Endiness, the Land of Dragoons! (2024)

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Flame arrows fly, buildings burn and crash, people are fleeing from Seles as warriors on mounts raid the village. The Great Commander of Sandora arrives at a group of warriors surrounding a young woman, who is lying unconscious

Warrior: Great Commander, this way.
Great Commander of Sandora follows warrior to the young woman
Great Commander of Sandora: So, this is her. (Commander takes a strange, glowing ball from the warrior. He holds the ball to the woman's forehead, and it begins to glow)Hm. Indeed. (Great Commander of Sandora gives the glowing ball back to the warrior)Put her in custody.
Great Commander of Sandora turns and walks away a bit
Great Commander of Sandora: Is this really necessary?
Hooded Man appears from the smoke
Man in Hood: It is his majesty, Master Doel's, command to take that girl into custody.
Great Commander of Sandora: Who is she?
Hooded Man: That is not your concern. (Leaves)
The warriors flee the burning village with the young woman

On a mountainous, forested region nearby, a female warrior appears, and watches as a green dragon emerges from the forest

Female Warrior: The Green Tusked Dragon, Feyrbrand. (Jumps down the mountain to face him)

Chapter 1: Serdian War

A male warrior is sitting on a stump, reading a war bulletin
Dart: Hmm, "Chance of war more likely". (Puts bulletin away) I hope it's just a rumor. (Hears the trampling of riders, leaves to approach them)
Riders charge through the forest as Dart comes into the scene. Two of the warriors stop Dart
Warrior 1: Who are you!?
Warrior 2: Are you a mercenary of Basil?
Warrior 1: (Holds spear to Dart's throat)Answer!!
Dart unsheathes his sword and the Warriors back off a little
Warrior 2: What are you doing!?
Warrior 1: (Holds spear to Dart's throat again)Are you drawing a sword against us!?
Warrior 2: Wh, What is!?
More crashing noise. Feyrbrand enters and the warriors flee. Feyrbrand attacks Dart
Dart: What is this! (Feyrbrand attacks Dart) Argh! I gotta do something or I'll be killed!
Dart leaves, Feyrbrand following closely. Trees are knocked over in attempt to kill Dart
Dart: What a monster! (Feyrbrand roars) It's coming!(Feyrbrand continues to attack) Urgh!
The female warrior comes in and snatches Dart, and they hide behind a rock
Dart: Who are you!?
Female Warrior: (Shhh.) (Feyrbrand bangs his head against the stone wall in frustration) (If you don't want to die.)
Feyrbrand roars and leaves
Dart: Thank you for saving me. (Female warrior turns away from Dart) What the heack was that!?
Female Warrior: It's a Dragon.
Dart: Dragon!?
Female warrior turns to him
Female Warrior: But it's strange. That village could've been easily destroyed without a Dragon.
Dart: The village...? (Stands in front of female warrior) Are you talking about Seles!? (Turns to the side) Then those soldiers were!? (Starts to run away)
Female Warrior: There won't be anything left by now.
Dart: Seles is my village!! (Runs away)
Female Warrior: (Turns to watch him as he runs away. Her gem begins to glow in a dark violet light) (Oh my god....!? That man must be...? No. There is no way.)

Dart runs onto a hilltop overlooking Seles

Dart: Oh no!! My god!! Where is everybody!? (Runs to the village)

Dart arrives in Seles, and he approaches the village and watches in horror as warriors torment the villagers
Villager: You didn't get enough killing!?
Soldier of Imperial Sandora: Hee hee hee!! It may be enough if I kill you. (Kicks villager)
Dart: (Jumps into the scene) Stop!!
Soldier of Imperial Sandora: (Turns to Dart) Oh, a mercenary? Isn't it a little late for you to show up?
Dart: Shut up!! What are you doing here!?
Soldier of Imperial Sandora: Can't you see? WE're gonna occupy this area, and these worms were in our way.
Dart: Occupy!? You were sent by the Imperial Army?
Solider of Imperial Sandora: Even if we were, it's none of your business. You're gonna die soon!!

Battle begins

After battle

Soldier: Ahh!! (Runs away)
Dart runs to the injured villager
Villager: Are...are you...really...Dart?
Dart: Yes! It's me! Why is Seles under attack!?
Villager: War...Imperial Sandora...attacked us....
Dart: What about the truce!?
Villager: Yeah. Suddenly...I didn't imagine...they could come to...such an outlying area.
Dart: (Shakes his head) If only I had come back sooner!
Villager: There is something, you have to do...Shana. Rescue Shana, only...you can......(Dies)
Dart: What about Shana!? Hey!! Wait!! (Shakes his head and throws his fist, then leaves to enter the heart of the village. When he enters, he recognizes a villager lying on the ground and runs to him)Plos!! Hang on!!
Plos: Ah...(Gets up) That voice, is that you Dart?
Dart: (Nods his head) This way. (Helps Plos over to the destroyed building, sits him down, and aids his wounds) It's just a light wound.
Plos: (Turns to Dart) I guess, I was lucky. But look at this village. If only you came back earlier....
Dart: (Shakes his head) ...
Plos: It's about Shana, too.
Dart: (Suddenly alert) What's wrong with Shana?
Plos: (Leans back) She was taken away. Its seems Shana was their primary purpose.
Dart: Do you know where they went?
Plos: I...don't know.
The crow flies away as the Commander and warriors approach
Dart: (Turns to see Commander, than back to Plos) I'm gonna make him talk! (Runs up to Commander and draws his sword)
Commander: Besting a private is no reason to be confident.
Dart: Where did you take Shana?
Commander: Shana....Don't worry about her. She must be receiving the courtesies of Hellena Prison by now.
Dart: Hellena!?
Commander: Surprised, huh? We specifically invited only that woman.
Dart: You must be kidding!? You attacked the village only to kidnap Shana!?
Commander: Exactly, but don't worry, I will let you follow them. Although not to Hellena. (Attacks Dart) To "Hell"!

During battle, after Dart kills one of the soldiers

Commander: That's awfully cheeky of you!

After battle

Plos: Dart, you are going to go rescue Shana, aren't you?
Dart: (Nods)
Plos: I won't stop you, but be careful. Your journey is not yet over, is it?
Dart: (Approaches Plos)...No.
Plos: You can count on us about Seles. There should be enough people who can still move.
Dart: (Nods) Thank you. (Goes to leave, but turns back to Plos) When I settle everything, I'll be back. With Shana.

In Hellena Prison

Hellena Warden: (Shows Shana into her cell, pushing her with the back of his spear) Be good in there!
Shana curls up

In another part of the Prison, Fruegel is talking with the Hooded Man

Fruegel: Who the heck is the girl!? You can tell me!!
Man in Hood: The world's future rests on her.
Fruegel: That's it!?
Man in Hood: This is enough information for you. Those of you who do not grasp the value should just do what the order says.
Fruegel: I am not taking your orders! Only His Majesty, Doel can order me!
Man in Hood: Anyway....You must remember his. (Draws his sword at Fruegel, who backs off) If you make a scratch on her, it'll cost more than your head. This is a message from Emperor Doel. (Leaves)
Fruegel: Argh!!(Walks up to a nearby soldier and pushes him off the bridge as he walks by)
Soldier: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Back in the Forest outside Seles

Dart: (Watches a wolf growling and running at him) I have no time to deal with you! (Chases it away) It reminds me...


Young Dart: Wait!
Young Shana: This way! This way!! (Leads Dart down the branch, but screams as a wolf growls at her) Yeek!
Young Dart: (Jumps in front of the wolf)Cut it out! Leave Shana alone!!

Flashback ends

Dart: "Leave Shana alone!" (Pauses) Hang in there, I'll get you out from there. (Throws fist)

Outside Hellena...

Dragon flying and roaring
Dart runs in
Dart: Well, how can I sneak in?
Cart comes in, and Dart chases it
Gatekeeper of Hellena: ...I see. Good meat and fish. Sir Fruegel will be happy.
Merchant: You bought a lot recently. Is there something going on?
Gatekeeper of Hellena: (Draws weapon)It's not the business of a merchant like you!
Merchant: Okay, okay. Sorry.
Gatekeeper of Hellena: I'll inspect the load!
Dart sneaks around cart and the gatekeeper checks it over
Gatekeeper of Hellena: It seems to be okay. Whistles Lower the bridge!
Dart: (Now!) (Jumps onto back of cart as it enters Hellena prison)
Cart driver leaves
Dart: (I made it.)
Dart approaches mercant
Merchant: Who, who are you!? (Leaves to get a guard)
Dart: (I'm discovered!)
Guard Whistles
Merchant: This way!!
Dart unsheathes his sword


After fight

Merchant: He, Help me! I am just a delivery man.
Dart: (Puts his sword away) Be quiet. I am not going to kill you.
Merchant: O, Okay. I won't make a noise.


Voice: Move quicker!
Dart follows voice

Nearby, two Hellena wardens have captured two other knights

Hellena Warden 1: (Hits captured knight)Move quicker!
Knight: Arg!
Hellena Warden 1: You have such bad luck! You will regret not being killed on the battlefield!
Knight of Basil: What do you mean!?
Hellena Warden 1: You really believe you can live comfortably in the jail? The head warden, Fruegel will feed you to the monster!
Knight of Basil: (Runs to attack the Warden, but the Warden draws his weapon) Feed us to the monster!? I won't let you humiliate us anymore!
Hellena Warden 1: Oh, feisty feisty. It's the worst kind of POW, but best kind of feed.
Knight of Basil: (Approaches Warden) If you want to kill me, kill me now!!
Voice: I won't let him!
Guard goes flying, a man enters and twirls his spear
Knight of Basil: Sir Lavitz!!!
Hellena Warden 1: You, you bastard!! You broke out of the jail!? (Swings his weapon) Silly guy!! You think you can escape from here alone!? (Attacks Lavitz, who blocks the attack with his spear)
Lavitz: I'll take care of this!! Survive and go back to Indels Castle alive!! Tell King Albert...!
Knights run past Hellena Warden 2, knocking him over
Hellena Warden 2: I won't let you! (Whistles)
The knights go flying over the bridge
Hellena Warden 3: (Enters) I took care of those guys!
Lavitz, meanwhile, has defeated Hellena Warden 1, and then goes after Hellena Warden 2. After killing him, he runs towards Hellena Warden 3, and at this time Dart enters
Dart: Is this civil war!?
Hellena Warden 4 nters and points his weapon at Dart
Hellena Warden 3: (At Lavitz)You! Who are you!?
Hellena Warden 4: (At Dart)Are you a dog of Basil too!?
Dart kills Hellena Warden 4 at the same time Lavitz defeats Hellena Warden 3. Hellena Warden 5 enters and is easily overcome by Lavitz. Lavitz then goes to attack Dart, who blocks the spear with his sword
Lavitz: Who are you?
Dart: I am Dart! I am not your enemy!
Lavitz: (Backs off a little) I am Lavitz Slambert! I am the head of the First Knighthood of the Kingdom of Basil!
Whistles sound, two more Wardens enter
Lavitz: (Turns to them) Well, it seems we don't have time for introductions!
Whistles sound again, and two more Wardens enter
>Dart: (Turns to them) No we don't!


After fight

Lavitz: (Kneels at bridge where his fellow knights fell) I will carry our your wish. (Gets up and walks over to Dart) You said, Dart. I cannot imagine there is somebody who intentionally comes to Hellena. What are you up to?
Dart: (Turns away) I am here to rescue someone important to me. (Turns back to Lavitz, suddenly eager) Do you know anything about her!? Her name is Shana!
Lavitz: (Folds arms, thinks for a second) I am sorry, but....
Dart: (Shakes his head) I'll look elsewhere. (Begins to leave)
Lavitz: Wait! (Runs after Dart) I'll go with you.
Dart: I thought you had to go back to the castle as soon as possible?
Lavitz: She's important, this girl you are looking for?
Dart: (Walks over to the bridge) It's my problem. It was my fault.
Lavitz: (Joins Dart) I don't know what brought you here but Hellena is not that easy to go through alone.
Dart: ....
Lavitz: (Folds his arms) That goes for me too. (Turns to Dart) But, I can break out from here, together with you!
Dart turns his head to Lavitz
Lavitz: Of course with the girl.
Dart: (Fully turns to Lavitz) How come you trust me? We've just met.
Lavitz: (Walks away a little) the raid you made was quite impressive. I trusted you to guard my back. That's the way I think.
Dart: (Walks over to Lavitz) All right. Let's go together.
(Lavitz nods and joins Dart)


Lavitz: (On the end of abridge, looking out at the guards, with his arms folded) This room is extra tightly guarded.
Dart: (Nods, turns his head to see something shiny. He picks it up, turns to Lavitz) What about this key?
Lavitz: (Nods) Take it with us. We'll need it if the girl called Shana is under confinement. (Walks around a little) But why only that girl?
Dart: (Turns to Lavitz) I intend to ask that directly to the head warden. (Walks towards the bridge) But that's after we rescue Shana.

Lavitz nods and joins Dart

Later, as Dart and Lavitz approach Shana's cell

Hellena Warden: You, you are from Basil!!
Dart: (Draws his sword) Lavitz! Get'em before they make a noise!
Lavitz: (Draws his spear)Yeah!
The Hellena Warden swings his weapon


After fight, Lavitz and Dart put away their weapons

Voice from cell: Who is it!?
Dart: (Turns to cell) That voice!! (Runs to cell and bangs on it) Is that Shana!? It's me!!
Voice from cell: Dart!? Is that you Dart!?
Dart: (Nods)Yes it is me!! I'm here to rescue you!!
Lavitz: (Turns head down hallway, then back to Dart) Hurry up!! The guard is coming!!
Dart: (Unlocks cell and enters) Shana!!
Shana: Dart....
Dart: (Nods and approaches Shana) I'm here to rescue you.
Shana: ...
Dart: You haven't forgotten me even though we haven't seen each other for five years?
Shana: (Turns and walks towards wall) How could I forget?(Turns back towards Dart) Show me your face.
Dart: (Lowers his head) I haven't changed much.
Shana: (Jumps a little) Yes, you have. You look much stronger, much more than the Dart I knew.
Dart raises his head
Lavitz: (From outside cell) Hurry up!! The guards are coming back!!

Dart turns towards Shana, nods, then runs out of her cell

Shana begins to follow Dart, pauses, then runs after him
Hellena Warden 1: The girl is breaking out!!
Hellena Warden 2: I won't let her!!


After fight

Dart: (Runs up to Shana) Are you hurt?
Shana: I am fine.
Lavitz: You can celebrate later. We are still deep in the belly of the enemy. (Dart and Shana turn to Lavitz, who walks towards the door) Besides, it's too damp to have a party, isn't it?
Dart: (Nods, walks in front of Shana) Let's go, Shana. Follow me okay?
Shana: (Walks past him towards a bow) Dart, I'm 18 years old now. (Picks up a bow and aims) I can fight too! (Lowers bow)
Dart: Shana....
Lavitz: (Walks up to them) She grew up. (Dart and Shana turns to Lavitz. Lavitz walks away and folds his arms) She was alone in such a hell like place. If she was a regular woman, she wouldn't have been able to survive. (Turns back to Shana and Dart) Of course, there are not that many fools who would come here to save her.
Dart: But, the Shana of my memory hasn't changed a bit.
Lavitz: Let's talk about that after we get out of here.
They leave

Meanwhile, in another part of the prison...two guards approach Fruegel

Fruegel: Say that again!?
Hellena Warden: Well, well, the Knight from Basil broke out of the jail!! I am sorry!!
Fruegel: I am not talking about that rat!! After that!!
Hellena Warden: The girl from Seles was taken by the red guy.
Fruegel: What!? What did you say!? Picks up the Warden
Hellena Warden: The girl was taken away by the guy with red armor!!
Fruegel drops warden over bridge and turns around to the other Hellena Warden
Hellena Warden: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Fruegel: (Throws fists in air) You bastard! Don't let them out alive!! (Warden 2 turns to leave, but Fruegel turns to him) Wai!! I almost forgot the most important thing, don't kill the girl. It is an order from His Majesty Doel!
Hellena Warden 2: Aye, aye, sir!! (Leaves)
Fruegel: If you fail, I will behead all of you!! (Turns around) The read one!? I'll get you!! I might as well dye everything else red with your blood!! (Laughs)

Back to Dart, Lavitz, and Shana...they are fighting their way out of the prison when they see Fruegel. They run up to him...

Fruegel: So, you are the red one acting like a prince!!
Dart: (Draws his sword) Then what!?
Fruegel: (Laughs) There is one answer!! You and the leader of the knights are feed for the pet!! After I mince you up!!
Dart: (Puts away sword)Lavitz, is this the head warden?
Lavitz: His name is Fruegel. He is so bad, event he people of his own country are afraid of him.
Fruegel: (Swings his club) You have such a calm face, or are you paralyzed from fear!?
Dart: (Draws his sword again) You attacked Seles, didn't you!?
Two more wardens come in, Shana nears Lavitz and Dart, and Lavitz draws out his spear and faces the warden on the right
Fruegel: No, I just gave them the order.
Dart: (Turns to see the two wardens, than back to Fruegel) Why did you have Shana taken away!?
Fruegel: I don't know. Emperor Doel said to just bring that girl back. The order was so trivial that I added the new one of annihilating Seles!! (Laughs)

Dart: (Moves his sword) Fruegel! Unforgiveable!!

