How to Extract Data From PDF With AI-Free (2024)

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The best way to extract data from PDFs with AI for free is with AskYourPDF. Upload your PDF and prompt the tool to give you whatever information you need from the document.


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How to Extract Data From PDF With AI-Free

The best way to extract data from PDFs with AI for free is with AskYourPDF. Upload your PDF and prompt the tool to give you whatever information you need from the document.

PDFs are still widely used to share documents, but extracting data from them takes time and effort. With so many PDFs, businesses and individuals need tools to extract data quickly and accurately. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer in this area, offering ways to extract data from PDFs that are faster and more efficient, leading to increased productivity.

In this article, you'll learn how to extract data from PDFs with AI for free.

Key Takeaways

  • AskYourPDF is the best free AI tool for extracting data from PDFs because users can upload their PDFs and prompt the tool to provide the required information from the document.
  • Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) offers numerous advantages for data extraction from PDFs, including automation, adaptability to various layouts, enhanced accuracy, scalability, cost savings, and improved data security.
  • The tips for effectively extracting data from PDFs using AI include optimizing the format, using OCR for scanned documents, breaking down large files, using clear and concise queries, focusing on targeted keywords, and maintaining a logical flow of requests.
  • Other alternatives to AskYourPDF for extracting data from PDFs include Typeset, Parseur, Extract, and PDFgear.

How to Extract Data From PDF With AI-Free

Extracting data from PDFs using AI is a simple process that saves you significant time and effort. Here's how you can extract your data from any PDF with AI:

Method 1: Ask Your PDF

  1. Visit
  1. Click on "Upload document."

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  1. You can choose to upload the PDF you want to extract from your computer or cloud storage. You can also use a URL or import from Zotero.

How to Extract Data From PDF With AI-Free (4)

After uploading, wait for the document's analysis to be completed.

  1. You'll be taken to the AskYourPDF chatbot, where you can prompt it to extract the data.

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Method 2: With ChatGPT Plus Subscription (AskYourPDF + ChatGPT Plus)

  1. Visit
  1. Click on "Start for free."

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  1. Sign in to your account. If you've already created an account, click "Continue with Google" or "Continue with email."

If you don't have an account, click "Create an account." If you do, you can choose between creating your account with an email or Google.

How to Extract Data From PDF With AI-Free (7)

  1. Click on "Upload Doc."

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  1. Click on the centralized box to upload your PDF. Once you do, you can choose from the files on your device.

How to Extract Data From PDF With AI-Free (9)

  1. Once the A.I. is done analyzing your file, you'll get an ID number for the document. From here, click on "Start Chat.”

How to Extract Data From PDF With AI-Free (10)

  1. You'll be taken to ChatGPT, where you can prompt it to give you whatever information you need.

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Benefits of Extracting Data From PDFs With AI

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) offers numerous advantages to data extraction. AI enhances the efficiency of extracting data from PDFs, streamlining the process. Here are the benefits of extracting data from PDFs with AI:

  1. Automation and time efficiency

A.I. automates the extraction process, enabling the rapid processing of large quantities of PDFs. This automation reduces the time and effort required for manual extraction, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  1. Adaptability to Various Layouts

A.I. algorithms can adapt to different PDF layouts, accommodating variations in document structures. This capability to handle diverse layouts makes A.I. a versatile solution suitable for businesses with various PDF formats.

  1. Enhanced Accuracy

AI-driven tools demonstrate high accuracy, minimizing errors that may occur with manual extraction methods. AI's reliability ensures consistent and precise extraction, thereby improving data quality.

  1. Scalability

AI solutions are designed to scale effortlessly, accommodating growing volumes of PDFs without compromising speed or accuracy. This scalability makes AI-driven tools suitable for businesses with evolving data processing needs.

  1. Cost Savings:

By automating processes through AI, businesses reduce their dependence on manual labor, resulting in cost savings. The accuracy of AI tools also minimizes errors, preventing costly mistakes associated with manual data extraction.

  1. Improved data security

AI tools can be programmed to comply with security and compliance standards, ensuring the secure extraction of data from PDFs. AI can navigate security features like encryption and maintain data integrity and security.

