Guide part 9 - The Legend of Dragoon Guide - IGN (2024)

Slambert's Vengance


:Nest of Dragon:

1. Spirit Potion

2. Body Purifier

3. Bravery Amulet

4. Mind Purifier

5. Down Bust (Boss)

6. Plate Mail (Boss)

7. Chain Mail


1. 200G

2. Dabas's Bag

3. Water Jar

4. 100G

Stardust: 4 (Lohan)

Total Stardust: 14

File:Disk01 084.jpg

Well, just when you think you're out of hot water you now have to go into a Dragon's Nest...great....You'll get a sequence and Shana is going to be ill.

File:Disk01 085.jpg

After some rest, you'll be able to move on. Remember this screen because you'll have to come back to it later. Keep going north and you'll fall through a web-looking thing. There's a recovery point south of where you fell to.

File:Disk01 086.jpg

The object here is two-fold: manuever through the cubbyhole maze to get the items and unlock the plant gate on the second screen by touching all the dark mushrooms. First, go straight up and enter the piston to your left. You'll go down and hit a crossroads - go left first to get a Mind Purifier then go right and climb back up.

File:Disk01 087.jpg

Hit the mushroom that you see and the gate near the chest will fall and you'll get a Spirit Potion. Keep going up and hit the next mushroom. Go down the piston and you'll find a chest with a Body Purifier. Next, climb back up and go back to the crossroads and go up the chute again. The first gate will be down and you'll be able to get to a Save point (save!!!).

File:Disk01 088.jpg

Return to the crossroads and take the small door to the left of where you climbed up. Follow it all the way up and climb again. You'll get to the final mushroom and the second (and final) gate will open. Take the piston down and find a chest with a Bravery Amulet.

File:Disk01 089.jpg

Go back up and go back to the refresh point. This is another great area to build up exp. levels and addition levels. Once you're around level 11 or higher, proceed up the path and save your game. Time for some retribution, Slambert-style.

File:Disk01 090.jpg

Graham! This is the man that's responsible for the death of Lavitz's father. It seems he's also the one that controls the Green Dragon Feyrbrand. Get ready for a rumble because you'll have to fight'em both.

File:Disk01 091.jpg

There's not that much of a difference in this battle from the strategy used against the Virage and the Fire Bird. Equip poison guards to Rose and Lavitz, since they are your strongest. Use Rose and her Astral Drain on the dragon to take it out quick since it can cause poison (so you can keep Dart alive!). Then, just concentrate on Graham. Graham has all the wind dragoon attacks, including a multi-hit. Just guard/heal when needed and keep finishing the additions! You'll have him beat faster than a leaf leaves (groan!)

File:Disk01 092.jpg

After the fight, the Graham's crystal will recognize Lavitz as the true Dragoon (gee, why couldn't this happen earlier?) and give itself to him. Now Lavitz is a dragoon as well. But why does Rose keep thinking that this is too much like a memory of hers? As the party begins to get up and go again, Shana falls ill. It seems all the poisoned air has made some damage to her. Lavitz knows of a doctor in Lohan who is famed for curing various diseases...and poisons. Exit the nest and head to Lohan.

File:Disk01 094.jpg

Welcome to Lohan, the commercial town! Sure, it brings back memories of the WTO with all the apparent poverty and child labor but enough 'bout that! You've got to heal Shana! Once you're in the doctor's office, he will tell you that he does not have any treatment for Dragon poison. He also tells you that it's not affecting Shana physically but psychologically. Before long she will mentally collapse into herself and die. The doctor remembers hearing about a cure from the legendary herb, Dragoni Plant. The group decides to start hitting the gossip and track down some type of rumour about Dragoni.

File:Disk01 095.jpg

Time to explore! If you're hurting from the battle, the room at the top is the Inn. Stay and save your game. Starting at the Inn and going clockwise, the following room is the Pub, below it is an area where you can find 20 Gold, a plain house. Cross the bridge and go into the room. There will be a secret compartment inside the bookcase. Enter it and you will find a Stardust(#1).

File:Disk01 097.jpg

You'll find the Item shop to the left and the Weapon shop is on top of the Item shop. Lohan's weapon store holds the strongest helm in the game, the Legendary Helm, which will basically max out your magic protection. However, it costs 10,000 Gold. If you want to and have the ton of time you can stick around here and buy a couple. Otherwise, the store to the opposite across the bridge is Daba's Store; he is the salesman you saved in the Volcano Villude-and he also has heard a rumour about the Dragoni Plant. Exit the store and come back in, then check the armors- one of them has a Stardust(#2). Exit the store, cross the bridge again and go down the stairs.

File:Disk01 096.jpg

Talk to the man on the carpet. He'll try to sell you a water jar for 100,000,000 Gold, but you can haggle down to 100 Gold. Buy it or if you don't have the cash go to the right and get 100 Gold from the chest. In the box opposite the chest you'll find another Stardust(#3). Head towards the exit of the town and search around the bottles - you'll find the last Stardust(#4). Exit the town and head back to the Dragon's Nest. Go down the hole again and snag some water from the Recovery Point, then head back out and go south towards the place where Shana recovered. Use the water on the large plant blocking the road and you'll be at the Shrine of Shirley.

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Guide part 9 - The Legend of Dragoon Guide - IGN (2024)


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