Fruegel swings his club


During Fight, after the two Wardens have been defeated

Fruegel: Tut! Such a wimp! (Whistles) Hey!! It's your turn!
Two Senior Wardens appear

Senior Warden: (As he dies) UGH! I might as well take you to hell with me!! (Throws an item and dies)

After Fight

Fruegel: (Hits the wall) AGHHH! (Throws fists)
Dart: Is he immortal!? (Turns to Lavitz, who runs up to a horse, then Dart turns back to Fruegel) Let's get out of here Shana.
Lavitz: Get on the horse!! Hurry!! (Dart and Shana turn to Lavitz as the horse whinnies)
Shana and Dart run up to the horse, Fruegel gets up
Fruegel: Bastard!! Keep them from going even if it costs you your life!! (Walks up to Lavitz, Shana, and Dart, but they manage to evade him)
Warden comes in
Warden: Raise the bridge! Jail break!
Dart and Shana escape the prison, and turn to Lavitz
Both: Lavitz!!
Lavitz: Whoa!! (Bridge raises as his horse is running over it, but it jumps down to the ground and they escape)
Inside the prison
Fruegel: Bring her back here!! Or you will be dead!! (Turns and looks up to see the Man in Hood watching them) Y, You!! When did you sneak in!?
Man in Hood: Should we tell this to His Majesty Doel?
Fruegel: Wait! I'll bring back the girl!
Man in Hood: Otherwise, you would be dead by now.
Frugel: (Turns to last warden) You go too, bastard!!
Warden leaves, and Fruegel follows
Man in Hood: (Walks to the side)It doesn't matter. Everything is going just as I planned. Yes....They don't know they are in the palm of my hand.

Back in the forest, camping noises and horses are heard, Dart approaches, then backs up

Shana: What is...?
Dart: It's coming from the forest.
Lavitz: It seems that the Imperial army is camped here. It's too risky for us.
Dart: (Turns to Lavitz and Shana) Yeah. Let's take another route.
They leave and enter the Prairie

They are running from the guards, but Lavitz is falling behind. Dart and Shana wait for him to catch up. Dart approaches him.

Dart: Lavitz, can you keep going?
Lavitz: (Breaths heavily a few times) Yeah!
Dart nods and leads them to another part of the prairie, an arrow falls and hits Lavitz
Lavitz: Ahg!
Dart: Hide yourselves!
Shana hides behind some grass, while Dart helps pick up Lavitz and brings him over to Shana
Dart: Does it hurt?
Lavitz: It's just a scratch.
Dart: (Inspects the scratch) But you gotta cover the wound.
Lavitz: It can be treated later. We gotta run first.
Dart: (Gets up, along with Shana) I will carry Lavitz. Shana, you go first.
Shana: Don't treat me like a child. I will go with you guys.
Lavitz: (Slowly gets up) I can walk by myself.
Dart nods
Shana: (Points out)Here they come!
Dart: Let's go!! (They leave as guards come running in)
Dart, Lavitz, and Shana hide behind more tall grass as guards approach. They here the grass ruffling and go to inspect it
Hellena Warden A: There they are!!
Hellena Wardens point their weapons
Hellena Warden B: Women first!! Then we might spare those people in Basil!!
Wardens watch as rabbit-like creatures jump out of the grass
Hellena Warden B: Is this the fugitive?
Hellena Warden A: Don't be silly! Go look over there!!
They leave
Lavitz, Dart and Shana watch from other side
Dart: That was close.

Dart, Lavitz, and Shana follow soldiers

Lavitz: Hellena must still be under guard. (Dart turns to him) It's better to go across towards Seles after the situation settles down a little more.
Dart nods

At river

Dart: It seems too far to jump over.

As they approach a shack, Lavitz falls to his knees. Dart and Shana run up to him.

Lavitz: Tut, such a trifle wound.
Shana: Does it still hurt?
Lavitz: A little bit.
Shana: (Looks down at wound) I learned first aid, I thought it would be useful. Particularly in times like these.
Dart: (Stands up and turns to Shana) Shana? Learning? That's something new!
Shana: (To Dart) Mr. So-and-so might come back injured at any moment.
Dart: (Shrugs) Let's use that shack over there.
Lavitz: (Gets up)All right. (They enter the shack)
Shana: (Dresses Lavitz's wound) Here you go. (Gets up)
Lavitz: Thanks. It's much better now. (Stands up)
Dart: (Enters from outside) It seems we completely lost those fools from Hellena.
Lavitz and Shana nod
Shana: (Walks up to Dart) Dart? Tell me, about these last five years. (Dart hesitates) It's okay, nevermind! We don't have time for this now.
Dart: (Lowers his head, than raises it) It was a journey for revenge. IT was a journey to find the guy who deprived me of something precious, and kill him. I couldn't tell you Shana. That's why I left by myself.
Shana: The Black Monster? (Dart nods) I only know the name. Nobody would tell me more about it because they said I was still too young.
Lavitz: What is the Black Monster? What are you talking about?
Dart: (Turns to Lavitz) I have two homes. One is Seles, where I spend time with Shana. (Walks further into the shack, lowering his head) And the other is where I spent time with my parents, my first home, which was taken from me by the moster eighteen years ago. Neet.


Dart's hometown - 18 years ago. The town is ablaze, and a black monster is seen killing a soldier
Dart: It was when I was five years old. Neet was assaulted by the Black Monster.
Young Dart and his parents are seen fleeing the village. Dart's mother puts him into a hollow tree and walks over to Dart's father
Dart: We were lucky. Only three of us could get out of the village.
Dart's father hugs Dart's mother and goes back to the village
Dart: But my father returned to the village.
Young Dart walks over to his mother, and she gently ruffles his hair and walks to the village entrance
Dart: And my mother followed my father to the village to help everybody, but that's where the Black Monster was waiting.
Dart's mother runs to the village, and Dart tries to follow but trips and falls
Dart: I was left alone, shivering and waited for dawn.
The next day, Young Dart returns to Neet where he finds it smoldered into the ground
Dart: The sun revealed a foreign landscape.
Young Dart walks around
Dart: It was a completely transformed Neet.
Young Dart begins to cry, but finds a small shining stone on the ground and picks it up, then looks up to the sky
Dart: And I found this.

Flashback ends

Dart: (Holding the same flashing stone) What I found on the ground was only this. It's a memento, the only thing my father carried around all the time.
Shana: Dart, it's okay. I understand.
Dart: (Puts stone away) Shana, I'm sorry. I didn't tell you.
Shana: It's okay. I knew you would tell me someday. Don't say anymore.
Lavitz: So, you just came back from a journey to bring closure to the past.
Dart: (Turns to Lavitz) I'm still not there yet.
Lavitz: (Nods and folds arms) You said neet. It doesn't seem to be a village in this country.
Dart: (Walks to the side) It was located farther north from here. I guess nobody even remembers its name anymore. (Nods and turns back to Lavitz) Lavitz, tell me. What is going on in this country?
Lavitz: (Unfolds his arms)Currently, our Kingdom of Basil is at war with the Imperial Sandora. The war has spread all over Serdio.
Dart: (Folds his arms) Why was the truce broken?
Lavitz: (Walks around a little) Because of the Dragon, the legendary monster added weight to Sandora and broke the balance of power. Then Emperor Doel started to be more aggressive.
Dart: (Unfolds arms and shakes head) Dragon? No, no way! Such a thing can be used in war? (Folds arms again and turns away)
Lavitz: (Runs up to Dart, his fist shaking) Do you know something about it!?
Dart: (Turns to Lavitz and nods) I was swooped down by a Dragon before I entered Seles. I was overwhelmed. There was no way to escape from it. I was saved by a passing warrior. That's why I am still alive.
Lavitz: (Turns away, folds arms and lowers head) The Dragon is advancing faster than I though. We must do something or it'll be too late.
Dart: (Turns to Lavitz, surprised) You mean more casualties?
Lavitz: (Unfolds arms and turns back to Dart) Yeah. It's a "war". (Turns away) Anyway, I have to go back to Indels Castle in Bale. There are so many things I have to report to King Albert. (Turns back to Dart and Shana) You know what, Dart? You guys should come along with me. Minister Noish might know something about the Black Monster.
Dart: (Throws fist in air) I see. They're a royalty with a long history. I might be able to find out something new.
Lavitz: (Walks up to Shana, then turns to Dart) It's a done deal.
Shana: Lavitz, don't take chances. You are not completely well.
Lavitz: (Turns to Shana) You'll make a good wife one day.
Shana: (Nods) Thanks!
Dart: Let's go.

They approach a tree near the waterfall

Dart: Almost falling (Turns) Wait. If we carry this to the river, it can be a bridge, can't it? (Takes out his sword) The blade won't last with this...

They go back to the shack to get the ax
Dart: It is a pretty well-worn ax. (Picks it up) I get it. We can knock down the tree on the cliff using this....

They then return to the tree

Dart, Lavitz, and Shana all look up at the tree
Dart: (Turns to them) If we put this tree across the river....
Lavitz: (Folds his arms) Hmm....It may work as a bridge. It could be worth trying.
Dart takes out ax and begins to chop down the tree
Dart: Whoa!
Dart chops down the tree, but it is falling over the cliff. Lavitz runs to help Dart try to catch it, but it is too heavy and it falls
Lavitz: Shoot!
Dart, Lavitz, and Shana all watch as the tree falls down the river
Dart: (Shakes his head)Have to think about another way.

They return to the river

Dart: (Turns upstream) What's that? (Watches as the tree flows down and settles itself between the two river banks) We can cross with this!!

Dart and his friends continue and they come across a family

Lavitz: You look like a civilian. What is the matter?
Father: (Approaches Lavitz) What do you mean, "What's the matter!?" It's your knights' fault!!
Lavitz: Hold on. I am a Knight of Basil. We should be allies.
Father: I am your enemy! We escaped from Sandora!
Mother: Honey! Don't say that or we're gonna get arrested!
Father: (Turns to Mother) B, But these knights destroyed our lives!
Mother: (Approaches Lavitz, and he turns to her) We couldn't stand living in Kazas and ran away form there. Please excuse us.
Lavitz: (Shakes his head) You don't need to excuse yourself. King Albert always lends a helping hand to sufferers, even those from an enemy country.
Mother: What?
Lavitz: (Turns to the child) Son, are you hungry?
Child Yes.
Lavitz: (Gives the boy a ration) Then have this.
Child: (Takes it)Th, Thank you.
Father: You....
Lavitz: (Walks up the prairie a little) If you go through here, you'll find Bale. You can go there if you like.
Father: B, But we don't know anybody.
Lavitz: (Walks up to Father) Why don't you go to my house. It's too big for my mother and myself anyway.
Father: You are?
Lavitz: (Puts his hands on his hips) My name is Lavitz. I am a knight in the service of King Albert.
Mother: Th, Thank you very much!!
Father: how kind of you, Sir Lavitz!!
Lavitz scratches his head and rejoins Dart and Shana

In Limestone Cave, they approach a water way littered with rocks

Dart: (Folds arms)Stepping stones.(Unfolds arms and turns to Shana) Shana, be careful not to slip.
Shana: (Turns to Dart)Okay.
Dart and Shana make it to the other side, but before Lavitz makes the final jump he slips and catches himself before falling over the waterfall
Lavitz: Ahh!
Dart: Lavitz!! (Jumps over to help him)
Shana: Dart!! Lavitz!
Lavitz: Whoa!!
Dart helps Lavitz up and they quickly jump to the other side, falling to their knees
Dart: Huff huff huff!
Lavitz:(Gets up) This is the second time you saved my life.
Dart: Huff, huff, I was just around. (Sits back on a rock)
Lavitz: Even though that was the case, (Walks up to Dart) I was lucky you were around, Dart. (Turns away for a moment, then back to Dart) It'll be a long relationship we will have.
Dart: (Gets up) Yup. That's right. (They slap hands and shoulders, then walk off together)
Shana: Excuse me, you guys! Don't leave me like that! (Runs after them)

Later they come across some curious fireflies...

Dart: These are Rock Fireflies.
Shana: (Turns to Dart) Oh, you know a lot.
Dart: (Turns to Shana) Weell, I used to be saved by these a lot.
Lavitz: Me too. In particular, the ones close to a battlefield were helpful.
Shana: (Looks at Lavitz, then at Dart, then back to Lavitz, and then Dart again) Excuse me. Don't just chat amongst yourselves and leave me out. Tell me what they are.
Dart: (Turns to Shana)Watch. (Turns back to fireflies and moves his hands around them)
Shana: (Looks at the fireflies as they begin to glow) Oh! (The glowing ceases) Oh boy!(Dart turns to her)
Lavitz: The light from a Rock Firefly has a healing power.
Dart: Well, Shana learned at least one thing.
Shana: (Turns to Dart) Well well. I know something you don't know too, Dart.
Dart: (Anxious) Wh, what is that?
Shana: (Spins around) I'm not telling.
Lavitz: Well, you have been away from each other for five years. It's natural not to know about each other. (Turns away, folds his arms) Wait, my mom and I aren't like that. Every time I go back to Bale, she welcomes me with the same smile. (Turns back to Dart and Shana and puts his hands in the air) Wh, What? Did I say something wrong?
Dart: Let's get going. Your mother is waiting for you in Bale, right?
Lavitz: (Lowers hands) Yeah!

Later...near the exit...

Dart: There is something there. (Draws his sword)
Lavitz: (Draws his spear) Could that be the much talked about guardian of the Cave?
Dart:(Turns to Shana) Shana, step back!
Shana: (Draws her bow, then turns to Dart)Don't worry about me. I can help!
Dart nods
Lavitz: It's coming!
Urobolus approaches and attacks...the fight begins

After the fight

Urobolus screams and falls to the ground, seemingly dead

Dart: We did it.
Lavitz: Now let's get on our way to Indels Castle.
Dart: (Turns to Shana) Shana.
Shana begins to follow, but turns back to Urobolus' body. She turns back and begins to run after Dart, but Urobolus suddenly gets up and reaches for Shana. She turns and stares at Urobolus
Dart: (Running towards Shana) Shana!!!
A blue light erupts from Shana's forehead, and Urobolus' body begins to break like glass. Dart and Lavitz stare in awe, and as soon as the light fades they look over at Shana
Shana: Wh, what was...?(She falls to her knees)
Dart: (Sheaths his sword and runs up to her) What on earth happened?
Shana: I, I don't know.
Dart gets up, then helps Shana up ...
Lavitz: Anyway, we are safe. We should think about how to get out of here. (Dart turns to him) It'll be fine when we get to Bale. (A pause) I think.

They leave the cavern and enter Bale, then go to Indels castle

Lavitz, Dart, and Shana approach King Albert and kneel
Lavitz: I am the head of the First Knighthood, Lavitz Slambert. I am back from the field.
King Albert: (Rises from his throne and goes over to greet Lavitz) Oh, Lavitz! I was feeling uneasy because I heard you were missing! Oh, please, make yourself comfortable, everyone!
Lavitz, Dart, and Shana rise
Lavitz: Your Majesty, it's more than I deserve.
Minister Noish: (Approaches from corner) Ha ha ha! It was true! His Majesty was so dismayed that he couldn't see to his affairs of state.
King Albert:(Turns to Minister Noish) Oh Noish, please don't tease me. Lavitz is a friend from my childhood as well as a master of martial arts. (Turns back to Lavitz) Anyway, where have you been?
Lavitz: After my first Knighthood was wiped out, I was captured by Sandora and held against my will in Hellena Prison....
King Albert: What...in Hellena....
Lavitz: However, thanks to the act of this young man, I managed to break out. Let me introduce these people to you. Dart and Shana. They are from Seles.
King Albert: I thank you for saving Lavitz. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. In gratitude for this, tell me if you need anything.
Dart: (Turns to Shana and nods, then back to King Albert) I have a favor to ask. Is it possible to take care of Shana in this castle?
Shana: (Turns to Dart)What!?
Dart: It seems Imperial Sandora attacked Seles to take Shana away. So, they could go after Shana anytime, and when I think of it....
Shana: Is that the reason you brought me here?
Dart: (Turns to Shana) Shana....
Shana: I can walk next to Dart. I have been working towards that. There is nothing we can do about the time we were apart, but I want to be with you forever!
King Albert: Unfortunately, you cannot leave her here. (Dart turns to him) Imperial Sandora obtained the force called the Dragon, and went on the offensive. We are holding the battle line in Hoax, but if the dragon can fly at low altitudes and directly attack the castle, we cannot defend it even with the high ramparts. There is no safe place in Serdio now. (Shana turns to him) Besides, you do know how she feels about you? Don't you?
Dart: (Turns to Shana) Shana, it may be even more dangerous from now on.
Shana: (Turns to Dart) I don't mind as longa s I can be with you, Dart.
Dart: (Dart nods, then turns to King Albert) Well, I take back the request. But...one more thing. I would like to ask a question to Minister Noish.
Minister Noish: Ask me anything, son. My head is filled with all the legends and history of the Continent of Endiness.
Dart: I was on a journey to pursue the Black Monster.
Minister Noish: The Black...Monster....
Dart: The monster that attacked Neet 18 years ago. The only thing I know is that he deprived me of my parents, and my hometown.
Minister Noish: Hmm! You were a victim of the devil!
Dart: (Throws his hands in the air) I want to hear everything! Please tell me about it!
Minister Noish: Hmm, there is hardly any information left. Everything that was related to him was reduced to ashes. (Pause) The only thing I know is this: the Black Monster is called the devil that disobeyed the great existence, and it is alos known for devouring the god.
Dart: Devouring the "god"?
Minister Noish: Yes, and surprisingly, it shows up in history beginning 11,000 years ago.
King Albert: (Turns to Minister Noish) 11,000 years ago is the time the Dragon Campaign ended.
Minister Noish: (Nods at King Albert, then turns back to Dart) You're exactly right, Your Majesty. Instead, I will tell you the story of the Dragon Campaign.