  1. Customization and flexibility

AI-powered tools often offer customization options, allowing users to tailor the extraction process to their specific requirements. The flexibility of AI solutions enables them to adapt to various industries and use cases, providing tailored solutions for different needs.

  1. Reduction of redundancy

AI algorithms efficiently parse through data, reducing redundancy and ensuring that only relevant information is extracted. By minimizing redundant data, AI creates more consolidated and actionable insights.

  1. Integration with Other Technologies

AI in PDF extraction seamlessly integrates with technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision, enhancing its capabilities. This integration provides a comprehensive understanding of the content, making the extraction process more robust.

  1. Future-Proofing Operations

When you integrate AI into your business operations, you ensure their longevity. Data extraction allows you to keep up with technological advancements. AI promotes innovation and helps organizations stay ahead in an environment where data processing requirements constantly evolve.

Tips for Effectively Extracting Data From PDFs With AI

AI can be a powerful tool for extracting data from PDFs, but there are some things you can do to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the process. Here are some tips:

  1. Optimize the format:If possible, convert your PDFs to a format more accessible for AI to parse, such as PDF/A or HTML. These formats allow for text searching and better structure, making data identification smoother.
  1. Use OCR for scanned documents:If your PDFs are scanned images of physical documents, you'll likely need optical character recognition (OCR) to turn the text into a searchable format. Many AI tools can't process images directly.
  1. Break down large files:Consider splitting them into smaller chunks for large PDFs. It can improve processing speed and accuracy for some AI data extraction tools.
  1. Clear and concise queries:When interacting with the AI tool, phrase your requests for data extraction clearly and concisely. It helps avoid ambiguity and ensures the AI focuses on the specific information you need.
  1. Targeted keywords:Use keywords related to the data you're looking for. It helps the AI narrow down the search and identify relevant sections within the PDF.
  1. Logical flow:If the PDF has a consistent structure, structure your requests logically following that format. It can make the extraction process more efficient.

Free AskYourPDF Alternatives for Extracting Data From PDF

1. Typeset

Typeset is an AI-powered research assistant tool that speeds up the extraction of insights from academic papers and PDF documents. Using natural language processing, it analyzes uploaded documents to generate summaries, discover related works, and extract essential details like authors and titles.

Typeset aims to improve the academic research process by helping users quickly understand the main points of papers, making it easier to assess their relevance and priority for reading. Additionally, it allows users to easily save highlights, notes, and AI-extracted data from PDFs, ensuring that important information is not missed.

2. Parseur

Parseur is an intelligent document parsing tool that uses AI technology to automate data extraction from PDF files. With Parseur, there is no need to create coding rules; it can be trained to identify and extract text, tables, images, and more.

Parseur uses advanced OCR techniques, including AI OCR, Zonal OCR, and Dynamic OCR, to capture precise data, even from documents with intricate layouts. Thanks to its intelligent templating and field system, it eliminates manual tasks like copying, pasting, or retyping PDF data.

3. Extract Extract is a professional PDF data extraction tool powered by advanced artificial intelligence. It efficiently handles large numbers of PDFs, quickly identifying and extracting text, tables, figures, and other structured data with exceptional precision.

The extracted data can be exported into machine-readable formats like Excel, CSV, and JSON, seamlessly integrating into different analytics systems. This tool enables the utilization of AI to extract data from PDF files. Extract serves the requirements of large enterprises, research institutions, and data companies that need to free data from extensive document collections.

4. PDFgear

PDFgear is an AI-powered PDF reader and editor that simplifies data extraction and analysis from PDF documents. With its natural language-based chatbot, PDFgear allows users to interact with their PDFs, quickly finding important information without extensive searching or skimming. Users can quickly ask questions and receive responses extracted directly from the content when uploading a document.


The use of AI technology to efficiently and accurately extract data from PDF documents is crucial. As the number of PDFs used for document sharing increases, the need for reliable data extraction tools has become more critical than ever. Users can simplify their data extraction processes using AI-powered solutions like AskYourPDF, Typeset, Parseur, Extract, and PDFgear, resulting in time savings and improved productivity.

How to Extract Data From PDF With AI-Free (2024)


How to Extract Data From PDF With AI-Free? ›

Parseur. Parseur is an intelligent document parsing tool that uses AI technology to automate data extraction

data extraction
Data extraction is the act or process of retrieving data out of (usually unstructured or poorly structured) data sources for further data processing or data storage (data migration). › wiki › Data_extraction
from PDF files. With Parseur, there is no need to create coding rules; it can be trained to identify and extract text, tables, images, and more.

