, gasps and whines interspersed with breathy moans before he quickly asks for “another, please, I can take it…”

Bowser complies with his request and is immediately rewarded with a series of louder moans as his body adjusts and Bowser crooks his fingers just right, breaking off Luigi’s last moan into a high pitched whine. He starts slowly stroking the man’s dick just to watch him squirm

“You ready, baby? You sound so sweet, so pretty for me…”

The Omega huffs when Bowser pulls out his fingers, but when the man’s words catch up to him he’s nodding frantically.

“Please Alpha, feels so good. f*ck me, please…”

Bowser swears he could get a nosebleed with the combination of the Omega’s words and the way he looks — spread out on the bed with his arms on either side of his head, one pressed to the headboard to keep him from scooting away and one gripping the sheet, legs spread invitingly for the Alpha to fit in between — and fit in between he does, pulling Luigi’s ass forward to rest against his hips and smirking.

“Since you asked so nicely…” he trails off when he rubs the tip of his dick on Luigi’s hole and gasps when he pushes in further. He stops every few inches, only going further when Luigi grinds down against him, and soon he’s fully sheathed, as much as he can be still being considerate of the man’s much smaller build. “sh*t, you’re so tight. It feels like I’m gonna break you baby,” he leans over as he thrusts in again and runs a hand over the Omega’s jaw, “you okay? Does it feel good?”

Luigi releases his grip on the sheets to wrap his hand around the arm caressing his face, “yes-ah f-feels so f*cking good — faster… please” his grip tightens on Bowser’s wrist in quick pulses with a loud moan when the Alpha finds that spot in Luigi once again, eyes rolling back in his head when the man teases him, purposefully missing his prostate until he wasn’t expecting it only and gasping out in pleasure when his actions made the Omega squeeze tighter around him.

Bowser uses his hold on the human’s face and neck to pull them closer, chest to chest as Luigi settles into his new seat on his lap. Like this, there’s not much he can do about trying not to impale the Omega on his co*ck, but the new angle only seems to make Luigi more desperate to come. Legs shaking, he wraps his arms around broad shoulders and buries his face in the larger man’s neck, nosing along the scent glands there. He keens when the scent of smoke and spice covers his nostrils and throat like a blanket, and he licks and sucks along the column of Bowser’s neck as he starts rolling his hips up and down slowly, making the man under him stutter out a moan.

Thick arms wrap around his body, hands coming around to rest on his ass and helping him hit that spot in himself when his legs start to give out on him. They’re both so close, thrusts getting sloppier and moans and heaving breaths getting louder.

“Oh f*ck! Alpha please…” Luigi knows he’s gotta sound kind of crazy right now, rambling and whining, but he just wants to come. It’s been so long since he’s been properly f*cked, and when Bowser pulls his arms from around his neck and hold both his wrists in one hand behind his back it changes the angle to one that has Luigi lightheaded. He hiccups out a broken moan and Bowser hums, “you wanna come?” is spoken softly into the front of Luigi’s neck and the Omega nods frantically.

“Wanna come, pleasepleaseplea-hah!” He bites his lip around another loud moan and uses the leverage from their new position to drop down harshly, punching a moan from Bowser’s chest and causing the man to pitch forward and rest his forehead on the shoulder in front of him. They move together for a little while longer before Luigi is shaking apart in their embrace, and soon he feels the Alpha’s arms tighten around him as Bowser follows suit, bottoming out and staying there until they’ve both caught their breath. They stay like that until Luigi makes a sound of discomfort at the mess between their bodies, and once they’ve stumbled out of the shower and back into bed they talk softly about what happened while they were away from each other, which turns into bickering about the tv show they’re watching. He’s so comfortable in his spot on Bowser’s chest that he doesn’t even remember turning off the lights or changing from his bathrobe into some pajamas before he’s falling asleep mid-argument about whether or not two characters were actually going to get together after so many seasons.

Luigi And The King - Chapter 16 - 2000pepper (2024)


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