"As if they were gods, Winglies ruled over all living creatures and used them as slaves. The enslaved suffered a terrible domination and injustice. Their anger turned to a flame of fury, and a gust of wind blew throughout the land, spreading the flame to a blazing fire. The flame was Emperor Diaz. Seven incarnations of Dragons served the Emperor, their bravery inspired people to take up arms. Thus began the Dragon Campaign. It was a harsh war. Both people and Winglies suffered countless injuries and fatalities. After a long period of suffering, it was the humans who acquired the future. The Age of Humans had begun."

Dart: The Black Monster appeared after the Dragon Campaign.
The Praetorian of Basil enters, and Lavitz steps aside
Praetorian of Basil: Excuse me sir! It's time for the war meeting!
King Albert: I see. Tell them we will come soon.
Praetorian of Basil leaves
King Albert: Dart, Shana? This war will be a particularly harsh one for those who no longer have a home to return to. The castle is very quiet now. It is the best place to think about your future.
Shana: But, this is our first time in a castle.
King Albert: Well, there is a place with a great view next to this room. Go enjoy yourself.
Shana: The view from the castle....I see! Please excuse me! (Bows and leaves)
Dart: She is so hasty....Please excuse me too.
Everyone separates, Dart joins Shana on the balcony
Dart: (Turns to Shana, and she to him) From here, we can see all of Basil. Might we even be able to see Seles?
Shana:(Turns back to the view) Seles is over the mountain. Besides, we cannot see it anyway because we are so far....I hope everybody is safe.
Dart: (Nods) I'm sure they are okay.
Lavitz: (Enters)Yes, they are. (Dart and Shana turn to him) According to the brief by my aide, most of the people in the village are safe.
Dart: Really? I am relieved to hear that.
Lavitz: (Puts his hands on his hips) But, it will take time to rebuild the village.
Shana: (Shakes her head) Still, good...I can meet everybody again. (Dart turns to her and nods)
Lavitz: (Lowers his arms) But, we have bad news. (Dart and Shana turn to him again) Sandora is now readying itself to attack us. They are planning to use the Dragon for the offensive on Hoax.
Dart: A Dragon!? If they release that monster in the battle, it will be total genocide!
Lavitz: Our role, as the Knighthood, is to stop it. I am heading to Hoax now. Mainting the battle line will determine the future of Basil.
Dart: (Shakes his head, turns towards Shana, then begins to leave. Shakes his head again) I have lived only for myself. (Turns to Shana again, and again shakes his head) I believed it was something I had to complete by myself even if I had to leave Shana and the people of the village behind. (Turns to Lavitz) But, when I came back, look at this. (Walks to the balcony and looks out) I almost lost my hometown again! (Turns to Lavitz and throws his hand in the air)Lavitz. I am going to Hoax with you! I don't want to see anymore senseless bloodshed!
Lavitz: (Shrugs) What about the Black Monster?
Dart: (Throws his fist) We have to end the war first!
Shana: (Nods) Once Dart makes up his mind, he never changes it.(He turns to her)Of course, I am going too. I cannot stand the war either. I can fight too!
Dart turns to Lavitz
Lavitz: (Looks at both of them) You guys....
Dart: (Nods and turns to Shana) Everything is determined and now we have to prepare.
Lavitz: Th, then, let's go to Bale now! There are item shops, weapon shops, and my home! Please meet my mother! She will be happy! Because she hasn't had a guest for a while!

They leave the castle and go to Lavitz' home
Lavitz: Mom! I'm home!
Lavitz's Mom:(Enters) Oh Lavitz!! It's Lavitz!! (Steps out in front of him) I was worried because I didn't hear from you for a long time.
Lavitz: Sandora's resistance was tougher than I thought. But don't worry. We defeated them!
Lavitz's Mother: Your late father would be proud to hear that.
Dart: Lavitz, what about Hellena?
Shana: (Don't mention that to her!)
Lavitz: (Turns to Dart)(Sorry, but I don't want her to be worried.) (Turns back to his mother)I don't know what he is talking about.
Lavitz's Mother: Well, fine. I am already happy just having you come home, but....(Notices Shana)You brought a bride with you! My big baby!
Lavitz: Mom! She is not!
Lavitz's Mother: Oh, don't be shy. What is your name?
Shana: Sh, Shana.
Lavitz's Mother: Shana, my son is a little awkward and stubborn. But he is very sweet natured.
Dart: He is not!
Lavitz: Dart is right. She is Dart's sweetheart.
Dart: He, Hey!! When did I become Shana's....
Shana: (Turns to Lavitz's mother) It's true. I...I am Dart's girlfriend.
Dart: (Turns to Shana)What!?
Lavitz's Mother: (Turns to Dart) Oh! Please excuse me. Take good care of Shana.
Dart: (Turns to Lavitz's Mother)Well...I, I don't know what to say. Pokes Lavitz (What's going on!)
Lavitz: (Once my mom gets an idea into her head, that's the end. That's the only way we can manage her.)
Dart slowly nods
Lavitz's Mother: Lavitz, please find somebody like her so that I can hold my grandchild in my arms. You are not a child anymore.
Lavitz: Yeah, I know, I know.
Lavitz's Mother: And, you'll stay here today, honey?
Lavitz: Well, I was commanded to defend Hoax. So, I have to leave as soon as....
Lavitz's Mother: Oh well, I understand. (Pauses) But you can have at least lunch can't you? It'll be ready soon, honey.
Shana: I'll give you a hand!
Lavitz's Mother: (Turns to Shana) Oh, there's no need....But, then again, maybe....
Shana: My pleasure!
The women exit
Lavitz: (Turns to Dart) Well, what can we do till lunch?
Dart: Shall we help them?
Lavitz: Can you cook?
Dart: Of course! Otherwise, I couldn't travel alone for five years.
Lavitz: Hmm! And what kind of dishes do you make?
Dart: I can grill a thick piece of meat. It's the best!
Lavitz: (Pauses) That's it? Let's leave the cooking to Shana and Mom.
Dart: You think so? But Shana was always a bad cook.
Lavitz: Better than you.
Dart: We should practice with our swords. (Swings his sword)
Lavitz: Hey Hey Hey!!
Dart: What's wrong? (Puts his sword away)
Lavitz: Are you gonna swing your sword around in my house!?
Dart: What's wrong with that? You have such a big house.
Lavitz: It's not right!!
Dart: Just kidding....Tut!
Lavitz: I heard that! What is that tut about!?
Dart: (Pokes Lavitz)It's all in your head. Why don't we take a nap?
Lavitz: ...
Dart: What's wrong Lavitz?
Lavitz: Dart, act like a man.
Dart: Lack of sleep is bad for our skin. Every young lady knows that.
Lavitz doesn't respond
Dart: Okay, I'll be more serious. Show me around your house. This is the first time I've been in such a huge house.
Lavitz: There is nothing interesting, but we can at least kill some time. Walk around wherever you like and I'll tell you about it.
Dart nods, they enter the kitchen
Lavitz: As you can see it's a kitchen. I don't want to disturb her cooking. Let's go some other place.
Dart nods, they enter the storage place
Lavitz: This is a storage place. It seems to have more odds and ends than the last time.
Dart nods and they go upstairs and enter Lavitz's room
Lavitz: This is my room.
Dart: There is a cut in the pillar. Were you swinging your sword or something?
Lavitz: No. I was measuring my height.
Dart: Lavitz was a kid once?
Lavitz: What do you mean?
Dart shrugs, they enter the master bedroom
Lavitz: It was my parents' room. It's been my mom's room since my father passed away in the war.
Dart nods, they enter the library
Lavitz: This is the library. There are many books on strategy. Are you interested in that, Dart?
Dart: (Lowers his head) It's my weak point. (Turns to Lavitz, who is moving a ladder) What are you doing?
Lavitz: (Moves the ladder underneath a window) Come here. (Goes up the ladder) I'll show you my treasure.
Dart: "Treasure"? (Follows him to the roof ourside)
Lavitz: Here is my treasure. (Looks out) Please take a look at it.
Dart: (Turns to see the beautiful view of Indels Castle) I see...it's a nice view of Indels Castle from here. (Turns to Lavitz)
Lavitz: (Nods) This is what I saw everyday when I was young. I grew up thinking.... "I'll be an admired knight just like my father and I'll protect this country!"
Dart:(Nods) Your dream came true.
Lavitz: (Nods, turns and walks a little) Yes, but the reality was much harder than I imagined back then. I feel all the more strongly how great my father was. To protect this country I would tear the flesh from my body. It's the same passion you have towards Shana.
Dart: (Shrugs, backs up and sits on the window sill, folds his arms and looks up at the sky. Lavitz turns to him) I just...can't hold back. (Turns to Lavitz)
Lavitz: Because you know the importance of Shana's life, you can risk your own. You were not a foolish daredevil when you ventured into Hellena. (Walks towards Dart)Serdio is covered in war clouds now. You are the only one who can protect Shana. You know that, don't you?
Dart: (Shrugs) Yeah.
Shana (from inside the house): Dart! Lavitz! The food is ready!
Lavitz: (Walks up to Dart) Well, the princess needs us. (Walks past Dart and enters the building)
Dart: (Scratches his head) "Princess"....She is like a baby sister to me. (Turns and enters the building)

After lunch...
Lavitz: As always, your meals are delicious, Mom.
Lavitz's Mother: It's such a nice thing to hear. But I'll be even happier if you settle down with a bride soon.
Lavitz: (Turns to Dart and Shana and speaks hastily) Um...Dart, Shana. We need to buy some things before we leave. Let's go!
Both Dart and Shana nod
Lavitz's Mother: Are you ready to leave?
Dart: Yes, we are ready.
Lavitz: Yeah, everything is ready.
Lavitz's Mother: Do you have medical herbs?
Lavitz: Yeah, I do.
Lavitz's Mother: Here, it's your favorite jerky. I made too much. Why don't you take some.
Lavitz: It's okay, I have enough.
Lavitz's Mother: How about this. My neighbor said she made too much too.
Lavitz: Mom....Everything is ready. (Pauses) Oh, wait, I forgot something. (Goes over and kisses her) You give me luck, Mom.
Lavitz's Mother; Oh, Lavitz....You've grown up while you were away. Honey, our son became a great knight.
Lavitz: I was going to leave soon but I am a little bit tired. Say, why don't we stay here for the night?(Turns to Dart)
Dart: (Turns to him)Great.
Lavitz: (Turns to his mother) Are the beds ready?
Lavitz's Mother: Of course! I make your bed everyday!
Dart: I'll be upstairs. (Leaves, with Shana following)
Lavitz: Mom, I...actually want to take your jerky with me.
Lavitz's Mother: I knew it! Come here! (She leads him into the kitchen)

The next day, the group begins to leave the city but run into a woman, who knocks them aside

Martel: Hey! Watch yourself!! Are you blind or what!?
Dart: What do you mean!? (Folds his arms) You're the one who bumped into me!
Martel: Don't make up excuses. Behave like a man!
Shana: Don't yell! It's true!
Martel: Can you be quiet? The baby's crying.
Shana: Oh! Sorry. I was too loud.
Martel: Oh, poor baby! She is scared, isn't she? Well we gotta go baby. There is no time to waste. (Martel leaves)
Dart: What was that?
Lavitz: I don't know.

They leave for Hoax

In Hoax

Lavitz: (Turns to Dart)Let's go to the HQ first. Kaiser of the Eighth Knighthood must be waiting for us.
Shana: (Looks around)Is this really a town? It looks like a fortress.
Dart: The war changed it.
Lavitz: (Folds his arms)That's true.....Nobody wanted it, but it couldn't be avoided. Let's focus on our defenses now.

In HQ, Kaiser and some guards are talking. Lavitz, Dart, and Shana approach them.

Lavitz: Kaiser! Long time no see!
Kaiser: Lavitz! Welcome! I see your Knighthood was....
Lavitz: Yeah, it was my mistake. (Shakes his fist)But I won't let the dreams of my company end in death and be in vain. I'll end the war and unify Serdio! I will!
Kaiser: Hmm, We cannot stop until we make our dreams come true.
Lavitz: (Turns to Dart and Shana) Yeah! Now! I brought you two powerful helpers, Dart and Shana.(Turns back to Kaiser)
Kaiser: Oh! You are the famous guy who rescued Lavitz! I am Kaiser, the head of the Eighth Knighthood! Nice to meet you!
Dart: Could you inform me how we stand now?
Kaiser: (Nods)We are still preparing for the raid of Sandoras. What I am concerned about is the information that they are using a Dragon.
Lavitz: (Shrugs)It's better to fortify here and see how they move, rather than attacking a Dragon that we don't know about.
Dart: (Folds his arms)Then it'll be up to how fast we can spot the approach of the enemy.
Kaiser: Great. Indeed you are right! Dart, Lavitz, why don't you be the guard at night? Having Shana too is not a good idea. Can you prepare meals for the knights?
Shana: (Nods)Preparing meals? Okay! (Turns to Dart) Dart, you're going to love it!

Answer to option one

Dart: Are you all right?
Lavitz: I wonder how she will do.
Shana: Wha, What?! Lavitz's mother gave me a nice compliment!
Dart: But in the past....
Shana: Fine! I am not gonna cook for Dart!
Dart: I, I was just kidding!!
Kaiser: Fight a lot that way! Fighting deepens the relationship in many ways!
Lavitz: Kaiser, why are you stirring things up even more?
Kaiser: I thought I was trying to relax her!! Now, that settles the matter. I want Dart and the others to go look around Hoax. The night guards have to know the place. After you look around, come back to me. Stay with me, Lavitz. I want to go over the battle conditions with you.
Lavitz nods
Dart: (Turns to Shana, and she to him)Now, shall we?
Shana nods and leaves
Lavitz: Get along with each other.
Dart: (Shrugs) Yeah, yeah. (Follows Shana)

Answer to option two

Dart: Yes I am looking forward to it.
Lavitz: I am a bit concerned....
Shana: Wha, What?! Lavitz's mother gave me a nice compliment!
Lavitz: I guess it may be edible....
Shana: I don't like what Lavitz said.
Dart: I can enjoy and eat any food. Just make a lot.
Shana: (Points a finger at Dart)I don't like what Dart said so much either.
Kaiser: I don't care about the taste. Edible is enough. Just salt is enough for flavor.
Shana, Dart, and Lavitz turn to him
Shana: (Puts her hands on her hips)Even Mr. Kaiser too.
Lavitz: Kaiser, why are you stirring things up even more?
Kaiser: I thought I was trying to relax her!! Now, that settles the matter. I want Dart and the others to go look around Hoax. The night guards have to know the place. After you look around, come back to me. Stay with me, Lavitz. I want to go over the battle conditions with you.
Lavitz nods
Dart: (Turns to Shana, and she to him)Now, shall we?
Shana nods and leaves
Lavitz: Get along with each other.
Dart: (Shrugs) Yeah, yeah. (Follows Shana)

After they explore the town...

Kaiser: Did you see enough? I will take you to the guard position.
Dart: (Nods)We are fine now.
Kaiser: We have just finished the strategic meeting. Now, I'll take you to your position. (Kaiser leads Dart and Lavitz outside) I want to ask both of you to guard the back gate. It's at the end of the stairs.
Lavitz: Let's go quick and relieve the guard. (Dart and Lavitz go up to the guard)
Dart: I am here to replace you. You can trust us.
Soldier: Yes, sir. (Leaves)
Dart: If Sandora attacks, it will be a night raid.
Lavitz: We cannot relax till morning. Rest while it's still light.
Night comes, owls are hooting
Dart: (Walks over to a bench and sits on it)It's strangely quiet tonight. If the Dragon comes near, we can easily tell.
Lavitz: (Walks up to Dart) Why is that?
Dart: (Gets up) There are those in the forest. (Turns to the woods) Nocturnal owls are hooting. It's the proof that nobody is in the forest. (Turns to Lavitz) So, I'm gonna go grab something.
Lavitz: (Walks up to him a little) Worrying about Shana?
Dart: (Waves his hands)It's not that.
Lavitz: Bring me back something.
Dart: (Scratches his head and starts to leave, but suddenly the owls stop hooting and fly away)The owls...
Voice from other side of Hoax: AHHHHHH!!! The enemy is coming!! The enemy is coming!!
(Flame arrows assault the city, knights are being killed)
Kaiser: (Exits from HQ) Knighthood advance!! Fortify the gate!! (Runs over to another knight) You take care of the casualties!!
Knight: Y, Yes sir!!
Lavitz: We'll counter them!
Dart and Lavitz begin fighting the incoming enemy and destroy a couple of guards. Dart watches as a Sandora Elite enters and wipes out a Knight of Basil
Sandora Elite: is this the battle HQ for the front lines for Basil! What a weak setup!
Dart: (Runs up to meet the Elite, yelling to Lavitz) I will guard the top!
Lavitz: (Kills the Sandora guard) Gotcha! Trust me to handle here!
Dart runs up to the Sandora Elite
Sandora Elite: What guts you have, coming alone like that!!
Lavitz: (Runs up the stairs after Dart after having killed Sandora Soldiers) I am here!! I got those guys at the bottom!!
Sandora Elite: Humph! One or two doesn't make any difference.
Dart: (Swings his sword) Big talkers are usually weak.

Fight begins

During the fight...

Sandora Elite: Enough playtime. I'm taking my gloves off! Casts a spell Can you nail the real me? (Gets hit) Darn!

After battle

Voice: AUUGHH! (Knight of Basil backs up as a Giganto approaches)
Lavitz: (Rushes to Knight of Basil)What is that giant!?
Knight of Basil: It's Gi, Giganto!!
Dart: (Runs up to Knight of Basil)Giganto?(Runs up to Lavitz)Lavitz!!
Lavitz: I heard about it, but he is real!! The ones who fought so far were no match for him!!
Dart: Well he is still not a Dragon! Go!!