Can ChatGPT extract data from PDF? ›

For PDFs that are text-based, searchable, and between 1-3 pages with a simple layout, this is your easiest option for data extraction. All you need to do is copy the content from the PDF and paste it into ChatGPT, along with a prompt for extraction.

What is the free AI that takes notes from PDF? ›

Upload any PDF & Kai will make notes & flashcards instantly. In < 30 seconds Kai will read your PDF and tell you all the important stuff in it.

Is there an AI that can read PDF? ›

NaturalReader. NaturalReader is an innovative online text-to-speech AI-powered tool. It's equipped with AI technology to read PDFs. This tool lets you listen to spoken words from your extensive PDF files.

How to convert PDF into AI? ›

Simply open Illustrator and follow the steps below:
  1. Select File from the Illustrator menu.
  2. Locate and open the PDF you want to convert.
  3. Select Save As and choose the AI file type.
  4. Click Save to convert and begin editing.

Can AI extract data from PDF? ›

Google Cloud Document AI is a cloud-based service that uses OCR and NLP (natural language processing) algorithms to extract text and data from scanned documents, including PDF files. It can extract metadata such as dates, names, and addresses, and output the data in a structured format.

How do I automatically extract data from a PDF? ›

To automate data extraction from PDFs, you need to identify the type and structure of the data you want to extract and choose the appropriate tool or library. Examples of such tools are PyPDF2, Apache PDFBox, or PDF. js. You then have to write a code or script that automates the data extraction process.

Is there a free AI that can read PDF and summarize? ›

Tenorshare AI PDF summarizer tool is a great free AI PDF reader that helps you quickly summarize text, paragraphs by chatting with PDF. The tool is very simple to use, just upload a PDF document, and then start asking questions to quickly understand the specific content of the pdf document.

How to use PDF AI for free? ›

How To Use AI PDF Summarizer
  1. Import or drag & drop your file to our AI PDF Summarizer.
  2. Review the summary that's instantly generated.
  3. Ask AI additional questions about the PDF in the prompt box.

Can ChatGPT read PDF files? ›

Since ChatGPT also works with live URLs of web-hosted PDF documents, you can also use ChatGPT to read PDF documents that are on the internet. To do so, all you need to do is to provide the PDF URL to ChatGPT, and it can automatically analyze and read the information behind the link.

Can AI open PDF files? ›

Once a PDF file is opened in Illustrator, you can edit the vector graphics content using Illustrator's tools and features. This includes modifying shapes, applying fills and strokes, adjusting text, and managing layers. However, some PDF features, such as annotations, may not be editable in Illustrator.

Is Adobe Illustrator free? ›

Adobe does offer a collection of free mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Explore all Creative Cloud products for mobile. Can I get Illustrator without a Creative Cloud membership? No, Illustrator is available only as part of a Creative Cloud membership.

Can Acrobat open AI? ›

AI files are only fully compatible with Adobe Illustrator.

Can ChatGPT analyze PDFs? ›

ChatGPT can act as your assistant by parsing through the PDFs and being on standby for anything you need. It can answer questions, provide summaries, and even generate content from the text, including outlines, emails, and more. The best part is that the feature is entirely free.

Can ChatGPT answer questions from a PDF? ›

AskYourPDF is one of the available plugins for ChatGPT that allows you to chat with your PDF documents. This means that you can ask ChatGPT questions about your PDFs and get answers in a conversational way. To use AskYourPDF to chat with your PDF, you first need to install the plugin for ChatGPT.

How to extract data from PDF to Excel using ChatGPT? ›

ChatGPT - PDF Data Extraction to Excel. Extracts PDF data to Excel by uploading PDF. Just upload your PDF, specify what fields you need extracted, and give excel table header names. You can upload a spreadsheet template also.

How do I extract form data from a PDF? ›

To extract fillable fields in a PDF, select a completed document as a template and click Extract in Bulk on the right pane. Define the fields with data you would like to extract. Click Add New Data Field in the upper right corner and draw a rectangle around the data you'd like to extract.


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