Battle begins

During battle

Kongol: Kongol needs no weapons!! Kongol beats you with bare hands!!

Dart: (When he fails an addition) You gotta finish it or you'll be smashed by him!

After battle...

Kongol approaches Dart with his weapon and is ready to cleave Dart. Dart tries to back off a little. Kongol is about to lower his axe when something falls out of the sky. It is the Female Warrior, and she swoops by and attacks him. She flies around and lowers herself in front of Dart. She points her rapier at him.
Female Warrior: Wake up! Dragoon of the Red-Eye Dragon!
Dart: (Dart looks down at his chest as it begins to shine in a red light. He gets up and the light engulfs him)Ahhh!? (He becomes a flying flame and attacks Kongol with a forceful charge, knocking Kongol into the ground. Lavitz stares in awe as Dart returns to the ground, transformed as a Dragoon)What on earth is....? (Dart and Lavitz watch as the female jumps to the ground, looks at them, and throws her hair aside)

Sandora Guard: The, these are not Humans!! (Runs away)
Lavitz: (Turns to Dart)Dart, you....What happened to you!?
Dart: I don't know....I don't know what happened to me!?
Female Warrior: (Turns to Dart, and she to him)The Knight of the Dragon, the Dragoon was born.
Kongol: UGH....(Gets up)
Female Warrior: (To Kongol)I am surprised you didn't die.
Kongol: Giganto don't die! Giganto will pay you back!! (Leaves)
Shana runs out of the building
Shana: Dart!!
Dart: You are safe. (Suddenly detransforms and doubles over)
Shana: What happened!?
Dart: Seeing Shana's face....Makes me relieved....(Falls flat on his face)
Shana: Dart!!
Lavitz: Are you alright!?

The next morning

Shana: What are you to Dart? What did you do to him?
Female Warrior: I was only....
Lavitz: Cut it out! Both of you!!
Female Warrior: I should be thanked, so why do I have to be yelled at?
Dart: Ah....(Shana walks over to him and Lavitz looks down at him)
Lavitz: Have you come to?
Dart: (Gets up)I, I was....
Shana: I'm glad you woke up.
Dart: (Gets out of the bed and turns to the Female Warrior) You, you are....
Rose: (Nods at him)Rose. Nice to see you again.
Shana: Do you know Dart?
Dart turns to her, then back to Rose
Rose: I told you. I just saved his life. Well...not only once.
Shana: I want to hear it from Dart's own mouth.
Lavitz: You explain. I don't understand.
Dart: She saved my life. (Turns to Rose and nods)Thanks to Rose, I was able to make it to Seles.
Shana: Then, the person who saved you from the Dragon was....
Dart: (Nods) Yeah. It's her. Talking about being saved, I didn't thank you yet.
Rose: (Shakes her head)I don't need any thanks. I wanted to do it.
Dart: (Nods) But why are you here? It is too fishy to be a coincidence.
Rose: (Takes out her Dragoon Spirit)I followed you because I was fascinated by this artifact that you own...the Dragoon Spirit of the Red-Eyed Dragoon.
Dart: (Takes out his own Dragoon Spirit, and the two begin to reminince and he shields his face)This...This light is!?
Rose: You "deserve" to rule Dragons. This light shows the true evidence. From the time the Dragoon Spirit starts to shine, you have to accept your fate as a Dragoon. Just like me.
Dart: (Turns to Rose)I didn't know there was such power concealed in my father's memento.
Rose puts her Dragoon Spirit away, and the light stops
Shana: You saved him because you knew it from the beginning.
Rose: (Shakes her head) I didn't know it. It was a test to see if he could be a Dragoon.
Dart puts his Dragoon Spirit away
Rose: If you couldn't, you would be dead now.
Lavitz: How do you know about such things. (The others turn to him) You know too much about things nobody could know.
Rose: (Throws her hands in the air)It's better than ignorance, isn't it?
Lavitz: (Nods) That's true, but yours is not mere knowledge. It's a story in a legend that has been lost. I heard about it from Minister Noish before. The people who led Humans to victory in the Dragon Campaign, they were the Dragoons.
Dart: (Turns to Rose, and she to him)But that was the only reason you protected me? Just because I have a Dragoon Spirit?
Rose: (Shakes her head)Honestly, I was surprised myself, but now I know why. (Turns and leans against the bedpost) You guys look like my dear old friends. They lived in the middle of a turbulent generation, yet they were strong enough to grab their own fate. They knew the way to go, the things to do, the enemy to defeat and the people to protect. I feel the same about you guys, so, I couldn't help doing that. (Gets up and turns to Dart)Now you understand me?
Dart nods
Shana: Can I ask you one thing? (Rose nods) What are they doing now?
Rose: (Shakes her head)Everybody's gone. It's all in the past.
Shana: (Fidgets nervously)I am sorry. I think I was wrong about you, Rose.
Rose: (To the side)It's okay. I am used to being hated.
Voice from outside: Is the head of the Knighthood, Sir Kaiser, in here!? The, The Seventh Fort is under strong attack by Sandoras!! (They all turn to the voice)
Lavitz: What!?
They all run outside to the Knight
Knight of Basil: The Seventh Fort in the Marshland is under the fierce attack of the Dragon! Due to that, the Tenth and Thirteenth Knighthoods are almost overwhelmed! Survivors are still responding!
Lavitz: Where did it come from!?
Knight of Basil: From the forest over the Volcano Villude! It seems there is a nest there for the Dragon!!
Kaiser enters, and Lavitz, Dart, and Shana approach him. Rose leans back against the wall
Kaiser: Gigantos and Dragons. It's not a fight between Humans. If we don't defeat the Dragon, we don't have a future!
Lavitz: Summon the rest of the knights! We will assault the Dragon's Nest!
Rose: The Knighthood has the advantage of numbers, but they are only human. (The others turn to her)Humans cannot defeat a Dragon. If it continues, Basil will be annihilated.
Lavitz: (Walks up to her) We don't know until we try!
Rose: (Gets up and turns to him) Do you think a wasted death is honorable or something?(Lavitz backs up a little. Rose turns to Dart) But Dragoons can defeat him....(Walks up to him)Dart. You should understand this. We have a different existence. We are beyond Humans.
Lavitz: (Nods) That's right...Dragoon!! Dragoons, which were said to hae governed the Dragons, can fight against the Dragon!!
Dart: (Turns around) Maybe, I can do it now. (Turns around to Rose and nods)I felt, the power of the Dragon in me. (Walks up to Lavitz) I'll do it! I believe in this power!
Kaiser: It makes me feel relieved....(Dart turns to him, and Kaiser nods) There is nobody left who can fight in the Eighth Knighthood. Dart, Rose...it seems you are the only people we can count on....(Falls to his knees and Lavitz runs up to him)
Lavitz: Kaiser!! Yo, you ...your wound is open!!
Kaiser: (Gets up)I am all right. Dart, Rose. The Kingdom of Basil is finished unless we defeat the Dragon. So...?
Dart: (Walks up to him and nods) You can trust me. I will fight for you, too.
Rose: (Walks up to them)I'll go too. ......It doesn't seem to be enough if it is only Dart and the others.
Kaiser: (Nods, turns to Shana) Shana....you...should stay.
Shana: (Walks up to him)No, I am going! I can help the other people too!
A Dragon roars in the background, the others turn up to the direction of the voice
Rose: The Green Tusked Dragon, Feyrbrand....
Dart: (Nods)It brings back the fear I felt before.
Rose: (Shakes her head) The real fear has not even begun yet.

They are about to leave when they overhear Knights

Knight A: It was super!!
Knight B: What about it?
Knight A: That Dart fella, yesterday he wore unique armor and defeated Kongol!!
Knight B: With Dart, Imperial Sandora is not even a match as our enemy!!
Knight A: Dart is the messiah of the Kingdom of Basil!
Rose: (To Dart)Messiah, huh. (Shakes her head)You cannot be called a real Dragoon getting stunned like that, by bursting with the power.
Dart: ...
Rose: I'll be here for a while. Go prepare for the departure.
Dart nods


Dart: Rose? (She looks up at him and gets up) Teach me how to fight as a Dragoon.
Rose: (She nods, walks a bit, and draws her rapier) Well, let's begin.
Dart draws his sword and the lesson begins

After the lesson

Rose: This is what I can teach. After that, it's up to you.

Later, as Dart begins to leave...

Rose: Once we leave the town, I will consider you a mature Dragoon. I won't teach you how to fight anymore.
Dart: (Nods)Okay, I'll be all right.
Rose nods and they leave

They leave for the Marshland

In the Marshland...up to the Seventh Fort....

Dart: Oh my god!! Runs to help, but a Sandora soldier catches him
Sandora Soldier: Are you from Basil!?
Dart: I won't let you have your way!
After the fight, a Sandora solider kills a Basil knight and runs up to Dart
Sandora Soldier: You bastard!!
Dart: Get out of my way!!
After fight...another Basil knight is killed, and the Sandora soldier runs up to Dart
Sandora Soldier: I won't let you leave alive!!
Dart: Is that so!?
After fight...the same thing happens
Sandora Soldier: I'll chop you up!!
Dart: Make my day!
After fight...again the same thing...
Sandora Soldier: I will stop them by myself!!
Dart: I won't let them!
After this fight, a commander comes in
Commander: I won't let you go any further!!
Dart: Is that all?
After fight...
Dart: I wonder if inside the fortress is safe? (Goes inside)Oh my god....(They run up to a dying soldier, who is the Head of the 10th Knighthood, Lavitz kneels next to him)
Lavitz: Hang on! We beat the Sandoras!
Head of 10th Knighthood: Ah, Ahh, Sir Lavitz. Watch out...for the Dragon's...breath. (Pauses) This...is....(Gives Lavitz the Wargod's Amulet before dying)
Lavitz: (Gets up)We will wreak your revenge upon them....
They leave


They are walking when Shana's foot gets stuck in the mud and she falls, slightly twisting her ankle
Shana: Yeek!
Dart: (Turns to her)What's wrong, Shana?
Shana: I'm f, fine. My foot was stuck in the mud, that's all. (Jumps up and down twice)See. (Falls to her knees)Oh no.
Dart: (Walks up to her)Did you twist your ankle?
Shana: (Pauses) It's nothing....
Dart: (Kneels)You can't stand up, can you? Come on, I'll give you a piggy back ride. (Turns around)
Shana: But, it's embarrassing.
Lavitz turns and scratches his head
Dart: What are you talking about? I used to give you piggy back rides when you were little, remember?
Rose shakes her head
Shana: Uh huh, thanks! (She climbs up on his shoulders) I'm such trouble aren't I?
Dart: (Stands up) I don't think so. (Begins to walk)
Shana: I guess...I should've stayed in Hoax?
Dart: (Stops)Are you serious?
Shana: (Leans down and hugs Dart, and Dart looks up at Shana)No, it's not so...I guess I had a bit of a weak moment....(Sits back up)You know what, I have more confidence now. I can fight to help everybody. I'm not a drag on others, but I still cannot fight like Rose.
Dart: (Starts to walk again)Shana, you have something only you can do, right? You don't need to pretend to be strong. Besides, you can rely on me more. Like in the old days....
Lavitz: Dart! Is Shana all right!?
Dart stops walking
Shana: I'm okay now! (Dart continues walking a little more, then sets her down on the ground) The pain is gone. (Runs ahead) Let's go everybody!

They leave the Marshland and enter Volcano Villude

The volcano rumbles, Dart falls to his knees
Dart: What's that!? (Gets up)
Lavitz: Is that an eruption of the volcano!?
Rose: (Shakes her head) No, it's not. (They all look out to see a firebird) That is...Fire Bird. It's bad timing, showing up now. We still have to deal with the Dragon.
Dart: (Turns to Rose) Can we just let it go?
Rose: It's up to him.
The Fire Bird screams and zooms towards them
Dart: He saw us! Run!!
They run into the Volcano
Shana: It seems we lost him.
Dart: (Turns to her) Good. Let's move on.

Later, as they are rock jumping over lava, Shana falls to her knees

Shana: What...is this feeling? It's...calling me!? (Runs away)
Dart: Shana! Where are you going!? (Runs after her, finds her next to a large fossil sunk halfway in the lava. He approaches Shana) You were "being called" by this?
Shana: I don't know. But when I came here, I didn't hear the voice anymore.
Dart: (Walks around to get a better view of the fossil) Is that alive?
Lavitz: (Looks over at it)Looks like a stone statue.
Dart begins to approach it
Shana: (Turns to Dart)Don't go near it! (Dart turns to her) I feel...something's wrong.
Rose: Listen to Shana. This Virage is still alive.
They all turn to Rose
Dart: Virage...?
Rose: You don't know aobut it? Okay, I'll explain it to you. You know about the Dragon Campaign, right? (Pauses) The Winglies were outnumbered, so they used this creature called Virage as their trump card in the war. Just as Humans used Dragons, Winglies used Virage.
Shana: I thought the Dragon Campaign was over 11,000 years ago. How can this still be alive?
The Virage begins to move
Rose: I would say, it's due to a hatred of Humans, or a vendetta against us Dragoons. (Gets her weapon ready) We gotta settle this.
Dart: (Turns to Rose) Or let's run!!

The Virage erupts, the fight begins

After the fight, the Virage sings into the lava

Lavitz: (Shields his face as lava shoots up)Whoa! (Turns to the others)It's dangerous here! Let's go back!
Dart: (Walks over to Shana, who is on her knees in fear) Come on! Shana. (Kneels down to her and puts a hand on her shoulder. Dart and Lavitz help her up) Are you alright!?
Rose turns back to the Virage and watches it as it sinks
Dart: Rose! Rose! Run!
Rose looks at the Virage one last time, then turns to join Dart, Lavitz, and Shana. The Virage sinks to its death


???: Heeey! Is anybody there?
Dart: (Scratches his head and turns to the others)Did you hear something?
???: Heeey! Heeelp!
Shana: (Turns her head and points) Look, over there!!
They look over to see a man hanging by his vest
Dart: It's a man! (Jumps over to help him)
???: Help me!! My foot slipped and I fell!!
Dart: We got you!
Dart leans over to help him up, Shana comes and grabs Dart's waist and helps pull. They drag the man onto the cliff
???: (Gets up and turns to them) Phew! Thanks! Really!! I didn't think I would make it!!
Shana: (Doubled over) It was really *huff huff* good.
???: (Walks over to Shana) Yeah, thanks! I can't thank you enough, but please at least take this!
Shana: (Stands up) Oh don't! We can't accept such an expensive item.
???: Yes, you have to! You folks saved my life! I'll feel bad if you folks don't take it!
Dart: (Turns to Shana) Take it. Once decided, it's hard to take it back. It's a man thing.
Shana: Well, thank you. (Accepts Sapphire Pin)
Dabas: (Turns to Dart) I'm Dabas of Lohan. I was told I could find a "Burning Gem" around here so I came, and look what happened to me! (Pauses) By the way, I am an antique dealer. If you happen to be in Lohan, why don't ya drop by. Later! Leaves
Shana: He is funny.

Later...they come to a lava pit and the Fire Bird erupts

Lavitz: Fire Bird!
Dart: Shana! (Turns to Shana)Can we go to the exit!?
Shana: (Shakes her head) No! It's in flames!
Dart: (Turns back to the Firebird, his sword drawn) I guess we gotta fight!

Lavitz and Rose draw their weapons, the Fire Bird screams, and the battle starts

After the battle

Dart: (Walks up to the lava pit)*Huff Huff* It was a hot fight....

Walks back to the others and they leave for the Dragon's Nest

In the Dragon's Nest

As they are walking, Rose stops. The others turn to her

Rose: Guys? Deon't you feel something? (Turns and looks up, the others do the same)This forest is contaminated by the Dragon's poison.
They all look around, worried
Lavitz: (Puts his hand to his chin) I see. That's why the Sandoras don't have a defense in this forest. (Looks around, turns to Rose, and shrugs) A normal person cannot be exposed to this "poison" for a long time. It's a natural defense.
Shana: (Begins to faint, the others turn to her) Oh my.
Dart: (Walks up to her) What's wrong!?
Shana: (Doubles over) I felt a little bit dizzy, that's all.
Lavitz: (Crosses his arms) I guess it is hard for a woman.
Rose: Oh, I am a woman too.
Lavitz: (Turns to Rose and shrugs) You are special.
Rose: (Silent at first) "Special", huh? Fine. I don't capitalize on a woman's frailty anyway.
Shana: (Starts to turn to Lavitz) I don't mean to do...(Falls to her knees) Oh no. (Dart kneels by her, but after a moment Shana gets up) I'm okay. See? Rose is fine too. (Turns to Lavitz) But, I...I'm sorry. I need to rest a little. (Leaves)
Dart: Shana! (Follows her, and Lavitz and Rose go after him. They come to another part of the Nest where they see Shana sitting and Dart kneeling by her) Are you all right?
Shana: (Stands up) Don't worry. I don't feel sick anymore.(Turns to Rose) Besides, I think I got used to the air in this place.
Dart: (Nods) Then, can you go with us?
Shana: (Turns to him, walks away a little, then turns to him again) Sure. (Turns to Rose, then Lavitz) If I fall down here, there would be no meaning to me coming with you.
Lavitz: Indeed, we can say the war is in our hands, because the Kaisers cannot make a move.
Dart: (Walks up to Shana)Shana...Please don't leave us like that. We don't know what awaits us.
Shana: (Lowers her head) Sorry.
Dart: (Nods, walks around her)Now, let's move on.
Shana nods and she leaves with Dart. Rose shakes her head
Rose: They are playing brother and sister.
Lavitz: (Shrugs) Yup, they are always like that.
They leave

Later...they fall into a loose webbing covering a hole

Dart: Wow!! (Falls through, Shana is knocked out...but later awakens)Good, you've come around.
Shana: (Gets up) Yes. I think...I'm fine.(Stands up)
Dart: Where are we?
A Dragon breaths heavily, and they turn to the noise. Rose turns back to them
Rose: In the nest of the dragon.
Dart: (Turns to Rose)Well, at least we don't need to look for Feyrbrand anymore.
Rose: (Shakes her head)What confidence you have. Is that because you are a Dragoon?
Dart: I guess.
Shana: (Turns around and walks towards a pool of water)Guys, look at this.(They turn, Lavitz joins Shana) There is still pure water left in this forest. (Dart joins Shana)At least the entire forest is not spoiled.
The Dragon breathes again. Shana and Lavitz turn to Dart
Dart: Let's go. If we defeat the monster, the forest will be saved. (The others nod and leave)

Later...in the heart of the nest...

????: Who is this!? (Looks at Dart and company) Is that you, Lavitz?! It's so ironic to find you venturing here!!
Lavitz: (Walks up to him a bit) You are...Greham!!
Dart: Do you know him?
Lavitz: (Turns to Dart) I will never forget him!! He used to be the head of the Second Knighthood of Basil ...(Shakes his fist) Greham! (Turns back to Greham) The man who used to be my father's best man!! (Runs up to Greham, the others follow)
Greham: Welcome, Lavitz. You have become a knight fulfilling the wishes of your late father, Servi.
Lavitz: (Steps up to him) Don't you ever mention my father's name!
Greham: (Shakes his head) Are you still carrying that grudge after more than a dozen years for my betrayal of your father!?
Lavitz: (Shakes his fist) That's not all!! You betrayed King Albert!! You betrayed every single person I know!!
Greham: (Turns, walks a little, then turns back to Lavitz) Is that the wrath of a patriotic knight, or a man full of vengeance?
Lavitz: (Twirls his spear, and points it at Greham) Both!! (Moves a little) Greham!! I now get to avenge my father, who trusted you and died in vain!
Greham: (Shakes his head) "Get revenge"...huh? Try! See if you can truly best me and my newly obtained power! (A green light shines from his chest) Emerge!! The power of the Dragoon!! (Transforms into the Jade Dragoon)
Lavitz: (Lowers his spear) You...you are a Dragoon!?
Rose: (Draws her rapier) It shouldn't be a surprise. Only Dragoons can manipulate Dragons. Behind the Dragon, there should be....
Feyrbrand enters
Greham: This is the power I obtained!!
Rose: (Turns to Greham and points her rapier at him) Obtaining that power is not an easy matter. You, where did you get the Dragoon Spirit?
Greham: (Shakes his head) I'm amazed there is someone in Basil who knows about this. Fine. You too will know before you die. (Nods) His Majesty Doel got all his power and intelligence from Emperor Diaz.
Rose: (Swings her rapier) Is this some kind of dream? Emperor Diaz died 11,000 years ago. With the name of the Holy Imperial Gloriano.
Greham: (Shakes his head) If this is a dream, how can you explain what you are about to see? (Feyrbrand swipes at them) Come! I give you a chance to avenge your father! If you have the courage to fight against he legendary Dragoon!

They all draw their weapons, the fight begins

After the battle

Greham: Ugh...I got a deep gash...(Falls to the ground and detransforms) You have Servi's strength. My efforts were to no avail. I even used betrayal to obtain this power....
Lavitz: (Walks over to Greham and kneels) I still...don't understand. Why did you betray my father? You were not like this.
Greham: Nobody could be stronger than your father. That was the only thing I could never conquer. I had...admiration for him, as a mate...and as a friend. But time goes by and it turned into this feeling....(Pauses) This fear, from realizing the limits of your ability....This fear...that goes nowhere. The only thing you can do is curse yourself for weakness....
Lavitz: (Gets up and shakes his head) But you couldn't overcome your "fear" by defecting to Doel, you needed to overcome my father!
Greham: There was...an alternative. If only I could obtain a new power, I could be equal to, or surpass him....(The green light begins to shine) That was...the Dragoon Spirit I got from His Majesty Doel. (The light shines brighter) Lavitz...live strong. (Pauses, the light still shining) Now...I can go...to be with Servi....(Dies)
Rose: (Shakes her head) He is lucky to be dead now. (Pauses as the others look at her) Greed for power eventually conquers you. Unleashed power generates only sorrow. He should've known that. He was lucky to die now and avoid even more sorrow.
Lavitz: (Looks at the ground, and watches as the Dragoon Spirit flies up to him) Wha...what is this!?(Walks up to it, and it shines brightly)
Rose: (Thinking to herself) [Such a coincidence...! It can't be...or is this fate!?]
Lavitz backs off a little from the Dragoon Spirit
Dart: Lavitz, maybe you too are....
Rose: (Nods) Dart is right, the Dragoon Spirit of the Jade Dragon recognized you as the next master.
Lavitz: (Slowly shakes his head) I am...a Dragoon? I deserve to rule Dragons?
Rose: (Shakes her head) Not only do you "deserve", but you have an obligation to accept your fate as a Dragoon, don't you?
Lavitz: The Dragoon Spirit falls to the ground. He picks it up and it radiates in his hands. He nods at Rose It's what Greham left for me. I understand. I accept it! The fate of a Dragoon! I will use this power for justice! (Turns to Dart and Shana) Like Dart and Rose!
Dart nods
Rose: (Shakes her head a little) [Use for justice? Huh!]
Shana: (Walks up to Lavitz, and he turns to her) Good for you, Lavitz. (Lavitz nods. Shana doubles over) Ahh...
Dart: (Runs up to Shana and kneels next to her) Shana!?
Shana: I can't...breathe.
Dart: To much poison!? (Stands up and turns to Lavitz)
Lavitz: (Shrugs) We cannot make it overt Villude carrying Shana. Then, we have to go to Lohan!
Dart: Lohan....that commercial town!?
Lavitz: (Nods) Yes, that's it. I heard there is a great doctor there!
Dart: (Nods, turns to Shana) Hurry!

In Lohan...

Dart is carrying Shana, moves out of the way as a carriage comes through
Dart: What a crowd, and we are in the middle of a war.
Shana: It's true....If I were fine, it would be...fun....
Dart: You'll get well soon! (Carries her to the doctor)

At Doctor Sanator's house...Shana is lying in bed and Sanator is looking down at her

Sanator: I couldn't believe it was Dragon's poison until I saw it with my own eyes. I have never seen such symptoms. (Dart turns to Sanator, and Sanator to Dart) There is nothing wrong with the body...at least that's how it seems. But her consciousness has closed inward after she arrived here. It seems the mind is poisoned, not the body. I don't think the clinic can help her. I'm sorry, but in this condition, it could be a week, if she is lucky.
Dart: (Throws his fists) Can't you do something!?
Sanator: (Turns back to Shana) I'll do everything I can. What was such a cute girl doing with a legendary monster?
Lavitz: (Walks up to Sanator) She fought against it to save the country! Think hard! Is there anything you can do!?
Sanator: Hold on. (Leaves, then comes back) If we can get some Dragoni Plant, she may survive.
Dart: (Walks up to him) Really!?
Sanator: I read it in a secret heirloom book. The problem is, as with Dragons, Dragoni Plant exists only in legend. I cannot say for sure if it really exists.
Dart: Even so....We cannot wait like this, doing nothing!(Turns to Lavitz) Let's go look for Dragoni Plant on our own! We at least might be able to find something in this town!
Lavitz: (Turns to Dart and nods) Lohan is a commercial town where everybody is welcome. There should be some information here!
Sanator: Although it is temporary, I will try to stanch the poisoning. I am not called the best doctor in Serdio for nothing! I will rise to the occasion!
Lavitz and Dart turn to Sanator and nod, then they leave with Rose following

They arrive in Dabas' Shop

Dabas: Welcome...? Hey!!
Dart: (Surprised) Dabas!
Dabas runs up to Dart and slaps his shoulders
Lavitz: It's the goofy merchant from the other day!
Dabas: I'm glad you folks are here! Thanks for Villude, really! Now I can run my business! So, what do you want!? You can find anything at Dabas' Antiques.
Dart: (Turns to Rose and Lavitz and nods, they nod back) Do you carry herbs too?
Dabas: (Throws his hands in the air) You got it! I have everything! From extremely rare medicine to secret magical medicine!
Dart: Have you heard of the Dragoni Plant? I heard it is a very rare herb.
Dabas: Oh! The Dragoni Plant!
Dart: You have it!?
Dabas: (Turns around) No.
Dart: (Throws his fists)Dabas!!
Dabas: (Jumps and turns back to Dart) Oh no don't get mad! I was just kidding! But, let me think harder, I remember hearing about it somewhere. (Pauses, takes out a notebook) Hold on a sec. Well, in this secret notebook....Yes! It's in here! (Reads) It says, North of the poisoned forest. Past the troublesome plant. Observed Dragoni Plant in back of the Shrine!
Lavitz: It reminds me....I saw a strange plant in the back of the forest when Shana took a rest.
Rose: Oh, the one that became a monster because of the Dragon's poison....But you cannot get past it unless you purify it with something.
Lavitz: How about the Spring Water underground!? That might help the plant.
Dart: (Turns to Lavitz) That's it! (Turns to Dabas) Thanks Dabas!
They leave
Dabas: Hey!? What about shopping!? That's all!?

Later, in the Marketplace....

Street Vendor: Hey you! Hey classy brother! I have something you'll like!
Dart: (To Lavitz) That reminds me, we need something to carry the Spring Water. Let's have a look.
Lavitz nods. Lavitz and Dart walk over to the Street Vendor, Rose leans against the railing, watching
Street Vendor: That's my man! You have a sharp eye! I guarantee they are good buys!
Dart: I want a bottle to put water in. Do you have one?
Street Vendor: Sure sure! This ones' durable and the best quality you can get!
Dart: How much?
Street Vendor: *Grin* ...Surprise! It's a super bargain! How about 100000000G!
Lavitz: (Turns to Dart, and Dart to Lavitz)Let's look somewhere else.
Dart nods, and they begin to leave, but the Street Vendor jumps in front of them
Street Vendor: Hey, wait a minute! I was just kidding! Don't take me so seriously.
Dart: How much is the real price then?
Street Vendor: Yeah! It's about 3000G! Why don't ya buy it?
Dart: Shakes his hands T, too expensive!
Street Vendor: (Thinks a little)Hm....Well, I'll give you a discount. How about 2200G! 2200G!
Dart: (Crosses his arms) It's still to much.(Unfolds his arms)
Street Vendor: I'll go down to 1000G!
Dart: (Throws his arm a bit) Can't you do better than that?
Street Vendor: 500G!
Dart: (Throws his arm in the air) Drop it once more!
Street Vendor: Darn! I'm giving it away. How about 100G!
Dart: (Folds his arms)...(Unfolds his arms)
Street Vendor: Hee...hee...hee hee hee hee! (Pauses) I can't win! Take it! It's free! (Shoves the bottle into Dart's face)
Dart: Well....If you insist. I'll take it. Thanks!
They leave, the Street Vendor returns to his store

Later, at the Spring Water
Dart: (Kneels over it) Let's hope for the best with this water.
Lavitz: (Puts his hands on his hips)Hmmm, according to Dabas, we have to get rid of that plant in order to get to the shrine with Dragoni Plants.
Dart: (Collects Life Water, gets up, turns to Lavitz)Come on, let's go.
They leave

Later, at the troublesome plant

Dart: (Throws water on the plant, it falls to the ground) The plant is wilting. We can go now!

Later, at the entrance to the Shrine...they approach the door, Rose looks up at the engraving above it

Rose: That is...
Dart: (Turns to her) What's up? (Rose looks down at him, he moves in front of the door and looks up at the engraving) A sculpture of a dragon?
Lavitz: (Looks up at it, then folds his arms) Dragon....I hope nothing bad will happen.
Rose: (Turns to the others, and they to her) Take out your Dragoon Spirits.
Dart turns to Lavitz and shrugs, then they both turn to Rose and take out their Dragoon Spirits. They begin resonating, as does the engraved dragon
Dart: They are resonating together.
Lavitz: It means there is a Dragoon in there!?
Rose: (Puts away her Dragoon Spirit and walks into the Shrine) Go see it with your own eyes
Dart: (Puts his Dragoon Spirit away and turns to Lavitz) Let's move on.
Dart goes inside. Lavitz puts his Dragoon Spirit away and follows

Treasure Chests and signs:

"You lost, okay!"
"Don't mess with Sir Drake! Get out!"
"I am busy! Get out!"
"Okay Okay! Just go home!"
"It's a waste to go further. Get out!"
"You thought there's treasure, huh!?"
"Give up will ya!"
"Welcome after coming all the way here. Good boy. Now get out!"
"There's nothing in here, don't you get it!?"
"Bye bye!"
Dart: Wow! (The floor gives way and Dart falls through onto a cart. The cart goes throughout the temple and throws Dart off as it turns sharply. He flies through the trees and splashes into the water at the temple entrance) That was intense! (Gets out and shakes himself dry)
"What a merry guy you are!"

They come to a dial...

Dart: What is this...?
Lavitz: (Kneels to get a closer look)There are three rotary plates, all with numbers from one to five. (Dart turns to Lavitz, who gets up and turns back to Dart) It seems like a kind of apparatus with a numerical lock. You try Dart.
Dart: (Puts in the combo) I did it!

Later, Dart and Lavitz are looking around when knives shoot down on them. They hear laughter and a man jumps down in front of them

???: It's amazing you made it through the traps! But your luck is over! 'Cuz I won't let you go further! (Takes a step forward and swings his knives) Come on! Draw your sword!
Dart: (Throws his hands in the air) Wait! We are just here to look for the Dragoni Plant! We don't want to fight!
Drake: (Throws out his fist) You want me to believe that!? You must be after the treasure, aren't ya!?
Dart: (Runs up to Drake) That's not it!
Rose: (Turns to Drake, and him to her, and she draws her rapier and points it at him) It's quicker to beat him.
Drake: (Swings his knives) You thieves!! Now you reveal your true selves!! Prepare yourselves!! (Charges at them)

During the fight

Drake: I'll show you one of my best traps! (Takes out bombs and throws it at them)

Drake: Fine. But how about this!! (Puts up his fence) Try this trap!!

After the battle...

Drake: (On the ground) I have to protect Shirley or....
A white light shines, and a ghost appears. Dart backs off, Lavitz draws his weapons, and Rose flips her hair
Shirley: Drake...it's okay now. (Approaches them) People with Dragoon Spirits. Why are you disturbing my quiet moment?
Lavitz: (Points his spear at her) What are you!?
Dart: (Runs up to her) We are not here for that! We are here to save our friend's life!
Shirely: (Turns to him) Life of your friend?
Rose: (Walks up to Shirley) Do you remember me?
Shirley: (Looks at Rose, backs up, then comes close to her again and encircles her) You are...(Pauses, comes closer) Rose, aren't you? Oh...I understand. You have been on your sad journey since then.
Rose: (Nods) You too, Shirley.
Lavitz puts his weapon away and his hands on his hips
Dart: (Shirley turns to him) Won't you spare me some Dragoni Plant!? (Throws his fists) Shana is suffering from Dragon's poison!
Shirley: (Nods) Dragon? Oh, they are still clinging to life. ...Unfortunately, I don't have any Dragoni plant.
Dart: (Lowers his head and shakes it) Then, what about Shana?
Shirley: (Pauses) There is one way to save her.
Dart: (Runs up to her) I'll try anything! Just tell me!
Shirley holds out her Dragoon Spirit, and a white light flashes
Lavitz: (Puts his hand on his chin)Dragoon Spirit!?
Shirley: A Dragon's poison can be removed with the Dragoon Spirit of a White Silver Dragon, which is filled with healing magic. (Puts away the Dragoon Spirit) Now, I will challenge you to see if you deserve this Dragoon Spirit. Shall we begin? Try to overcome me. If you cannot do it, the girl's fate is to die.

Shirely: Dart, Lavitz. Why do you fight?
Dart and Lavitz: To protect those we love.
Shirely: Dart. Bare your heart to me. (Transforms into Shana)
Shirely (as Shana): Dart, I have been waiting. Why did you leave without saying a word?
Dart: To pursue the Black Monster.
Shirley (as Shana): The Black Monster!? Dart, what are you going to do after you find the Black Monster!?
Dart: Of course, get revenge!
Shirley (as Shana): Revenge!? Please, forget about revenge and be with me. The Black Monster or me, Dart?
Dart: Shana.
Shirley (as Shana): Really? Dart, I'm so happy! (Transforms back into Shirley) Lavitz, show me what you believe. (Transforms into King Albert)
Shirley (as King Albert): Lavitz! What are you doing here! Forget Shana and go back.
Lavitz: That's not like you!
Shirley (as King Albert): Are you disobeying my order? Lavitz! Are you disobeying my order? Choosing one over many?
Lavitz: Shana needs me!
Shirley (as King Albert): Lavitz, well said. That's the renown Knight of Serdio. Life is precious whether it is one or many. Help out with Shana. (Transforms back into Shirley)
Shirley: Dart, advancing will bring truth as well as ordeals. And you still want to go?
Dart: No matter what, I will go.
Shirley: Brave young people, what you see is the all the truth. Never gaze away. Only total acceptance brings you the way. Lavitz, I ask you. Who is the most important person for you to protect?
Lavitz: Mother.
Shirley: It's human to care about parents. You are human before being a knight. Parents care for children and a child yearns for its parent. The bonding makes a human strong. Don't forget you have somebody waiting for you. Lastly Rose, I ask you. What does life mean to you?
Rose: Nothing but sacrifice.
Shirley: Rose, I see the end to your agonizing journey. The young man there will awaken the old you, and lead you to the future. Now, illuminate the dark road with my White Silver Dragoon Spirit. The new Dragoons!

Shirley gives the White Silver Dragoon Spirit to Dart
Shirley: That was beautiful. Take this with you as I promised, but I have one favor to ask. (Dart nods, Shirley turns to Drake) He has protected my peace from countless attempts by bandits. He stood up to you for me. (Moves her arms) Please save Drake. I don't have an entity so I cannot draw on the power of the spirit.
Dart: (Holds out the White Silver Dragoon Spirit) But I don't feel any power holding it like this.
Rose: (Turns to Dart, and Shirley and Dart turn to her) Hold it up with the spirit of the Red-Eye Dragon Spirit.
Shirley turns to Dart, Dart nods and does so. The Dragoon Spirits begin to shine
Dart: This is!?
Shirley: Your Red-Eye Dragon draws the healing power of the White Silver Dragoon Spirit.
Drake: Ah...Ahhhh....(Sits up) Am I...alive? (Stands up)
Shirley: Good.
Drake jumps in front of Shirley, then looks at Rose, then at Dart
Dart: We can save her with this! (They all look at Shirley)
Shirley: Dart, gazing at the truth sometimes brings pain, but you will be able to overcome it.
Dart nods, Shirley turns to Rose, then floats away and a white light shines. Drake runs away, covering his eyes
Shirley: Farewell Rose. I am looking forward to the date our roads of fate cross again. (The light fades and she is gone)
Dart: Shirley!?
Rose: (Turns to Dart, and him to her) She is headed to the place where she belongs.
Dart: (Nods) Let's go. Shana is waiting.
Dart and Lavitz leaves, Rose looks up at the sky

Later, back in Lohan

Sanator: (Turns to Dart, Lavitz, and Rose as they enter) Did you find a Dragoni Plant!?
Dart: (Shakes his head and walks over to the Sanator, pulls out the White Silver Dragoon Spirit) But with this....(Gives Shana the White Silver Dragoon Spirit) We should be able to save her. (Walks over to Lavitz and nods, who nods back. The White Silver Dragoon Spirit begins to glow brightly)
Sanator: What?!
Dart: Wh, what!?
Lavitz: (Walks up to Shana) I thought the power cannot be released without the help from another spirit, right?
Rose: ...
The light fills the room, and when it fades Shana is sitting up
Dart: Shana!
Shana: (Looks down at the Dragoon Spirit) Dart, what is this?
Dart: It's the Dragoon Spirit of the White Silver Dragon. (Turns to Lavitz and Rose) I wonder if Shana is!?
Lavitz: (Turns to Rose) A Dragoon!
Rose: (Turns away) Otherwise, this much power wouldn't be drawn. Shana purged the poison with her own power.
Sanator moves over to Shana, and Dart and Lavitz move around
Sanator: It's ture. Her spirit is back in her body. The poison is completely gone!
Shana: Dart....What is going on?
All the Dragoon Spirits start resonating
Dart: I don't know if it is a coincidence or fate, but you were saved with this power, Shana. Do you feel it? This is the power of the Dragon...
The lights begin to fade, only the White Silver Dragoon Spirit is still shining
Shana: Yes, I feel it. The warm power of a Dragon....Not only powerful, but very tender.
Sanator: Ex, Excuse me, it's too bright and I cannot see! Can you do something about it!?
Shana: Oh! Sorry! (Puts her Dragoon Spirit away and looks down)
Dart: Can you get up?
Shana: (Gets out of bed, walks over to Dart, and spins around) See. I'm fine now!
Dart: (Turns to Sanator) Doctor....About this, I don't know what to say.
Sanator: (Turns to Dart) I wouldn't understand even if you told me. It's enough just seeing a miracle with my own eyes! It was worth waiting this long! (Pauses, turns away) In addition, I don't need any reward. Just end the war quickly. That'll do.
Dart: There is no more threat of the Dragon. The rest will be taken care of by King Albert soon.
Sanator: I see....Hmm, you defeated that Dragon. (Nods, turns back to Dart) Hmmm, you may win your way through to a pretty good level. Wait, not only that. You might be able to win the title of the strongest in the world!
Dart: (Turns to Lavitz, and Lavitz to Dart) The strongest in the world? (Turns back to the Sanator)
Sanator: Are you interested, huh? (Pauses) Well, you are just in time for the Hero Competition. Daredevils are coming from all over the world to compete with their brawn and brains. If you are interested, go to the Arena. I am looking forward to seeing the match.

They leave

Later, near the arena entrance, Dart approaches a Minitos

Uncanny Minitos: (Jumps up onto a box) Hey Hey hold on!! Yo brother, Are you just playing games in the arena? Or participating in the Hero Competition, huh? Take a look at this!! Believe it or not!! It's a ticket with the backside front and the frontside back!!
Dart: (Taps his foot)...
Uncanny Minitos: It's rare stuff!! It's unique!! Totally precious!! How about that? Why don't you buy it for 50G?
Dart: What is?
Uncanny Minitos: Uh huh!?
Dart: the difference from a regular ticket?
Uncanny Minitos: Oh. (Turns around) Uggggghhhh! Ohhh noooo!! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!! The Stupid Street Vendor!! (Jumps off the box and turns to Dart) My name is Pelpee!! Thanks brother!! Bye!! (Leaves)

Later, in the Arena at the registration desk

Ginger: Hey, if any of you people out there are live fast die young types, and want to test your courage, step up and fill out the application! My advice to those of you who are feeble, cowards, or have cold feet, don't register. I guarantee you will die. So you'll register now?
Dart: I'll participate.
Ginger: That's my man! And, who will be participating?
Dart: Of course I am. (Turns to Lavitz) Hey Lavitz. Don't go easy on me.
Lavitz: (Folds his arms) I'm not participating.
Dart: What?
Lavitz: I am a Knight of Basil. I am not eligible to participate in these kinds of competitions.
Dart turns to Rose
Rose: I won't either. I don't like the word "dude". Besides, it'll spoil the competition if I participate. I'm too good.
Shana: (Runs up to Dart) Good luck!
Lavitz: (Unfolds his arms)We will be watching from up there. (Rose and Shana leave. Lavitz starts to follow, but turns to Dart). Don't embarrass yourself in front of Shana. (Dart waves his hand at Lavitz. Lavitz runs up to him) (Just don't turn yourself into a Dragoon. It'll create a big mess.)(Leaves)
Dart nods as Lavitz leaves, then turns to Ginger
Ginger: When you are ready, go to the waiting room! We'll be waiting for you!
Dart nods and enters the waiting room

In waiting room

Wandering Warrior: What!! Old Geezer!! Say that agin!!
Dart enters
????: Martial abilities mature along with the spirit. You have such an immature spirit. You are not a match for me.
Wandering Warrior: (Turns away for a moment, then back at the old man) Urrggghh!! I can't stand it anymore!! I'll settle up with you here!! (Goes to attack the old man, but the old man punches him square in the face, knocking the Wandering Warrior to the ground)
????: Gwa! I told you so. You have to respect old people.
Dart: (Walks up to old man)Haschel!!
Haschel: (Turns to Dart) Oh!? Oh!! It's you Dart!!
Dart: You'll never change.
Haschel: (Turns to the knocked-out Wandering Warrior) Well, I taught him some courtesy. That's all. Hmm, you...have become tougher since the last time I saw you.
Dart: You too Haschel, you look even stronger.
Haschel: Ha ha ha! Even if you flatter me, I won't go easy on you!
Dart: I know. I missed you, man. Talking to you reminds me of our journey together.
Haschel: (Turns to Dart) That reminds me....What happened to...that black whachamacallit?
Dart shakes his head
Ginger: Enters Gents! The time has come to decide the strongest in Endiness! Enter the arena when you are ready!! (She leaves, several others follow)
Haschel: (Turns to Dart) Don't lose before our match! (Leaves) This is it, here I come!
Attendant: It's the first round. Are you ready?
Dart: Yeah!
Attendant: Are you tensed up? It's natural when this is your first time. Take it easy!
Dart enters the Arena, his sword drawn, and battles Gorgaga

During First Round

Gorgaga: Eat this! (Throws poison at Dart)
Dart: Is this poison!? It's foul play!!
Gorgaga: Hee Hee Hee. Winning is winning.

After Gorgaga loses

Gorgaga: Darn! You just wait!! (Runs away)
Crowd cheers, Dart waves and leaves


Attendant: It was a great victory over Gorgaga. Are you ready for the second round?
Dart: Yeah!
Attendant: You are relaxed a little. But still stiff. A deep breath....maybe isn't necessary. Here you go!
Dart enters the Arena, his sword drawn, and battles Serfius

During Second Round

Serfius: Powerful, as I expected. Fine. I'll show you my true skill. (Casts spell)

After Serfius loses

Serfius: Agh! To powerful....
Crowd cheers, Dart waves and leaves


Attendant: Your chances are very good, because you defeated the famous Servius! Are you ready for the third round!?
Dart: Yeah!
Attendant: You've warmed up haven't you! Give it your best shot for your friends upstairs! Come on, let's begin!

Dart enters the Arena, his sword drawn, and battles Danton

After Danton Loses

Danton: It cannot be.
Crowd cheers, Dart waves and leaves


Attendant: Next is the semifinals! Your match is with last year's champion's victim, Atlow! Even though he lost, he is pretty strong!
Dart: Yeah!
Attendant: The only thing I can say now is it's a game of chance! Good luck!

Dart enters the Arena, his sword drawn, and battles Atlow

During Fourth Round
Atlow: It's show time! (Shoots Dart) Next! (Shoots Dart again)

After Atlow loses

Atlow: What a monster! Nobody should be able to get up after that!
The crowd cheers, Dart waves and leaves

In the waiting room

Dart: (Approaches Haschel) Hey Haschel! At last we can meet in the final match!
Haschel: (Scratches his head) Well...the world is still to be explored. Ha Ha Ha.
Dart: (Steps a bit closer to Haschel) No, did you lose?
Haschel: He was a tremendous sword master. I think...his name was Lloyd or something. Think of him as a test for yourself, and just do it. (Haschel and Dart turn to see Lloyd enter. Lloyd faces away from them and folds his arms) Speak of the devil.
Dart: (To Lloyd) My name is Dart. We will meet in the final match. Let's have a good one.
Lloyd: (Unfolds his arms and turns to Dart) Indeed. I dedicate this match to what fate has in store for us.
Dart: What?
Ginger: Enters Here is the gong to determine the strongest! No time for holding back anymore! The crowd is on the edge of their seats! (Lloyd and Ginger leave)
Haschel: It comes from the heart, after all.
Dart turns to Haschel, nods, then turns to the Attendant
Attendant: I now am one of your fans. Your way of fighting, sword use, defense, talking, everything is fabulous. Now the finals are next!! Come on!!
Dart: Yeah!
Attendant: I knew it would happen. I'm not going to stop you! For your friends, claim the title and come back here!!

Dart enters the arena, sword drawn, and battles Lloyd

During Final Round

Dart runs to attack Lloyd, but misses
Lloyd: Too slow.
Dart: It's too fast! I can't read the moves!! (Tries to attack again, but misses again)
Lloyd: Miss. (Attacks Dart)
Dart: What swordsmanship! It's humanly impossible!!

Later in the Final Round

Lloyd: It's pathetic, and out of question. (Special attacks Dart)

Again later

Lloyd: It's about time (Delivers the final blow, Dart falls to his knees, and Lloyd walks away)

Later, in the Arena...Dart, Lloyd, and Haschel stand along with two guards and Ginger. They are all facing the crowd
Ginger: Here are the results of the annual Endiness Hero Competition! The victor, is the Platinum-haired swordsman, Lloyd!!! The toughest and strongest man in all of Endiness!!!
Trumpets fanfare and crowd cheers. Ginger runs over to Dart
Ginger: Second is Dart the "Young Flame"!!
Crowd cheers and he waves. Ginger runs over to Haschel
Ginger: Third place goes to Haschel, the "Master of the Rogue Art"!!
Crowd cheers, and he waves. Lloyd leaves, Haschel and Dart follow him into the waiting room
Dart: I was totally defeated.
Lloyd: (Back is turned)You haven't reached your limits. You will be stronger. You will have to be. (Turns to Haschel) You too. You'll become stronger.
Haschel: You flatter me.
Lavitz enters the waiting room
Lavitz: Come out quickly. Everybody is waiting for you, Dart. In particular, Shana! (Lloyd begins to leave, but Lavitz speaks to him) I watched your match with Dart. I would love to have a match with you if this were a time of peace.
Lloyd: (Turns to Lavitz) Sorry, but you are no match for me.
Lavitz: It's hard to take, but it must be true. Someday, if we meet, please accept my challenge. I'll be stronger too.
Lloyd: (Turns away) I'll think about it. (Leaves)
Dart: It's not only you, Lavitz, who needs more discipline. I couldn't keep up with him either.
Haschel: Me neither. Ha ha ha.
Lavitz: (Turns to Haschel) You must be the Master Haschel of the Rogue School.
Haschel nods
Dart: I didn't introduce you to everybody, yet. (Pauses) Why don't we go outside? I want you to meet my friends.
Haschel: Interesting! The lone wolf Dart has "friends"! Let me see your friends!

Later, when Dart reunites with Shana and Rose

Shana: (Jumps up and down) Dart!! Congratulations on second place!
Dart: (Runs over to her) Thanks. I wish I could have won first prize for you.
Shana: It's okay, Dart. You looked very cool! Besides, just having you safe is enough for me. (Turns to Haschel) Oh, this person?
Haschel: You only watched Dart, didn't you? Oh well. (Laughs) Ha ha ha. Don't worry. It's universal. Girls in love are blind!
Dart: (Turns to Haschel) It's not that. You haven't changed, Haschel. Turns back to Shana He's never serious except when he is fighting.
Haschel: (Turns to Dart, then back to Shana) Well, it's not....It's true. But the goal of my journey is a serious one. I am looking for my daughter who ran away.
Dart: It was around four years ago. We met when I was on my quest pursuing the Black Monster.
Rose: (Puts her hand to her chin) [Black...Monster.]
Haschel: (Turns to Rose) The tootsie over there is your friend too?
Rose: Don't "tootsie" me. My name is Rose.
Haschel: (Looks at Shana and Rose several times, then to Dart) Well, which one is Dart's sweetheart?
Dart: (Taken aback) Wha, What are you talking about! Besides, I told you about Shana many times!
Haschel: (Turns around) Did you? So, you still think of her as your baby sister?
Dart: (Shrugs, hears Shana giggling and turns to her) Stop that.
Lavitz: (Scratches his head, then walks over to Dart) Hey Dart. Here is the plan. Why don't you go around the arena just with Shana? Then, I can go out with Rose. (Walks up to Rose)
Rose: What? (Lavitz begins to drag her away, but she turns to him and knocks him flat on his face) (Why do I have to go with you?)
Lavitz: (Gets up) (Just pretending. Really.)
Shana: Dart ....(Dart turns to Shana) It's a good chance. Can we do it?
Rose and Lavitz turn to them
Haschel: Shall we go? (Begins to walk away with Shana)
Lavitz: (Runs up to Haschel and Shana) I didn't mean you, Master Haschel!
Haschel: (Turns to Lavitz, and Dart does the same) Oh yeah? It seems Dart cannot make up his mind so I thought I could do it for him.
Lavitz turns to Dart, nods, and gives him three tickets
Dart: (Scratches his head and walks up to Shana) I guess. We haven't had any time to relax. Shall we?
Shana turns to him and nods

Later, after they play a game...they rejoin Lavitz

Lavitz: Are you okay with that?
Dart: (Nods) I got enough.
Lavitz: (To Shana) Had some fun?
Shana: Yes. Thank you, Lavitz.
Dart: (Folds his arms) Now, we gotta get back to Bale otherwise, we'll be late with our report to King Albert.
Lavitz: (Scratches his head)Dart, come this way. (They leave the Arena)

Outside the Arena

Lavitz: Did you do something about it?
Dart: I didn't do anything.
Lavitz: (Is silent for a moment) "Anything"? You didn't even take her hand?
Dart: (Turns away and taps his foot) Shana is not a baby anymore. I don't need to go hand in hand. (Goes over to an animal in a cage and looks at it)
Lavitz: (Folds his arms)Dart, are you getting what I am talking about?
Dart: (Hesitates) I guess. (Gets up, turns to Lavitz. Pauses) But Shana is like a baby sister to me. I cannot change that.
Lavitz: (Unfolds his arms) I don't think Shana thinks that way.
Dart: (Turns away) When the war ends, I gotta go on my journey again. Pursuing the Black Monster...and I don't want her to be involved in that.
Lavitz: Dart. Revenge doesn't solve anything. I learned that form the death of Greham, the guy who betrayed my father, the guy who defected to the Sandora.....The guy I hated. (Walks up to Dart a little) The person you should be looking for is not from your past. Right? (Dart turns to Lavitz, Lavitz begins to leave) You should pay attention to the present. (Turns back to Dart) I'll accept a couple of drinks for this advice. When the war ends, let's have a drink in Bale. (Leaves back into the Areana)
Dart: He, Hey, Wait!! Lavitz....(Runs after him)

Later, as they leave Lohan...

Voice: Yeek!!
Dying Knight of Basil enters
Knight: Urgh! (Falls to the ground)
Lavitz: (Runs up to him and kneels) You, you are a Knight of Basil!! What has happened!?
Kight of Basil: (Gets up a little) Sir...Lavitz? I'm...glad....At least I won't die in vain....
Lavitz: What's going on!?
Knight of Basil: Sandoras...surprised us with an attack....His Majesty Albert...is in captivity....
Lavitz: What!?
Dart walks over to the Knight and kneels
Knight of Basil: The King...Hellena....(Dies)
Dart gets up and shakes his head
Lavitz: King Albert!! I am coming now!! (Begins to run out of Lohan, but Dart catches him)
Dart: Calm down Lavitz!! Pull yourself together!!
Lavitz: Let me go!!! I gotta go! King Albert!!!
Haschel runs up, does a backflip over both Dart and Lavitz so that he lands in front of Lavitz, and punches him hard in the stomach
Lavitz: Ou...!! (Falls unconscious)
Haschel: Sorry about that.

Later, in the clinic, Lavitz is lying in bed with the others around him

Lavitz: I am....(Gets up) King Albert!!
Haschel: (Folds his arms) You idiot!! (Turns and walks away a bit) When knights lose self-control, their lord cannot be saved. (Lavitz lowers his head) Only you can save King Albert now.
Lavitz looks up at Haschel
Haschel: While you were sleeping, I went to get a feel for the situation. (Walks over to a chair and sits down) Bale is under occupation. So, I don't think the remaining knights can do anything.
Lavitz: (Runs over to Haschel) What about King Albert!?
Haschel: He offered himself up as a captive so that the people in Basil could be safe.
Lavitz: (Turns to the dresser and bangs on it) Just because I defeated a dragon...!! Why was I all whooped up!!
Haschel: (Gets up and turns to Lavitz) There is no time for procrastination.
Lavitz turns to Haschel, then to Dart
Dart: There is no choice. We must venture forth to Hellena!
Lavitz turns to Haschel
Haschel: We are taking the king back, aren't we?
Lavitz turns to Shana
Shana: We still have time!
Lavitz turns to Rose
Rose: If you are going to go, make up your mind quickly.
Lavitz: (Looks down at the ground a moment, then back up) Yeah!! That's right!! We are still here!! (Everybody nods. Lavitz turns to Haschel) But how about you, Master Haschel?
Haschel: (Nods) I've gone too far, I might as well just go too.
Lavitz: What about your dauthter!?
Haschel: (Throws his hands in the air) Don't mind me. I have already been looking for her for 20 years. Going with you for a little while won't make any difference.
Lavitz: (Bows his head) Master Haschel, I cannot thank you enough.
Haschel: (Turns, walks away a bit)Don't worry about it. But can you call me just Haschel? Master Haschel makes me feel uneasy...that includes you too, Shana. (Turns to Shana)
Lavitz raises his head
Shana: Okay Haschel!
Haschel: (Walks over to Shana. Shana spins) It feels good to be called by my first name by a young girl.
Lavitz: Now! As soon as we are ready, let's head for Hellena!!
Dart nods and they all leave
Sanator: I'll have lots of things to do.

Later, in Seles

Dart and Shana enter Seles. Shana looks around, horrified. They both shake their heads. Shana runs off
Dart: Shana!
Shana continues looking around in disbelief. Dart puts his hands on his hips and watches her. She lowers her head and shakes it
Shana: This is....Seles!? (Begins to cry)
Dart shakes his head and walks over to her)
Dart: After we finish this journey, let's come back. (Looks up at the broken church) We will rebuild the village together.
Shana: (Nods) Yes. (They leave)

In Hellena

A cart enters Hellena. As Dart and Lavitz enter, the bridge begins to close
Dart: The bridge is being raised!! Lavitz jumps and catches the bridge Lavitz!!
Lavitz: It's nothing!! (Enters Hellena. The clash of metal is heard as Lavitz fights off the guards and then opens the bridge) Go!!
They run into Hellena


Fruegel: (Walks up to King Albert, who is half-naked and his hands are tied behind his back) Hee hee hee hee! It will be dawn soon! (Albert doesn't say anything) I am such a nice guy aren't I? Letting you see the sun before you die! (Fruegel swings his club) Say something!! (Albert still doesn't say anything)
Hellena Warden A: Bu, but the order says leave him alive.
Fruegel: (Turns to the Warden) Shut up!! When the sun rises!! This guy will be...mine from that moment!! (Turns to Albert) Say something, huh!? King!!
Albert: (Pauses) I don't have a means to speak with vulgar men.
Fruegel: (Walks up to him and swings his club) And you will be killed by that "vulgar" man!! Well at least you are not alone. Those guys from Bale, will come after you soon!!
Albert: How...how villainous!! What about the promise to not hurt people!? I didn't know Doel had become so ruthless!!
Fruegel: We just want your "body"! I don't know about the rest!! Hee hee hee hee!!
Hellena Warden B: (Runs in) Intruders are here!! They are coming this way headed by Lavitz and a man in red armor!!
Albert: (Turns to the Warden) Lavitz!! (Turns away)
Fruegel: The head of the knights and the red one!!! That's interesting. (Turns and walks away) They might be the saving stars for you, but you won't have a chance to see them. Both the stars and you will be gone when the sun rises!! (Turns to Albert) Hee hee hee hee!!!!

Later, Dart approaches the merchant

Merchant: It's you again, making noise like that!? (Looks around, then walks up to Dart) Call me again if you want something, okay?(Leaves)

They approach a grate, a whistle blows, and guards surround them

Hellena Warden: Thank you for coming all the way here!!
Lavitz: An ambush, huh? (Swings his spear) Take us to King Albert!! Or it'll be your last breath!!(Points is spear out)
Hellena Warden: Hmm. Brave, brave. (Points his weapon) You still don't know who you are and where you are.
Dart: (Turns to the warden) I don't want to have a needless battle! Shut up and get out of our way!
Hellena Warden: (Relaxes his weapon) We know how strong you are. But it doesn't make any difference because you are still just feed!!
A different guard opens the grate below them and they fall
Dart: Shoot!

After a few minutes, they all get up

Dart: Everybody alright!? (Runs over to Shana)
Shana: I'm fine.
Lavitz: (Folds his arms) This is not even a problem. (They all scatter, looking for an exit)
Haschel: Sandora is such a coward. Making a trap like that without fighting....
Rose: Well, it is one way to fight. It's our own fault for being trapped.
Haschel: You are harsh.
They all start to search
Dart walks up to Lavitz
Lavitz: We have to go to save King Albert as soon as possible!!
Haschel: ...
Rose: I feel something is wrong.
Shana: I feel a draft from the gap.
Dart: (Goes up to the gap) It's true.(Turns to Shana) The draft is coming from here!
Lavitz: (Runs over to Dart and Shana) then, if we move the rock there should be a way out!!
Haschel: (Turns to a voice roaring) It seems we have to welcome unwanted guests before that.
Rose: (Runs over to Haschel and draws her rapier) Well, we are supposed to be feed. We have everything we need.
They all turn to the monster
Dart: Coming!

Battle begins

During the battle

Dart: This is Jiango! If we put him to sleep, we can beat him easily!

After the battle, a door opens up

Lavitz: We made it!
Dart: There is no enemy in front of us!
Lavitz: Yeah!
Haschel: (Looks over at doorway) Look at that! The monster fell and the rock collapsed!
They all look at the door, then turn to each other
Lavitz: (Nods) Let's go!!
They leave, but Shana hesitates. Haschel turns to her
Haschel: Shana, is something wrong?
Shana: Men can have a great friendship.
Haschel: It's about Dart and Lavitz, isn't it.
Shana: They understand each other without a word. Man and woman cannot be like that. I envy them a little bit.
Haschel: What about with Dart?
Shana: I...still don't know yet. He seems to have been thinking about me as his "sister".
Dart: (Rushes back in) Shana! Is anything wrong!?
Shana: No! Nothing! I'm coming!
They leave

Later...they come across Hellena Wardens and both draw their weapons

Hellena Warden B: It cannot be!
Hellena Warden A: How are they still alive!?
Hellena Warden B: No way! They beat that monster?
Dart comes closer and they back away
Hellena Warden A: No!! No, we won't let them go further!!



Fruegel: (Watching the sun) The sun is rising. (Turns to King Albert) It's good for you! You die and the war ends! (Pauses, Albert says nothing) That was your wish wasn't it? You want to end the war don't you? I'll make your dream come true very soon. Hee hee hee hee!!
Albert: (Looks up at Fruegel, then down again) Agh, I am vexed!!
Fruegel: (Turns to the side) It's unfortunate for Lord Doel, but I cannot wait for the one with the silver hair!! (Turns back to King Albert) I just want to kill you so badly!! When I see the smallest glimpse of the sun, I'll cut your head off for ya!! Gets hit with an arrow UUURRGGGHHH!!
Lavitz and company rush into the scene
Lavitz: King Albert!!! (Turns to Fruegel) I won't forgive you!!!
Fruegel: (Walks up to them) Tut. Those rats came on time. It doesn't matter. (Raises his club) I'll get you all before Albert!!


During fight
Fruegel: Rodrieguz, attack!
Fruegel: Eat this! (Attacks with a rock)

After fight

Lavitz and the others back off, but turn when they hear King Albert scream
King Albert: Argggghhhh!!
The Man in the Hood is standing behind him, pulling something out of King Albert's back. The Man in the Hood removes his hand, and Albert falls to the ground
Man in Hood: (Looks down at what he pulled out of King Albert's back) I knew it was here. Moon Gem.
Albert looks up at the Man in Hood
Dart: Moon Gem!?
Lavitz: (Running at full speed towards King Albert) Ahhhhhh!! (Jumps into the air and Transforms into a Dragoon)
The Man in Hood looks up at Lavitz. He throws his cape aside. A light forms near his hands and becomes a sword. Lavitz zooms towards the Man in Hood, but the Man in Hood pulls his hand back. Lavitz tries to hit the Man in Hood but misses, and instead the Man in Hood throws his sword into Lavitz's body
Dart: Laviiiiitz!!
Lavitz falls to the ground
Rose: The sword!
The hood falls back, revealing Lloyd's face
Dart: Lloyd!!
Lloyd looks at them a moment, then retreats
Dart: (Running to Lavitz) Laviiiiitz!! (Picks up Lavitz's body) Lavitz, Hang on!! Hey!
Lavitz: (Looks up to Dart) Is His Majesty Albert alright?
Dart: (Nods) Yes, yes. (Grabs Lavitz's hand)
Lavitz: I see. I can entrust you with everything.
Albert: Lavitz....
Lavitz: Dart, survive...and...(Tries to grasp Dart's hand tightly, but he dies)
Albert turns his head aside. Shana cries on Rose's shoulder
Dart: (Looking down at Lavitz) Lavitz...?
Lavitz's body begins to glow green, and the Dragoon Spirit leaves his body and goes to Albert. Rose and Shana watchm.
Albert: (Reaches out to catch the Dragoon Spirit) Lavitz, thank you. (Brings the Dragoon Spirit close to his head)
Dart: (Clenches Lavtizm's body a little, then looks up to the sky) Laaaaaviiiiiiitz!!

Later, in Seles

Albert: I still have someplace for shelter....
Dart: (Looks at an underground storage unit) We can hide underneath here.
Shana, Dart, and Haschel all move aside rubble. Albert joins them
Albert: I'll help.
Dart: (Looks at Albert, waves his hands) I cannot let you! (Walks in front of Albert)
Albert: Let me do it. When I am moving like this, I don't feel pain.
Dart turns to him and nods. They continue moving aside rubble and enter the storage unit
Shana: (Turns to Dart) But, we are still alive. (Pauses) Being alive means we can do anything we want, right? I think it is enough for now. ... I think Lavitz would agree with me.
Albert: (Gets up) *Grins* It reminds me of what Lavitz happily told me about you. That he had met "guys he could finally call friends." (Moment of silence) Now, I understand why. (Looks down, then walks up to Dart and Shana) Dart, Shana, Haschel, and Rose, Lavitz was my most loyal and strongest knight, and at the same time, he was my precious friend. Yes, he was a great "guy". I would like to show you my gratitude. Thank you.
Another moment of silence. They all turn to Rose
Albert: I owe you and Lavitz a debt of gratitude.
Dart: (Shakes his head) Lavitz is no more....
Rose: He was out of luck. I didn't know he had the Dragon Buster. If I had known, I would have stopped Lavitz.
Dart: Dragon Buster? What are you talking about?
Rose: (Stands up and turns to them) It's a weapon from the old world made only to kill Dragons. (Shakes her head) Even with the almightly Dragoon Armor, it is a mere shroud in front of a Dragon Buster.
Dart: (Clenches his fists) Lloyd....What kind of plot is he weaving? (Turns to Haschel) Now it is more complicated then simply looking for you daughter.
Haschel: I am okay. I can go look for her some other time. But we have something we have to do now. You found the way thanks to Shana, didn't you? (Dart nods) The only thing left is...which way to go.
Dart nods again, then walks over to Shana
Shana: We are not going to be like this forever, right?
Dart nods, goes over to Rose
Dart: I feel sorry for making you accompany us into such a mess.
Rose: I am the one following you. (Pauses) Anyway, Basil will be finished soon if we don't do something. (Dart shakes his head) I am looking forward to watching what you will do in the future.
Albert: I guees I have to talk about it with you. (They all turn to him) The truth about what Lloyd took from me....Everything about it.... (They all nod. Albert looks to them and nods, then sits down) The story goes back 11,000 years...Winglies who ruled the earth were defeated in the Dragon Campaign and disappeared. However, their sacred objects were scattered around the world. There contained their magic power concealed in them which only they could use. One of them was handed down in Serdio, and it has been sealed inside the body of each crown heir, because of the fear that the power could bring evil. (Lowers his head, then looks up at them) The sacred object is the secret treasure of Serdio which has been taken. The Moon Gem.
Rose: (Gets up) Where did Lloyd find out about it?
Albert: (Stands up and turns to her) I was foolish. I bought his intelligence and employed him as an advisor. Probably, he was employed by Imperial Sandora.
Rose: That's right. Once he obtains the secret reassure, he is the crown heir of Serdio in both name and reality. The birth of the Conqueror King Doel. That would be the end of Basil.
Dart: (Turns to Rose) His Majesty King Albert is alive here. The war is not over yet! Basil is not finished!
Rose: What is a king to do if he doesn't have a castle to go back to and a large force to protect him?
Dart lowers and shakes his head
Albert: Indeed, I am helplessly alone. (Walks over to Rose, then back to Dart) However, as the Dragoons of yore lead Humans to victory....(Takes out his Dragoon Spirit, as does Shana, Dart, and Rose, and they all resonate) We still have a chance to overcome. (They all put their Dragoon Spirits away) We have only one target. Emperor Doel in the Black Castle.
Rose: You have such a daring strategy. But it's not bad.
Shana: Let's do it!
Dart: (Nods) We can do this together!
Haschel: (Punches the air) My iron fist might be able to help you.
Albert: (Silent for a moment, then nods) I will show them the full force of my lance, which I learned how to use from Lavitz!
Dart: (Nods) Lavitz! We won't let your death be in vain!
They leave

Meanwhile, in the Black Castle...Emperor Doel is meeting with Lloyd in Doel's Throne room

Emperor Doel: It seems Hellena fell.
Lloyd: Don't be so anxious. I got what I need.
Emperor Doel: Leaving the girl at large is one of your schemes, huh?
Lloyd: It's none of your business.Emperor Doel: (Silent for a moment) Doesn't matter. I will soon hold sway over all Serdio. And, your plan will be completed.
Lloyd: (Turns around) No. It's just the beginning (Pauses) At least be careful not to get carried away. (Leaves) Don't be burned in a red fire.
Emperor Doel: Nobody can stop me. (Stands up from his throne) I will not, even if I sell my soul to the devil.

In Kazaz at the Mercenary registration

Mercenary A: Are you here to register as well?
Dart: (Nods)Yeah.
Mercenary A: (Nears Dart) A little punk like you would be a drag on everybody!! I know what you are thinking. You want to make a killing by taking advantage of victory, don't ya!! (Mercenary B enters) I just registered! It'll be easy money for me!
Mercenary B: (Looks at Dart, then to the Sandoran Soldier, then walks up to Mercenary A)What are you talking about?
Mercenary A: What do ya mean "What"? It's the registration to be a mercenary. You said let's rake in some money by joining the Sandoras.
Mercenary B: (Looks at the Sandoran Soldier, then Dart, then back to Mercenary A) Hey, you can't feel so confident anymore!! Somebody defeated the Dragon! In addition, Hellena has fallen!
Mercenary A: (Looks around a bit, then goes to the Sandoran Soldier) I don't want to register! I take it back!! What!? You can't do it!? Why!! My grandpa is sick!! (Looks over to Mercenary B) See! This is my brother! He came here to get me! Well, so long then. (They leave)
Reception: (Turns to Dart) We only get that kind, recently. I'm telling you. Change your mind. You're gonna get sent to the front line as soon as you sign up. (Dart walks up to him) Don't make such a face. If you have money problems, I give ya this. Take it. (Gives Dart 100G)

Later...at the weapons shop...

Mysterious Adventurer: Can I walk to you a little? You guys look like adventurers too. (Dart turns to him) Well well! I can tell just from how you look. (Walks up to Dart) In addition, you have been on a very risky adventure. Well well! I can smell it from your aura. By the way, I have a great story to tell you because you appreciate the real stuff. (Leans closer to Dart) Just between you and me, I defeated the Dragon, Feyrbrand.
Dart: ...
Mysterious Adventurer: Oh, you don't trust me. Then, take a look at this. This is the feather of Feyrbrand. Whoa, don't tough it. You'll be poisoned by it. You trust me, right? Now, I want to introduce this great product to you. It's a powerful drug that even beats Dragons, the dragon beater!! For a limited offer, I'll give you this dragon's feather for free!
Knight of Sandora enters
Knight of Sandora: Is there a guy who defeated Feyrbrand in here!? (Approaches Dart. The Mysterious Adventurer tries to get away, but the Knight catches him and grapples him) It must be you!! Come with us!!
Mysterious Adventurer: Wait, wait a minute!! I'm just a "businessman"!! I was lying about the Dragon!!
They leave. Dart shrugs

Later, at the castle entrance, Dart and the others see guards patrolling the bridge

Dart: I don't think breaking through from the front gate will work.
Albert: Let's do some more research. We may find a good way to sneak in.
Dart nods. They leave

Later, they come across a boy guarding an exit

??: Welcome to the ruins of the underground fortress. You guys look like new faces. You want to join the New Serdio Party, don't you? I want to let you in, but I need to ask three questions. I have to check you out. First question. Which country do you want to win, Basil or Sandora?
Dart: I cannot say which. The important thing is to end the war as soon as possible, not winning or losing.
??: I think so too. Always hate or spite remains after the fight, regardless of whether you win or not. The second question. During the war, what should powerless kids like us do?
Dart: Take care at home. We cannot send kids to battle. But somebody has to take care so that he people fighting have someplace to come back to.
??: I agree. There are some things we too can do. The last question. Why do people have to fight?
Dart: To protect something. If "War" is to obtain or destroy something, I'll throw my sword away. I only fight to protect something.
??: I think so too!! People should only fight to protect something! I learned that from my grandpa.
Dart: You had a good grandpa, but you are...?
Popo: I am Popo. I am a representative of the New Serdio Party. I am campaigning to help people who are having hard times because of the war.
Dart and Albert turn to each other, then back to Popo
Albert: It is amazing. I heard about the party, but I didn't think the representative would be this young.
Popo: (Looks up at Albert) Oh....You....Did we meet somewhere?
Albert: We've never met before, but you might know my face. I am Albert, the King of Basil.
Popo: (Shocked) Oh my god!!! You, you, you are!!! King Albert!!??

Scene switches. They are now in Popo's room, and he is doing backflips and runs up to King Albert

Popo: I've been waiting for this day to come!! The day King Albert liberates Kazas and sets us free!!
Dart: (Crosses his arms) That's what we are here for. We will end the war now.
Popo: (Looks around at the others, then back to Albert) But, I don't think these few people can break through the defenses of the Black Castle.
Albert: Don't worry. We can do it. We can't tell you how though. (Turns to the others) They say that the power once was the card that liberated Humans from Winglies. Now, it is the ace to open up our own fate.
Popo: Ah, it's like a dream!! Now I can go look for my father and mother when the war ends.
Rose: (Stands up and turns to Popo) Don't waste time babysitting like that. Why don't you think about how to get into the castle?
They all turn to her
Popo: I...I am just a kid, but I can show you how to get in the castle!!
(They all turn to Popo)
Dart: Can you!?
Popo: Yes! This place used to be a fortress, so there is a secret path to get to the Black Castle!
Dart: Secret path? Now we are closer to Doel!
Popo: Come with me now!! (Starts to leave)
Albert: Please wait. (Popo stops and turns back to Albert)If we fail, it'll be too risky for you. We will come back after we prepare.
Popo: I got it! I'll be waiting at the secret path! Please hurry up!! (Runs to the exit)


Popo: Are you ready to go into the Black Castle?
Dart: Yeah, I'm ready. (Turns to the others, they all nod. Dart turns to Popo) Yeah. We are ready. The only thing left is to make it to the Black Castle.
Popo: I almost gave up when I heard Bale was taken, I though all my campaigning was in vain. But I found out you are alive, Your Majesty, and we can still fight. I now see the future! Good luck!!
Dart: (Nods) yes. I will defeat Doel, and end the war.
Shana: To prevent a repetition of the sorrow of you and Seles.
Popo turns to her, then Hashcelm
Haschel: (Laughs) I guess I'll be serious for the first time in a while!
Popo turns to Albert
Albert: For the people who desire peace, I'll fight.
Popo turns to Rose
Rose: (Turns her back to Popo and throws her arms in the air, then turns back to the others) I'm going ahead. (Jumps down)
Dart: Ro, Rose!! (Turns to Popo and nods, the others join him and jump down)

Later, in the research room...Albert and Dart approach a mysterious channel of light and look up at it

Albert: What is this? (Dart and Albert turn to each other and shrug)
Voice: You are...?
Dart and Albert turn to the voice, and a man approaches them
Green Flame Researcher: Are you here to see my research?
Voice: Or....
They all turn to the second voice. Another researcher approaches them
White Flame Researcher: To visit me?
Albert and Dart turn to Green Flame Researcher
Green Flame Researcher: Either way, we are pleased. We like it when mercenaries like you have an interest in our research.
Albert and Dart turn to White Flame Researcher
White Flame Researcher: Indeed. Recently, barbaric suicidal attacks have become common, but if our research is successful, it will reduce the casualties of war. (Turns to his research) For example, that White Flame, (White Flame shines) has a healing power.
Albert and Dart turn to Green Flame Researcher
Green Flame Researcher: And that Green Flame isn't extinguished by water. When we put it to practical use, it will provide an advantage in war. (They turn to the green flame, which shines)
Albert: But...I've never seen such technologies. It's like...like magic. (Turns to White Flame Researcher)
White Flame Researcher: (Throws hand in the air) You don't need to know about that. There are already enough of us involved in this accursed research.
(They all turn to Green Flame Researcher)
Green Flame Researcher: Yes. Your job is to fight. There are too many things we don't know about this power. If you get involved too much, you might end up like Mr. Magi. (Turns around)
Dart and Albert turn to the White Flame Researcher
White Flame Researcher: It's too late, for that guy. We have to complete this research before it is too late for Sandora. (He turns around)
Albert: I see. I will end the war. But...Can we ask you a little more? For example, what kind of function does this Purple Flame serve?
White and Green Flame researchers turn to the Purple Flame
White Flame Researcher: This flame is the power source of the castle. The Purple Flame drives the elevators and lifts. It helps people's lives. That's the proper way of usage.
Albert: But the war decides the usage now.
Green Flame Researcher: Yes. Even if this technology could be used for the happiness of the people, once it is used wrongly, it may bring unhappiness. What we are making may bring unhappiness to the people in Basil.
White Flame Researcher: I agree. This research is after all based on the calamity caused by the Dragon. War creates catastrophe.
Green Flame Researcher: It's a sad thing for both the people and the Dragon.
Dart: The Dragon!? The Dragon is involved in the research?
White Flame Researcher: oh, I slipped my tongue. Forget what I said.
Green Flame Reseracher: (Turns to White Flame Researcher) Now, back to the research. (Turns to Dart and Albert) Let me give you some Magic Oil. This is the fuel for the Purple Flame. It gives you mobility. (Gives them the Magic Oil)
White Flame Researcher: If you want to be healed, come visit me anytime.
Albert: Thank you very much. It was very...useful.
Dart nods and they leave

Later...in a different research room...the researcher turns to Dart and the others

???????: You...who are you!? I know. You are thieves who've come to steal my magic!!
Dart: Wait! We are....
???????: No excuse!!
Dart: Watch out! We don't know what he'll do!
Rose: (Leans back)Let him. It seems interesting.
???????: (Gets ready to cast a spell) Take this!! The steel shearing vacuum blade!! (Nothing happens. Dart folds his arms) Why! Why doesn't the magic work!? Why doesn't it shear them!
Rose: It's worse than I thought.
Dart unfolds his arms and taps his foot
???????: That was...still under research! I'll show you this! Take the rock crushing thunder arrow!! (He tries to cast the spell, and again nothing happens)
Haschel: I see...you are the researcher who is "too late" aren't you?
Shana: Then....Mr. Magi is...?
Magi the Magic Researcher: Humph!! Those dumb researchers of trashy stuff said something to you, didn't they!?
Rose: (Gets up) Leave us alone.
Albert: We are not here to criticize your research.
Magi the Magic Researcher: Shut up! I have already made the discovery! The secret of a magic that those closers could never even hope to know! The magic of transformation can only be known by someone like myself, who completely understands the magical power of Dragons! I'll show it to you now!! (Casts a spell) Cerberus! Emerge!
Dart: (Stands back) It seems real this time!
Mr. Magi transforms into a dog and runs around the room, then up to Shana
Shana: (Kneels down to the dog) I wonder? Is this dog, Mr. Magi?
Albert: I guess it requires more research to be controlled by Humans.
Rose: But, at least in the end he amused us.
They all turn to Rose and shrug, then leave

Later...they are discovered...

Knight of Sandora A: Invaders!?
Knight of Sandora B: You had such good luck sneaking into the practice center, didn't you!!
Knight of Sandora A: Catch'em!!


After battle...

Knight of Sandora B: The, these guys are unbelievable!
Knight of Sandora C: Don't think!! We are Knights of Sandora, so just defeat'em!!


After battle...

Knight of Sandora C: Ag!! Am I the last one!? Swings his swrodBut I won't give up!!


After battle...

Dart: Well we took care of that.

They head upstairs and see the head commander. He turns to Dart, then to Shana

Great Commander of Sandora: You are here. The girl from Seles...
Shana backs away. Dart draws his sword and the Great Commander turns to him
Dart: You said "The girl from Seles"?
Shana: You, you took me away to Hellena.
Great Commander: (Nods) Indeed. I am the one who assaulted Seles under the orders of Emperor Doel.
Dart: (Waves his weapon) So, you killed everybody!!
Commander: (Shakes his head) That was done by the brutal unit loyal to Fruegel. I wouldn't let them kill unnecessarily if I were there....(Pauses) Anyway, it doesn't change the fact that Imperial Sandora scorched Seles. If you want revenge for your home, you can draw your sword against me. But please do me one last favor. (Turns and walks over to his bed) His Majesty Doel changed after a man called Lloyd showed up. He must have instilled something into Emperor Doel, a demonic word that ignites his desire to vanquish....You were able to make it here, so you might be able to do it. (Turns and walks over to Dart) I beg you! Wake Emperor Doel up!
Dart: (Hesitates, then sheaths his sword) Do you understand what will result?
Great Commander: Yes. If you can accomplish that, the Imperial Sandora's dominance will end and we might even be defeated by Basil....But the result will be the same if the current oppression of Emperor Doel continues. So we might as well make it happen faster and remove the hardships on our people.
Dart: (Pauses) There was a man like this in Sandora. Lavitz would be happy to hear this.
Commander: So...are you in!?
Dart: That's what we are here for.
Commander: I am relieved to hear that. Now, take this with you. (Gives Dart the Yellow Stone)
Dart: What is this?

Commander: It's the "key" to the chamber of Emperor Doel. (Dart nods) Hurry up. We have no time.
Dart and Shana leave


Father Faza: Oh....It's unusual to have guests at this time. But it is fine. Let me talk to you. (Dart nods, Faza nods back) The long war decays people's heart. It must have happened to you too. (Dart nods) The bloodstained armor tells all. However, His Majesty Doel is also experiencing the fatigue of war.
Dart: ...
Father Faza: (Turns to the statue) This statue of a goddess was created in memory of the late wife of Emperor Doel, Empress Karina. It shows the frailty and fondness of Emperor Doel (Dart looks up at the statue) He, however, continues the war for his own ambitions, with increasing scenes of carnage. It shows his strength and cruelness. (Turns to Dart) Strength and frailty. Fondness and Cruelness. You must have them inside you. Because the human heart can envelop them all. Face up to your true self. Then you will become as strong as Emperor Doel. (Dart slowly nods. There is a pause) This is all I want to say. If you are lost come visit me anytime. I'll help you find the way.

Later, at the foot of the statue, they come to a podium with three holes

Shana: Three holes. What are they? They might be something to do with the statue of the goddess.
Dart: (Turns to Shana)Why do you think so?
Shana: (Points to the statue) Because, look....(Dart looks up at the statue) It seems this place is for admiring the statue.
Dart: (Turns to Shana) There must be something.
They both nod
Dart: (Puts stones into the holes) All of them fit... (The stone the goddess is holding shines and a door opens) The door opened....I got it!

Later...on the way to Doel's Throne Room...

Dart: (Sees something approach and draws his sword) Stay back!
Rose: (Draws her rapier) I smell blood in this air.
Haschel: It's not human..
Dart: Kongol!!
Kongol: (Enters wearing a big suit of armor and looks at them) Gigantos don't lose twice!! Gigantos make pay back for Hoax!! For His Majesty Doel!!

Fight begins

After the fight...

Rose attacks him and his armor falls off
Kongol: AAGGGHHH!!! (Falls to his knees) Giganotos, with strongest armor...lost. Me, brother of hero...has pride. Cannot live in disgrace....Kill me.
Rose: As you wish.
Dart: Stop it! The game is already over!
Rose: (Turns to Dart) "Game"? Don't be silly, this is a matter of life or death.
Shana: (Walks up to Kongol) It's over. (Turns to Rose, and Rose to her) He cannot fight.
Rose: (Turns to Dart, then back to Shana) Hope your sweetness won't kill you.
They leave

In Doel's Throne Room

Emperor Doel: I wonder how you could come all the way here. Silly daredevils.
(They all approach him. Doel lowers his "elevator throne" to the lower level)
Dart: (Approaches Doel) You must be Doel!!
Albert: Uncle....Do you remember me!? I am the son of your late brother....Albert!
Emperor Doel: You remind me of...Carlo, 20 years ago. (He pauses) A bloodstained corpse in front of me....
Albert: (Walks up to Doel) Why did you kill him!? (Throws his hands in the air) Why did you have to divide Serdio by killing my father!?
Emperor Doel: To save Serdio from an incapable leader named Carlo. (Gets up and walks over to them) And now my hands are about give birth to the new Serdio!
Dart: "Birth"!? What you are doing is only destructive!!
Albert: Yes! You have given birth to sorrow, pain, agony, and our anger!
Dart: (Folds his arms) Tell me!! Why did you have Shana taken away!? (Unfolds his arms)
Emperor Doel: (Folds his arms) Oh, you are talking about Lloyd's conspiracy. "Finds the girl by the time the Moon That Never Sets waxes...."(Throws his fist to the side) All is ordered by the reborn Emperor Diaz. Lloyd is a mere pawn. Along with the Dragoons....
Rose: (Walks up to Emperor Doel) Silly. Emperor Diaz died in the Dragon Campaign. As a human...hero.
Emperor Doel: I don't care whether you believe it or not. It won't make any difference to the reality! (Walks up to them a bit more) You thought, you would defeat me with greater numbers, right!? (Draws his two swords) Come!! I'll send you to your father's place!!
Albert: Uncle!!
Dart: Doel!!

The fight begins

During the fight, after Doel is defeated...

Doel: UGGGHH...! If you want to play tough, I can play that way too!! Transforms into the Violoet Dragoon

If you try to hit Dragoon Doel with his shield up

Doel: It's a waste!

After the battle

Doel falls to the ground. Dart and Albert get their weapons ready, but Doel puts his sword to the ground and leans agains it
Doel: you have become...strong.
Albert: (Suddenly sad, lowers his weapon and takes a step to Doel) Uncle...
Doel: What you should know is not the past, but the future. Pursue...Lloyd. He is in the Western country of...Tiberoa.
Dart: Tiberoa!
Doel: (Several drops of his blood drip to the ground) He....He knows everything. (Looks up at Albert) Go, and find out...about the world, about...everything.(Lowers his head)
Albert salutes Doel and stands at attention. Dart and Albert look up at Doel's Dragoon Spirit as it leaves his body and fades into the sky. Doel dies
There is silence. Albert looks to the ground and shakes his head, and then turns to Dart
Albert: My uncle's, errr, Emperor Doel's ambitions are over.(Dart turns to him) It places an end to this ceaseless long war that has divided Serdio into two. (All except Rose nods) This is the end of our journey, everyone....
Dart and Shana turn to each other. Dart walks up to the throne
Dart: Not yet....(Turns to Albert) It's not over yet....(Turns to Shana) This journey began when Shana was taken away! (Turns to Rose, then Haschel, then to Albert) Then Lavitz was killed, and Lloyd headed for Tiberoa leaving the mystery about Shana behind! (Turns to Shana) I am pursuing Lloyd! (Turns to Haschel) I'll make him explain everything!
Shana: (Walks up to Dart) I'll go with you.....(Shakes her head) I still don't know anything about Virage or what was said by Emperor Diaz. My journey cannot end like this....I'll go with you, Dart! (Shana and Dart both nod)
Albert: (Walks to the side) My journey "cannot end" either.... (Shana and Dart turn to Albert)Whatever conspiracy that man is forming, the Moon Gem is one of the keys. (Turns to Dart) Hollowed object concealing the magic power of the ancient Winglies. We have to stop it before it ignites a catastrophe in Tiberoa. (Tosses his hands to the side) I'll go with you to Tiberoa. I'll give up my status as king for awhile, and live as a Dragoon instead. Lavitz would have completely agreed.
Albert, Dart, and Shana nod. Haschel turns to Rose
Haschel: Rose, how about you?
Rose: (Gets up from where she was leaning) I told you. I'm interested in you guys.
Dart: (Tosses his hand) So....
Rose: (Turns to Dart) Besides, you feel naked without me, don't you?
Haschel: If Rose is going....That's the end of my role.
Rose turns to Haschel. Haschel begins to leave
Dart: Haschel, where are you going?
Haschel looks up
Haschel: This is? (Doel's Violet Dragoon Spirit falls into Haschel's hand and resonates)
Rose: "When Dragoons meet, blood will flow and as they leave, time does slow." (Everyone except Haschel turns to Rose) It's your choice to leave your fate behind.
Haschel: (Turns around and holds out the Dragoon Spirit) The question is answered.
Everyone turns to Haschel
Dart: Dragoon Spirits are leading us!
The Violet Dragoon Spirit erupts into a blinding light


Script for Chapter Two

Endiness, the Land of Dragoons! (2024)


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